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(Belgian Triangle)
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SkepticReport * "The So-Called Belgian UFO Wave"
(i.e. Why the above Marc Hallet article _Does NOT explain the sightings)

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Belgium Triangle


From: Jerry Cohen
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 04:39:35 -0500
Re: UFO UpDate: 'Similarities' between Belgian UFO & Vulcan Bomber  

>To: <>
>Subject: UFO UpDate: 'Similarities' between Belgian UFO & Vulcan
>Date: Fri, Mar 21 14:27:48 1997 -0500 (EST) >
>Subject: AVRO Vulcan Bomber

Does anyone else notice the similarity between this Bomber
> and the Triangular craft that was photographed during the
> Belgium wave of sightings? * Take a look at it and see if
> you don't think they are similar, especially after watching
> the Quicktime movie at the address I'll provide. Pay
> attention to the very end of the movie, the very last
> frame/shot. Each corner of the Triangular Bomber is illum-
> inated just like in the Belgium sightings.

> Click here to view the quicktime movie and article:  

jc 5/22/01 After looking closely at the frame Brett was talking about, what I see is the Vulcan bomber superimposed into the frame of the Belgian triangle, I believe, for a size reference. I think the lights that Brett is referring to are actually on the drawing of the Belgian triangle.

4/8/02 Added note: What was shown in the film was that the Vulcan bomber was much smaller than the Belgian triangle.
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Hello Brett,  

The big question for me is "wouldn't the Belgium Air Force (part of the NATO chain) be able to figure this out somehow, before going public with it?" When I saw the case presented on "Unsolved Mysteries," with the videotaped testimonies of dispatchers, police, high brass from the Belgium military and the gun camera data I was impressed. They were baffled. What police described in one sighting was that one of the triangle craft silently hovered over a building, then the 3 lights in the corners of the craft merged into one light, and the whole thing shot off faster than the eye could follow. This does not sound like the Vulcan Bomber. A pertinent question is "Does the Vulcan bomber have the technical capabilities to do what is reported in the following article." If we don't know now, we'll know when the upgrade to the present Vulcan model comes out. My vote is the Vulcan probably can't do what was reported. (But, I could be wrong.)

It may be possible that "some" of the testimonies may have been related to what you say, but it does not fit comfortably with descriptions given by others, including police who are trained observers.

Respectfully, Jerry Cohen
E-mail: "Jerry Cohen"
Jerry Cohen <>

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* Belgium case shown below as it appeared in the July/Aug 1990 issue of CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies) IUR (International UFO Reporter). I find it extremely difficult to believe that the Belgian Air Force and national police would put their reputations on the line to say something of this sort if there wasn't something substantial to it. Something had to really shake them up enough for them to say it as a combined group. The descriptions given by the police in the video were amazing to say the least.  

These people are trained observers to handle emergencies & wartime events. It seems to make sense to me to trust a _large group_ of trained observers before I will believe any individual skeptic who _thinks_ he has proven otherwise.

>----Begin CUFOS article here----<

"On the night of March 30th, one of the callers reporting a UFO was a Captain of the national police at Pinson, and [Belgian Air Force] Headquarters decided to make a serious effort to verify the reports. In addition to the visual sightings, two RADAR installations also saw the UFO. (Belgian military says it was actually 4 different radars) One RADAR is at Glons, southeast of Brussels, which is part of the NATO defense group, and one at Semmerzake, west of the Capitol, which controls the military and civilian traffic of the entire Belgian territory. The range of the two RADARs is 300 kilometers, which is more than enough to cover the area where the reports took place. . . . Headquarters determined to do some very precise studies during the next 55 minutes to eliminate the possibility of prosaic explanations for the RADAR images. Excellent atmospheric conditions prevailed, and there was no possibility of false echoes due to temperature inversions.  

". . . at 0005 hours the order was given to the F-16s to take off and to find the intruder. The lead pilot concentrated on his RADAR screen, which at night is his best organ of vision. The F-16 is equipped with very sophisticated equipment, including chase RADAR, which is not fixed directly ahead of the airplane, but makes a wide search in an arc of 90 degrees left and right of the nose. . . .  

"Suddenly the two fighters spotted the intruder on their RADAR screens, appearing like a little bee dancing on the scope. Using their joy sticks like a video game, the pilots ordered the onboard computers to pursue the target. As soon as lock-on was achieved, the target appeared on the screen as a diamond shape, telling the pilots that from that moment on, the F-16s would remain tracking the object automatically . . . .  

"[Before the RADAR had locked on for six seconds] the object had speeded up from an initial velocity of 280 kph to 1,800 kph, while descending from 3,000 meters to 1,700 meters . . . in one second! This fantastic acceleration corresponds to 40 Gs. It would cause immediate death to a human on board. The limit of what a pilot can take is about 8 Gs. The trajectory of the object was extremely disconcerting. It arrived at 1,700 meters altitude, then it dove rapidly toward the ground at an altitude under 200 meters, and in doing so escaped from the RADARs of the fighters and the ground units at Glons and Semmerzake. This maneuver took place over the suburbs of Brussels, which are so full of man-made lights that the pilots lost sight of the object beneath them . . .  

"Everything indicates that this object was intelligently directed to escape from the pursuing planes. During the next hour the scenario repeated twice. . .  

"This fantastic game of hide and seek was observed from the ground by a great number of witnesses, among them 20 national policemen who saw both the object and the F-16s. The encounter lasted 75 minutes, but nobody heard the supersonic boom which should have been present when the object flew through the sonic barrier. No physical damage was reported. Given the low altitude and speed of the object, many windows should have been broken."  

This case has all the hallmarks of the classic USAF jet-scrambling cases of the 1950s and 1960s, with one notable exception: the Belgian Air Force is not covering up anything.

  For a full translation of the Paris-Match article, write to: Robert J. Durant, 106 Hessian Hill Drive, Pennington, NJ 08534.  

>-----end CUFOS article here----<    

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