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Author's Select Cases (Cases I believe stand up to intense scrutiny)

Belgium Case (11/89 & early 1990)

Bob Pratt and J Allen Hynek (How they met)

Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFI) Testimonies (11/12/2007 Video, Washington, D.C., USA)
Also see: Washington Press Club Testimonies 27 Sept 2010 (Video

Cohen Response to Jim Oberg's Criticism of this site

Crazy People? (Is everyone seeing these things going nuts?)

Critique of Ian Ridpath's "The 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO Case

Critique of Marc Hallet's "The So-Called Belgian UFO Wave"

Critique of Martin Kottmeyer's "The Exeter File"

Critique of Nickell and McGaha's 2011 "Exeter Solved"

Disclosure Project (People testifying to the truth of certain sightings)

E-mail Exchanges with Jan Aldrich (Project 1947 - Sign Historical Group)

Examining Some Skeptical Explanations

FOIA (Freedom of Information Lawsuits - Brad Sparks)

Glenn Campbell & Errol Bruce Knapp (UFO UpDates)

Hickson & Parker (Accuracy of case in National Enquirer)

How can this be? (Why haven't we been aware of UFOs?)

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Hynek and the National Enquirer (His brief association with same)

Hynek as a Mole for the CIA (Refuting Richard Dolan's view of J. Allen Hynek)

Illinois UFO Case (Police encounter with an unknown object - 1/5/2000)

In Search of Gordon Cooper's UFOs (James Oberg original Article and My original Rebuttal)

J. Allen Hynek (About the scientist and person)

James McDonald (About the scientist and person)

Kirtland AFB Case (McDonald's analysis of the 11/4/57 case Condon ignored)

Letters from Readers (What they think and who has contributed)

Michael Persinger (Electromagnetic Stimulation of the Brain)

Military Cases (a small sampling)

Mission Statement

My Personal Statement (Concerning this website)

My Thank You


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NIDS Reassessment of Triangular/Deltoid UFO Cases
(August 2004 - Important Analysis of Three Independent Data Bases)

Note to SETI & NASA Personnel

Note To Those Attempting to Solve Cases on this Website

O'Hare International Airport (11/7/2006)

Older Cases

Paul Devereux (Mail List Exchanges) (TST/Earthlights Theory)

Peter Jennings and Budd Hopkins

Project Hessdalen (TST/Earthlights Theory)

Some Solid Cases

Some Very Important Issues

The Reason for this website (My sighting & Dr. J. Allen Hynek)

Trindade IGY UFO Case and Brazil (12/57 - 1/58)

UFO History (Very abridged but pertinent)

Washington Press Club Testimonies (27 Sept 2010)

Web Site Overview (What you will find here)

Wendy Connors (UFO Materials Preservation)

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