The Belgium Sightings

Some text from "Unsolved Mysteries"
narrated by Robert Stack, with full cooperation
from the Belgian Air Force, NATO


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In 1989-90 Belgium experienced a "close encounter UFO flap" similar to the one experienced in the USA in and around Exeter, New Hampshire back in 1965, but this time with witnesses reporting triangular shaped platforms with a bright light at each apex and a red or orange light at the center instead of the inverted plate/cupola on top with rotating with rotating lights reported at Exeter.

(jc 4/11/2007: However, it is important to note, whereas there were approximately sixty witnesses in the Exeter, U.S.A. case, there was an amazing minimum of at least 632 reports in Belgum)

What makes these cases even more unique is the fact that in one case, the Belgium Air Force, NATO division, found itself chasing something that was totally beyond the curve of our own technology. The incident was observed by gendarmes on the ground below. The facts of that incident concerned them enough to bring it to the public's attention. Together, both they and the gendarmerie made a video in cooperation with the USA television show "Unsolved Mysteries." It included gun-camera footage from the incident, testimony by Colonel W.J.L. De Brouwer, Chief of Operations of the Belgium Air Force, and was aired some time in (1991?) The following was taken from that source. Recreations of events and interviews with actual people involved were used in the original Unsolved Mystery video.


NATO'S Official recorded beginning
of the Belgium sightings:

Incident #1

Date: November 29, 1989 (about 4 months prior
to the NATO Military events)

Place: Just outside Eupen, near the German border.

Original Reporters: Heinrich Nicoll and Hubert von Montigny, gendarmes in a patrol car.


The two gendarmes were on patrol in a police vehicle. They saw a field all lit up, like lights on a football field. They pulled over to the side of the road to see what was there. To their amazement, they observed a huge triangular platform, with strong headlights underneath and in the middle, a blinking, pulsating orange light. The whole thing was floating silently in the air.

They called it in to a dispatcher in Eupen, Albert Creutz. He didn't believe they were serious and kidded them about it but then entered the report in his log. Meanwhile, the two gendarmes followed the object towards Eupen. "We could see it clearly because its headlights were very strong. The could also see the flickering orange ball underneath."

Back at the dispatcher's office: Creutz saw a flash and looked out the window. He could see a light in the distance. Then, a beam, similar to a laser, came out of the light, then retracted back in. (jc: i.e. it wasn't just a normal on-off.)

Back at the patrol car: The two gendarmes followed the object. (no noise) and observed the object as it circled over Eupen. They then trailed the platform as it headed over the forest. It paused in one spot and had kind of a laser beam coming down to the ground on either side. Then this light, a ball, was leaving the object and coming back as if it were measuring something. They observed this for about 30 minutes. (jc: this is obviously not a _brief_ observation.)

All of a sudden, another huge platform appeared beginning to rise above the tree line. They could see both platforms. As the second one rose, they could see its bright lights at the corners and a ball in the middle. It tilted a little and they could see a dome with two or three small windows and a light inside the object.

Moments later, back at the dispatcher's office: Any doubts Creutz had about Nicoll and von Montigny completely evaporated when he looked out his own window and saw a strange machine floating about 500' away from him. It looked like a large ship floating in the air. "It drifted in front of me for a few seconds and flew off in the direction of La Calamine." (Thanks for the spellings Henny)

La Calamine: Approximately six minutes later, two other police officers encountered a similar object eight miles to the North in La Calamine. (small village) They saw the object floating over a building. "Then another object was leaving the main object. It was a red light, pulsating and descending vertically from the object. It moved around the building." Then, incredibly, "the three lights at the corner of the platform shrank inwards so that the whole thing became a single circle of light and shot off into the distance faster than the eye could follow." (4/25/2007 jc: N.B. I recently saw a second documentary on this case which included one of the Belgium policemen but did not mention this last detail. I do not know if it was left out because it did not actually happen or if it was felt people would not believe it. However, all other details presented herein were taken verbatim from the police themselves and can be verified via the video below.)

11/2009 : The Unsolved Mysteries video has been removed from Google at the links I had here. It is being sold on a DVD as part of a collection with many other episodes. It's on disc 2 and runs for about 19 minutes. To get your own copy try here.

(4/20/2013): Evidentally, it is still on-line. If not, try Google videos. (belgium unsolved mysteries - the one with Robert Stack narrating it.)

I hope they leave it there. I believe it is important for people around the world to be able to easily see the history of this event.


These sightings happened within 20 miles and one hour of each other. Eleven other gendarmes and more than 100 private citizens reported similar events regarding that same night. During the next four months there were numerous close encounter cases which occurred and have been detailed by the group known as SOBEPS (UFO group composed of scientists and citizens).

The following military event happened approximately four months later in March 1990. The data regarding the chase was taken directly from the gun camera recorder and was shown to viewers on the Unsolved Mysteries video.

Belgium 1990 NATO Military Sightings
(beginning March)

Related by Jacques Pinson

Captain Jacques Pinson, Wavre Gendarmerie, was called to a home outside of Brussels. People had reported a series of strange lights in the sky. There were groups of three moving together, a different color than stars and much bigger and brighter. (Reddish, yellow, green ...ROYGBIV) After a short while, they began traveling short distances in an erratic manner. (jc 1/12/2010: Underlining of yellow and green for comparison with Brazilian case)

Related by Lt. Colonel Pierre Billen
Commander, Glons NATO Radar Station

At the same time, 30 miles away at Glons NATO tracking station, radar had detected an unknown object at the exact spot where the dinner guests reported the strange lights. They rechecked their radar and called three other bases to confirm what they were seeing. Each had precisely the same return from the same place. They couldn't identify the object so they finally scrambled two F-16s. The pilots soon locked on to the target with onboard radar. After about 5 seconds, the object bolted out of range at a blistering speed. For the next hour, the object seemed to be playing a high tech game of cat and mouse. Each time they locked on to the object, it would dart out of range.

When they debriefed the pilots after landing, the pilots confirmed it was impossible for them to accelerate as quickly as the target was doing. An examination of the onboard radar recordings astonished the military.

When the pilots first locked on the object, it was at 7000 ft. Within seconds it climbed to 10,000 ft. then, incredibly, plummeted to 500' in only 5 seconds. At the same time, the object accelerated to 990 knots, more than 1000 mph, 1 1/2 times the speed of sound. That combination of acceleration and descent would have been fatal to a human pilot.

A Statement from Colonel W.J.L. De Brouwer:

"We measured some exceptional accelerations which cannot be related to conventional aircraft . . . that is clear. . . . The data on all this performances which were registered during the lock-ons on the radar, was totally outside of the normal performance envelope of any airplane."

Another "oddity"

Even though the craft exceeded the speed of sound, remarkably, there was no sonic boom on the ground.

A statement offered by other interviewed witnesses
from another sighting

"The triangle had a large light on top of it and the light circled around it while the triangle remained suspended in the air."

jc 2/3/2009: Is there any proof or supporting material in existence today to demonstrate that what you read above were actual recorded events?

It is now approximately 18 years since the above-mentioned incidents occurred. If you missed it in one of the first links on this page, Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer is now a Major General, retired. He testified concerning these events at the Washington Press Club in November 2007, along with a number of other impressive witnesses which happens to include a pilot from the 1976 Iranian case highlighted below. (Found in 1978 Freedom of Information releases please see #'s 9-12) It is interesting to note, that pilot is now also a General.

Click HERE for that press conference.

For more details of the above Belgium cases, click HERE for a negative critique of author Marc Hallet's "The So-Called Belgium UFO Wave." Hallet's analysis has some big holes in it.

jc 5/7/2012: Additional information taken from a subsequent UFO presentation (8/24/2011) titled Secret Access: UFOs On The Record, and which had the actual witnesses testifying can be found HERE. It includes De Brouwer and Creutz as well as a number of additional witnesses including Patrick Ferryn, one of the co-founders of SOBEPS.


Some interesting coincidences with a 1976 Iranian case

I had two versions of a September 19, 1976 UFO encounter with an F-4 jet from Shahrokhi Air Force Base in my files. One was from the NICAP UFO Investigator , the other version appeared in, of all places, the National Enquirer. I was always very careful to avoid using any articles from the Enquirer so, since this Iranian case also appeared within released information from the G.S.W. Freedom of Information lawsuits, I decided to focus on the NICAP version.

In the NICAP Iranian article I found the following paragraph:

"The pilot (Lt. Fafari) was unable to close the distance and paced the UFO through Iran's clear night sky. The crew followed the intensely brilliant UFO and noted its light was like flashing strobe lights arranged in a rectangular pattern. The lights were alternating blue, green, red and orange in color. The flashing of the lights was so rapid that all colors could be seen at the same time."

"The UFO and the pursuing F-4 were on a course taking them south of Tehran when suddenly another smaller brilliant object came out of the UFO."

Note two things: 1) the F-4 jet was unable to close the distance and 2) a smaller brilliant object came out of the UFO.

Out of curiosity, I found the National Enquirer article which I didn't originally use for reasons already given (also, I didn't have the exact date of the article) and once again perused what it had to say about the case. There were more details but I couldn't trust them because of the paper in general. Nevertheless, the following statements are quite interesting if we could see the original report(s) to verify them. Remember, the Iranian case happened back in 1976:

" ... deputy commander-in-chief Abdulah Azarbarzin, who confirmed that the UFO maneuvered for hours over Tehran, the capital of Iran."

"The intercept was further verified by the veteran air traffic controller at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport, Hossain Pirouzi, who directed the fighter pilots by radio and saw the object himself. ... The right end was blue, the left end was blue and in the middle was a flashing red light. The object was seesawing up and down and moving toward the north." (Italics, colors, etc. are mine)

"....And a second Iranian air force general, the senior in command at the time, also saw the UFO for himself and gave the order to intercept, the controller revealed."

"....the Phantom and its replacement were chasing the object all over the Iranian sky to the north and west, with the UFO showing fantastic speeds and seeming to disappear and reappear."

"Pirouzi said the second Phantom pilot reported that the UFO had ejected a luminous object at him, and that he was flying back.

Note: 1) three of the colors; green, red, orange (orange and yellow very easily interchangeable over a distance at night) 2) the UFO showing fantastic speeds and seeming to disappear and reappear and 3) the flashing red light in the middle of the object

I was aware that, beginning approximately 1974, NICAP and APRO decided to work together to try to flush out cases that weren't being reported to the A.F. due to its policy of ridiculing witnesses who reported UFO sightings. NICAP and APRO joined forces, pooled some of their best cases, and at one point were looking for more funds to enable them to investigate cases beyond their limited, budgetary means. They had several meetings to select their "best" cases for further investigation. While I was attempting to examine what was going on between the Enquirer and the UFO groups during that period of time, I was fortunate to have some discussions with Bob Pratt (see CohenUFO index) who was a writer/investigator for the Enquirer back then. He had performed his own workup on the Iranian case. I found myself developing a great deal of respect for Bob and his investigations after visiting his website and having conversations with him. Below I have notated a couple of the similar details reported in each.

I'm not trying to say these two cases (approx. 13 years apart) were the same object but, the similarities are at the very least "interesting." Remember, the March 1990 one is verified by Belgium NATO Air Force and National police.

Notated similarities

If the March 1990 Belgium NATO sighting were a hoax or created by the military, it would appear the Belgium National police would have to be in on it too because they are the ones who reported a pulsating red light that detached itself from the triangular platform in various cases (similar to what occurred in the 1976 Iranian case - previous Belgium Eupen case is one example).

Many civilians reported the same thing. Also observed: the red, green, yellow lights flashing in the sky at the dinner party where three or four radar stations originally located the target prior to the planes being scrambled.

Reread Belgium Eupen case

Critique of Marc Hallet's "The So-Called Belgium UFO Wave"
( Read this to see why Hallet's explanation fails to explain some of these cases.)

Paris-Match Magazine article as printed in CUFOS

J. Antonio Huneeus article with important quotes
by Colonel de Brouwer and Major P. Lambrechts
of the BAF General Staff
<- Click here

Major-General Wilfried De Brouwer testifying with others from around the
world in November 2007 at the Washington, D.C., USA National Press Club

(located at 0:04:55 on the video)

Some quotes from the J. Antonio Huneeus article:

"The complete BAF report has not yet been fully declassified, but an abridged version prepared by Major P. Lambrechts of the BAF General Staff, entitled "Report Concerning the Observation of UFOs During the Night of March 30 to 31, 1990," was released to SOBEPS. It includes a detailed chronology of events and dismisses several hypothesis - optical illusions, meteorological inversions, holographic projections, and so on."

De Brouwer addressed the incident's significance again in his "Postface." He wrote, "We have observed at certain instances a correlation between the data from two on-board radars (F-16s) and at least one ground radar. The detection of identical signals by three different systems in a given moment lead us not to exclude that one or more unidentified device did effectively move within Belgian any case, the Air Force has arrived [at] the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena [have] been produced within Belgian airspace."

Military significance, he noted that "...not a single trace of aggressiveness has been signaled; military or civilian air traffic has not been perturbed or threatened. We can therefore advance that the presumed activities do not constitute a concrete menace." French ufologist Renaud Marhic analyzed the "new rumors" behind the Belgian UFOs in a recent Phenomena article, in which he published the responses sent by Leo Delcroix, Belgium's Minister of Defense, and De Brouwer. "Unfortunately, no explanation has been found to date," wrote Delcroix. "The nature and origin of the phenomenon remain unknown.

One theory can be definitely dismissed, however, since the Belgian Armed Forces have been positively assured by American authorities that there has never been any sort of American aerial test flights." Similarly, De Brouwer wrote to Marhic that ,
"Unfortunately, all I can say is that the multiple enquiries have not revealed any details, neither about the origin or the nature of the phenomenon. ...It is untrue that the Belgian military authorities can explain the phenomenon in terms of American military aircraft."

De Brouwer's conclusion is a fitting finale. "The day will come undoubtedly, when the phenomenon will be observed with technological means of detection and collection that won't leave a single doubt about its origin. This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time. A mystery that continues thus present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion." (jc: bolding is mine.)


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