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Re: Budd Hopkins' Response to the ABC Peter Jennings  
"Seeing is Believing" TV Program 
(Courtesy of the Intruders Foundation) 

Source: The John E. Mack Institute 

Feb 25, 2005 

Bud Hopkins
......Budd Hopkins

During the past year Jenning's producers interviewed me a number 
of times, and because I sensed what they had in mind, I made, as 
a preemptive strike, a number of careful, highly specific 
observations about the UFO abduction phenomenon. All of these 
crucial points - recorded by ABC on videotape - were designed to 
underline the physical reality of UFO abductions and to 
demonstrate the implausibility of current skeptical 

To its shame, ABC suppressed _all_ of these observations. 

I knew, of course, that the skeptics' favorite explanation du 
jour is impossibly simple: abduction reports, they believe, are 
all due to misperceived "sleep paralysis." Ranking as a distant 
second is another erroneous belief: abduction reports, they say, 
"ONLY emerge under hypnosis," and since hypnosis is "totally 
unreliable", all abduction reports must be discarded. In the 
light of these tediously familiar errors and misstatements, I 
made certain in my taped interviews to explain the following: 

* In the first two decades of our research, _all_ of the central 
abduction cases involved people who were outside their houses 
when they were taken _none_ were lying paralyzed in their 
bedrooms. They were driving cars, walking, fishing, hunting and 
even, in one famous case, driving a tractor on a farm. "Sleep 
paralysis" as a blanket explanation of UFO abductions is 
therefore, ipso facto, a ludicrous non-starter. Nevertheless 
_all_ of my insistent statements on this point were 
systematically eliminated by the producers. 

* Second, I indicated that there are many abuction reports 
involving two, three, six or more people who were taken 
simultaneously and whose highly detailed recollections are 
virtually identical. This fact alone eliminates not only "sleep 
paralysis" but "fantasy-proneness" or any other idiosyncratic 
psychological aberrations as triggering causes. My descriptions 
of these many cases of multiple abductions were likewise 
completely suppressed by the producers 

* Third, I showed the interviewers many photos of, again, 
virtually identical scoop marks, consistent straight-line scars 
and ground landing traces at abduction sites, and other physical 
sequelae. _All_ of these vivid photographic examples of physical 
evidence were suppressed by the producers. 

* Fourth, I was not alone in making these points. My colleague 
Dr. David Jacobs was asked by ABC to carry out a hypnotic 
regression for the camera, but since the woman he chose had been 
abducted in the daytime while driving a car, the case did not 
fit ABC's "sleep paralysis" agenda and was thus not only 
suppressed, but Dr. Jacobs' many hours of taped interviews were 
also scrapped. 

* Fifth, I made it very clear that perhaps 30% of all the 
abduction reports collected by researchers are recalled 
_without_ the aid of hypnosis, a fact which renders the issue of 
hypnosis moot. This point was also suppressed by the producers 
whose only goal, it appeared, was to eliminate any data that 
contradicted their transparently false debunking hypotheses. 

Despite my having presented - and reiterated - the points above, 
the producers chose to trot out on camera two debunking 
scientists (whose experiments with a mere handful of subjects 
have yet to be taken seriously by the psychological community) 
to buttress the untenable "sleep paralysis" theory, the false 
"no physical evidence" claim, and the demonstrably untrue "its 
all hypnosis" assertion. The smug presentations of these two 
would-be experts were accompanied by the producers' lurid 
"reenactments" of "sleep paralysis" phenomena, complete with 
flashing lights and spooky music. The taped testimony of a 
serious mental health professional like Dr. John Mack was 
likewise suppressed, along with my statement that over the years 
eight psychiatrists and numerous other mental health 
professionals had come to me about their own UFO abductions. The 
producers' obvious goal was to conceal the fact that within the 
mental health community there are many professionals who look 
with amusement on the "sleep paralysis" theory, and who accept 
the physical reality of UFO abductions. 

So what can one say about such a deliberately dishonest 
presentation as Peter Jenning's "Seeing is Believing" take on 
abductions? Perhaps one can only shrug and warn, yet again, that 
the incurious members of the press and the many blinkered, 
conservative scientists had better collectively pull their heads 
up out of the sand and join us in our work. Whatever one's 
personal attitude toward the UFO abduction phenomenon, science 
insists that an extraordinary phenomenon demands an 
extraordinary investigation. What ABC served up on Thursday 
night was, instead, an extraordinary whitewash of the abduction 
phenomenon, and a brutal suppression of the evidence for what 
may well be the most portentous event in human history. 

Peter Jennings and his staff should be ashamed 

Budd Hopkins 
New York 

9/24/2008 jc: As if that isn't interesting enough, clicking HERE
and noticing what some upper-level people have involved themselves
in (people prominent in several cases I and others have posted ), it makes one
realize that there may be more to this than many realize and should
spur us to seriously ponder how deep this whole thing may really go.
Do we really think all these people are totally crazy or misidentifying
what they are reporting? Who would do this if they really didn't
believe it? Look closely at who some of them are, and which cases
they are from. (Major General DeBrouwer - Belgium NATO :
General Parviz Jafari
- Iranian AF (found within FOIA releases) :
Charles Halt - Deputy Base Commander of RAF Bentwaters
in 1980 : Ex-Governor Fife Symington - Arizona (Phoenix Lights case)

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Cohen

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