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The Donald E. Keyhoe Archives

From: (Jan Aldrich)
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 16:40:54 -0700
Fwd Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 03:02:06 -0400
Subject: The Donald E. Keyhoe Archives


This message is to announce the formation of the Donald E. Keyhoe
Archives, which gathers several major UFO collections in one

The center piece of the archives, the papers of Donald E. Keyhoe,
includes Lindbergh memorabilia and correspondence.   Keyhoe's
corrrespondence concerning UFOs with many officials, Congress,
the military, the media, witnesses and people such as Lou Corbin,
Coral Lorenzen, etc., and others in this country and overseas is
preserved here.  Some of this material was just recently found at
the Keyhoe home in a duffle bag in the basement when the family
moved out.  Keyhoe's extensive correspondence with his publisher
on various aspects of his books is here, also. (The NICAP
confidential files are NOT here.)

The Keyhoe Archives also contains significant other material:

Richard Hall's huge holdings of over 40 years' collection of
correspondence, UFO reports, thousands of newspaper clippings,
posters, flyers, and writings are the largest part of the Keyhoe
Archives.  Many items date from Hall's tenure as NICAP Secretary,
then as Assistant Director and finally as Acting NICAP Director
and as editor for the MUFON Journal. Among the items are a card
file of pre-1947 UFO reports, an extensive collection of video
and audio tapes, a large library of books, and foreign and US UFO
journals and newsletters.  Correspondence with Idabel Epperson,
the chairwoman of the Los Angeles NICAP Subcommittee, Walter
Webb, NICAP astronomy advisor and many other NICAP and MUFON
investigators, scientists, and interested persons from all walks
of life are part of this collection.

The Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR).  The Fund's files of
correspondence, research, manuscripts, UFO reports submitted by
various researchers, and various video and audio taped interviews
are also housed with the Keyhoe archives.   The Fund's extensive
collection of microfilmed files includes the NICAP/CSI clipping
collection filmed by the Library of Congress, the Project Blue
Book files on microfilm, microfilm of the XXIth Bomber Command
which contain large numbers of reports of "balls of fire" sighted
by aircrew in and around Japan during World War II, and other
microfilmed documents.   A microfilm reader-printer is available
at the collection.

Isabel Davis, one of the primary officers of Civilian Saucer
Intelligence, New York, (CSI-NY) and later a NICAP official and
officer of the Fund for UFO Research passed on her correspondence
and collection which includes her large card file of summarized
early UFO cases.

Ted Bloecher, another CSI (NY) officer and NICAP official,
donated some of his extensive correspondences with various UFO
researchers, some of his 1947 and 1950 research, the paste ups of
his Report on the UFO Wave of 1947 and other material to Richard
Hall who made them part of the archives.  (The HUMCAT is NOT
present here.)

Marshall Cleaver, the  chairman of a Florida NICAP subcommittee
donated his files and copies of his investigations to Richard
Hall who placed them in the archives.

Dr. James McDonald, Senior Physicist at the Institute of
Atmospheric Physics, University of Arizona, carried on the
extensive (sometimes almost daily) correspondence with Richard
Hall, Isabel Davis and Ted Bloecher.  Items at the Keyhoe
Archives include his articles, and speeches, formal
correspondence, hand written notes, notes of telephone
conversations and some investigations.  Some of the McDonald
material in the Keyhoe Archives is not available in McDonald's
collection housed at the University of Arizona.

The Keyhoe Archives is housed in the Washington, D.C. area.
Access is restricted to journalists and serious researchers and
by advanced appointment.  There is a copier available.

Write to Fund for UFO Research, Inc., P. O. Box 277, Mount
Rainier, MD 20712, or telephone or fax  301-779-8683
Jan Aldrich
Project 1947
Direct link to Project 1947 Website

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