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Unofficial Link Page For
Donald Keyhoe

Note: This is not an official home or personal page of the individual described. The links below are intended only as starting points for inquiry. Upon request and within reason, Ufomind will correct errors and provide space for rebuttal, but we cannot answer email inquiries about this individual.

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Description: Former director of NICAP
File Code: keyhoe   Class: ufo
Residence: Luray, VA US
Career: Retired USMC Major
Deceased (1988)

Media: Book Authors·(1), Magazines & Printed Newsletters
UFO Topic: Government Cover-Up·(2), Sightings by Radar , Sightings at Military & Nuclear Installations, Sightings by Pilots
Geographical Case: Washington D.C. Sightings·(3)
Affiliation: Project Grudge/Sign·(4), Richard Hall·(5), NICAP·(Director·1957-1969), Lawrence Tacker·(6) New NICAP web site
Investigated/Interviewed: Betty and Barney Hill·(investigated|*)
Investigated/Interviewed By: Michael Swords·(7)
Critic Of: Project Bluebook·(8) Blue Book files at New NICAP
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Footnotes for Above: (1) FS from Outer Space, etc.  (2) Coined the name "Silence Group"  (3) FS from Outer Space.  (4) In FS from Outer Space, The FS Conspiracy, & FS Top Secret.  (5) RH became NICAP Secretary, Assistant Director and finally Acting Director under Keyhoe's tenure. [jla]  (6) In Flying Saucers from Outer Space, The FS Conspiracy, & FS Top Secret.  (7) Journal of UFO Studies, Vol. 6.  (8) In Flying Saucers from Outer Space, The FS Conspiracy, & FS Top Secret. 

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