Why there seems to be some discussions on UFO's?
Here is some information I have found .....

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1. Dr. Michael Swords, Ph.D Professor of Genetics and Life Sciences, Western Michigan State University. Editor, Journal of UFO Studies (CUFOS). Areas of Special Study: Possibilities of ET visitation based on the Drake Equation; Refutation of Budd Hopkins Genetic Experimentation Theory of Abductions.

2. Dr. Thomas E. Bullard. PhD Degrees in Psychology, Folklore. Special contributor, International UFO Reporter, Journal of UFO Studies. Author, "Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery," a 600-page study of over 300 abduction cases, taking into account such possible explanations as folkloric transmission, hypnotic confabulation, etc. Dr. Bullard started as a skeptic, but remains unconvinced by the skeptical explanations. Also compiled definitive collection and analysis of 1890's airship wave. Recipient, ParaNet's James E. McDonald Key. "For Outstanding Achievement in the Advancement of Scientific Ufology," 1989.

3. Dr. Richard F. Haines, Ph.D Retired NASA Psychologist. Areas of Special Study: Pilot Reports, Photo-analysis, Abduction Regression techniques. Author, "The Melbourne Episode" about the disappearance of Pilot Frederick Valentich.

4. Dr. James E. McDonald (deceased) Meteorologist, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona. Areas of Special Study: Electromagnetic effects cases. Led efforts at Congressional Inquiry, scientific analysis.

5. Richard Hall Science Writer; former Acting Director, NICAP; former Asst. Director, MUFON. Areas of Special Study: Electromagnetic effects cases, Radar trace cases. Author, "Uninvited Guests." Resigned MUFON over Gulf Breeze case, Lear episode. Currently suffering from Alan Hendry syndrome ("What's the Use?")

6. Donald Schmitt Director, Special Investigations, CUFOS. Areas of Special Study: Refutation of Gulf Breeze evidence; First Roswell Archaeological Expedition.

7. Ronald Story Science and Technical Writer. Areas of Special Study: Largely responsible for debunking Ancient Astronaut theory. Author, "UFOs and the Limits of Science," "The UFO Encyclopedia."

8. Barry Greenwood Postal worker. Director, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. Editor, Just Cause. Areas of Special Study: Procurement and analysis of government documents. Outspoken critic of unscientific UFO proponents. Performed major debunking of MJ-12.

9. John F. Schuessler Engineer, Shuttle Project Director, McDonnell-Douglas Corporation. Asst. Director, MUFON. Areas of Special Study: Cash-Landrum case.

10. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Ph.D (Deceased) Astronomer, Northwestern University. Scientific Advisor to Project BlueBook. Founder, Scientific Director, CUFOS. Areas of Special Study: All areas. First major advocate of the application of scientific methodology to UFO study. Created sighting categories such as "Close Encounters." First major skeptic to change sides. Lost some credibility due to indecisive nature, acceptance of some questionable cases as valid.

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