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Subject: Re: UFOs - Ersatz Exposure, Oh Shocking!

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>>Subject: UFOs - Ersatz Exposure, Oh Shocking!

>>The 1950s and UFOs;
>>Ersatz Exposure in the Standard Literature!


>>Anyway, in his capacity as 'expert' Hynek cranked out nonsense
>>'explanations' of solid UFOs that had been reported by good
>>professionals, who were thus held up to ridicule.  What can we
>>call this besides a form of disingenuous betrayal?  Has everyone
>>forgotten the awesome skewering that Hynek received from
>>McDonald in connection with his (Hynek's) UFO debunking,
>>debunking he had done while in the employ of the Air Force
>>(wink, wink,) in a 'cover project' for SIGN?  Apparently so.
>>That is, somehow over the last forty years the
>>scientist/intelligence agent has been converted into a kindly
>>old gent who, with pipe-in-hand, had the interests of us all at


>Dr. Hynek, in the end, was not a debunker.  In his book, The UFO
>Experience: A Scientific Inquiry, Copyright 1972 by J. Allen
>Hynek, he advocated an intense scientific investigation of UFOs
>be done by the most prominent scientists of the day.  The
>sincerity of the witnesses that he personally interviewed and
>his personal investigation of many sightings had led him to
>believe that UFOs were a true phenomena worthy of examination.
>He felt that unraveling the mystery of UFOs would lead to a
>quantum leap in the level of scientific knowledge.

I knew Allen Hynek fairly over the last 10 years of his life.
He was not an "intelligence agent," and he was, indeed, a kindly
old gent  who, with pipe in hand, had the interests of us all at
heart.  He also had a wonderful sense of humor.

He had his faults, as all of us do.  I think Jim McDonald was
right to criticize him for taking so long to challenge Blue
Book.  But in the end what counts is that he did it, with great
personal courage and at considerable professional cost.

I feel myself honored to have known the man.

Jerry Clark

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