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J. Allen Hynek

Picture courtesy of: J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies

This is not an official home page of J. Allen Hynek, and his permission has not been sought. The links below are intended only as starting points for inquiry, and may lead to both complimentary and dissenting information about this individual, none of which has been verified by the webmaster.

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Description: Astronomy consultant to Blue Book; Founder of CUFOS
File Code: hynek Class : ufo
Location: IL, USA
Career: Astronomer
Deceased (1986)


Relationships & Categories

Role : Early UFO history(1940-64), PhD Scientists
UFO Sightings : Hynek's UFO Sighting Classification and Reporting System (Developed classification system)

Affiliation : Battelle Memorial Institute (1) Project Blue Book (2) CUFOS (Hynek founded CUFOS) , Dick Farley , NICAP , Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Critical of : Project Blue Book

Footnotes for above: (1) Hynek was asked by Battelle to poll astronomers on UFOs. (2) Hynek was a consultant to BB throughout its existence.

Topics Other index pages on this server

1. Lonnie Zamora Incident @ - (Close Encounters at Socorro, NM.) Hynek felt this was one of the more important cases he investigated for the Air Force <#14>
2. Project Sign/Project Grudge @ (14 links) - Dr. Hynek served as chief scientific consultant to the Air Force from Project Sign until the end of Project Blue Book in 1969 <#15>
3. J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) @ - Dr. Hynek became director of CUFOS to continue his investigation of UFOs.

Print References Books available through our catalog

  • The Hynek UFO Report: Transformation from "debunker" to qualified believer , P. 16-17
  • Project Blue Book: Final report of Project Grudge (apparently the full text), prepared by Hynek, p. 217-259. Report from Hynek to the AF on his interviews with astronomers about UFOs, at a conference in Victoria BC, June 1952, p. 268-284, Quoted passage from Hynek on where the Condon Committee went wrong, p. 334-335
  • The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial: Biography, p. 304-308
  • Forbidden Science Journals 1957-1969: Vallee's account of his relationship with Hynek during the mid-Sixties.

General Links

Books from our Catalog Listed in random order

  • The Hynek UFO Report by J. Allen Hynek
  • Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings by J. Allen Hynek & Philip Imbrogno

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