Capsuled Biographical information

Dr. J. Allen Hynek

Professor of Astronomy - Ohio University

Served as Associate Director of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA as well as heading its NASA-sponsored satellite tracking program; part of a 67 nation International Geophysical Year. (1957/58)

Director of Lindheimer Astronomical Research Center at Northwestern University; chairman of Astronomy department.

Civilian scientific consultant to the U.S. Air Force (1948/49-1969) i.e. 20 years. He began as a debunker of UFO sightings, however he discovered there was what he felt were a significant percentage of these reports which he could not explain. He became convinced they deserved further study by the scientific community.

In 1973 Hynek formed the "Center for U.F.O. Studies" (CUFOS), an organization dedicated to the scientific study of this elusive but persistent phenomenon. He was the first legitimate scientist to head a major group of this type.

For a slightly more lengthy overview of his life, click here. (The overview found there was written as part of a rebuttal this author wrote to science author James Oberg concerning Astronaut Gordon Cooper.)

Other information concerning Hynek, papers he wrote, interviews, etc. (originally stored at UFOMind, Glenn Campbell web site.) This also includes articles by myself which offer important insight into Dr. Hynek's involvement with UFOs. Please see:

"Was Dr. Hynek a Mole for the CIA?" This article contains snippets of history describing the circumstances surrrounding Dr. Hynek's break with the Air Force and how he came to be a "qualified believer" in UFOs while at the same time demonstrating why it was highly unlikely Hynek was a "secret agent." Also found within is a link to another article which refutes certain information in Richard M. Dolan's essay "Some Thoughts on J. Allen Hynek."


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