JDChandler-typed-itemized (Cohen)

JD Chandler, msgt USAF,

most senior officer in the forest on the first night. in radio contact with Penniston throughout the incident, relaying progress back to Sergeant Coffey at Central Security Control, Bentwaters.

I do hereby voluntarily and of my own free will make the following statement without having been subjected to any coercion, unlawful influence or unlawful inducement.

- - -

approximately 0300 hrs, 26 December 1980 while conducting security checks on RAF Bentwaters

monitored a radio transmission from AIC Burroughs, Law Enforcement patrol on RAF woodbridge, stating that he was observing strange lights in Woodbridge.

SSgt Penniston, Security Supervisor, was contacted and directed to contact Burroughs at the east gate.

Upon arrival, SSgt Penniston immediately notified CSC that he too was observing these lights and requested to make a closer observation. After several minutes, Penniston requested my presence.

(jc 1/30/2011: Break below inserted by me for clarity in reading.)

I departed RAF Bentwaters through Dutley (Butley?) gate for RAF Woodbridge.

When I arrived, SSgt Penniston, AIC Burroughs, and Amn Cabansag had entered the wooded area just beyond the clearing at the access road. (So these three went into the forest.)

We set up a radio relay between SSgt Penniston, myself, and CSC.

(jc 1/30/2011: Break below inserted by me for clarity in reading.)

On one occassion Penniston relayed that he was close enough to the object to determine that it was deffently (jc definitely) a mechanical object.

He stated that he was within approximately 50 meters.

He also stated that their (jc there) was lots of noises in the area which seemed to be animals running around.

Each time Penniston gave me the indication that he was about to reach the area where the lights were, he would give an extended estimated location. (jc: matches Cabansag. Lights were always further than they thought.)

He eventually arrived at a "beacon light", however, he stated that this was not the light or lights he had originally observed. He was instructed to return.

(jc 1/30/2011: Break below inserted by me for clarity in reading.)

While enroute out of the area, he reported seeing lights again almost in direct pass (jc path?) where they had passed earlier.

(jc 1/30/2011: Break below inserted by me for clarity in reading.)

Shortly after this, they reported that the lights were no longer visable (jc visible). SSgt Penniston returned to RAF Woodbridge.

After talking to the three of them, I was sure that they had observed something unusual. At no time did I observe anything from the time I arrived at RAF Woodbridge.

. . . End J.D. Chandler Statement . . .