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Two Aldrich Letters to CohenUFO (which include engine stalling)
Summation regarding the Stokes, Sebago and Kirtland cases
Looking for 1957/58 BRAZIL UFOS (Olavo Fontes)?
2005 Brazilian AF Release of Classified UFO Information



Jerry Cohen

Focusing on the exact dates and times of my three cases from 1957:

JC: Jan Aldrich and I exchanged a number of emails. From them I discovered that:

Instead of being days apart, my three cases were only "hours" apart on Nov. 4/5, 1957; two hours between Kirtland and Stokes, four hours between Stokes and Sebago, and at the max from first case to last (Kirtland to Sebago), six or seven hours; cases of strikingly similar phenomena described by apparently unrelated, unconnected people. Coincidence? . . . ."

Talking to Brad Sparks, it turned out I was incorrect concerning the dates and time by a few hours:

19 Nov 2002: Brad Sparks wrote me to clarify the dates and times of these three cases.

He gave good reasons why errors were made (it wasn't my fault) and said " Stokes' sighting was DAYTIME at 1:10 PM (MST) and on Nov 4, 1957, not Nov 5. (Coral Lorenzen, Flying Saucers: Startling Evidence, p. 94. " I have to be careful here because NICAP criticized the Lorenzen's for not being careful at times concerning the accuracy of some of their dates. But Blue Book seems to confirm this. BLUE BOOK lists Stokes case as occurring on Nov 4.)

He also said that his research showed: "The Sebago case was at 5:10-5:37 AM (CST) Nov 5 . . . not 5:10-5:21 as I had written. (I checked the time given in my original Newsday article and found Brad to be correct here. So the Sebago's contact time was actually *longer* than I originally thought. i.e. it was actually a contact over a 27 minute period.)

So, *corrected* occurance data on my three cases is:

Stokes, NM...1:10 pm ? (MST), 4 Nov 57, which concerned stalled autos, however the time did not appear in the article, and there was not enough additional information available for investigation.

Kirtland AFB, NM...10:45 - 11:04 pm (MST), 4 Nov 57

Sebago, Gulf of Mexico...5:10 - 5:37 am (CST), 5 Nov. 57, 200 miles South of Louisiana.


Still only hours apart: Jan Aldrich informed me there wasn't enough support for the Stokes case, but even if you eliminate it, there were approximately six or seven hours between Kirtland and Sebago (figuring in Sebago as if on Mountain time) and the Sebago contact lasted close to a half-hour. (Plenty of time to figure out what it *wasn't*.)

10/21/2007: If you haven't read this already, one can click HERE to see an update on the Sebago case. Be sure to come back and read the letters Jan & I exchanged, and observe the dates of all sightings as well as the sighting details Jan enumerated for me.

Some interesting questions: 1) Sebago: Does it take 27 minutes for a missile to fly down-range after it is launched? 2) Kirtland: What was it that flew over that base and in front of those control tower operators within seven hours prior to the Sebago sighting? 3) After reading Jan's two letters below, how do we explain those other sightings and car stallings? Is it a mere coincidence that the timing of all the amazing sightings reported happened in proximity to one another and my three cases? Do the case details sound like just hysterics, hoax or newspaper hype? Could the military have caused those sightings (Trying to hide the missile test)? More importantly, was the military in 1957 (or is it today?) capable of doing what was reported? (stalling cars, etc.) Considering the information found in the surrounding sighting descriptions, what the Kirtland tower operators reported, and asking ourselves how much coincidence is allowable before we start eliminating coincidence as a possible explanation, I think it is fair to say, this wave of cases appears to be something "other" than simply military inspired.

Skip to Jan's Letters to me, to see the sighting reports

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Also located below this next one are two Letters Jan wrote me which illustrate a large number of other sightings occurring Nov. 2nd & 3rd, just prior to my three selected cases. (jc 3/28/2005: and additionally, just to let you know this is down at the bottom of this page, here is a link to research I just found concerning other similarly described objects reported in Brazil at at approximately the same time. The research was published in the 1960's by Dr. Olavo Fontes . . . but finish Jan's info. below on this page first, or come back to it.)


Jan's really interesting Letters to Me:

Jan's original letter with incorrect time and date for Stokes & Sebago
(Not specifically Jan's fault. He was quoting available information
at the time. Brad Sparks just pinned it down a little further.)

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 16:08:26 -0700
From: (Jan Aldrich)
To: Subject: 1957 Cont.

Hi Jerry,

Here are the dates/times for:

Kirkland AFB, NM 10:45-11:04 pm MST 4 Nov

Stokes  01:10 am 5 Nov

Sebago 05:10-05:21 am 5 Nov.
(jc N.B.: Brad Sparks corrected the times and dates of these at top of this page.)

In between the time of  Leveland and until Kirkland there are
dozens of sightings, between Kirkland and Stokes there is one and
between Stokes and Sebago there are at least four.

I can't say much about the 1960 incident.  Perhaps it was a
Corona spy satellite.  As for Sputnik II, I don't know what that
was.  I think the Smithsonian said it might be part of the
booster rocket.

If you can find the Dave Garriway show recording or other period
pieces that would be very interesting.   ....snip....

Click here to skip to next two letters concerning
reported cases prior to and around Sebago and Kirtland

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Jan's reference to the 1960 "Skything" incident is only a"maybe."
The description given by the scientific people who observed it
indicates it was there for some viewings and not present for others.
Because of that fact and because it was definitely not a "side-lobe,"
noting it was traveling in the opposite direction from the launched
vehicle at a much greater rate of speed, this researcher would like to
see a complete, definitive answer to what this was. We still don't have
one to this date. It is still an unknown, and an odd-one at that.

Also, from reading the cases Jan sent me below, another question
comes to mind; Exactly what would spark so many people to
report what is documented below in so short a space of time?
i.e. Exactly what phenomenon sparked the numerous reports?
It doesn't appear to this researcher as though it is all simply
psychologically based, newspaper stimulated or hoaxed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

jc continued: If the following group of cases from Jan (Nov 2&3, 1957)
stimulates your curiosity and you didn't read it above, come back here
when you are finished reading Jan/s information, and take an in-depth
look at Kirtland AFB 11/4/57 , authenticated by the AF's Project Blue
Book, The Condon Committee, and Atmospheric Physicist
James McDonald
. Follow that with newspaper articles on the
Sebago 11/5/57
from that same series. If you've already read them,
you might check out the detailed workups concerning two cases from
the Belgium 1989/90 series, another regarding the Illinois, USA 2000
sightings, and a fourth from Chicago O'Hare Airport (Nov. 2006). They
make one realize this whole phenomena is still ongoing. The occurrence
and details of each are thoroughly verified and thoroughly investigated.
Perhaps you have a really good answer as to what any of them were as

(But again, finish the rest of Jan's information below first. His
information also helps one to realize that mass hysteria couldn't
possibly have caused _everything_ that was reported.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 15:23:31 -0700
From: (Jan Aldrich)
Subject: Partial Answer 1957

Hi Jerry,
Greenwood, Project 1947 contributors, and I have screened about
1000 1957 newspapers world wide.  In addition Ed Stewart and I
copied most of the 1957 files (much material seems to be missing)
at CUFOS.  CUFOS also had several scrap books and loose unfiled
material and unsorted files belonging to ICARF.  A real gem
belonged to newspaper columnist Bulkley Griffin.  It had lots of
clippings from small newspapers that carried Griffins columns.
CUFOS let us borrow these and send them to Greenwood who arrange
and mounted the clippings and made copies.  Recently Tom Rouse
sent me copies of his clipping collection, and Loren Gross
acquired the 1957 clipping service material from Robert Gribble.
In addition Greenwood paid Columbia University to put Dr. Leon
Davidson's scrapbooks on microfilm.  Swords, Gross, Greenwood,
Jerry Clark, and I went to the University of Arizona to check out
(and massively copy) McDonald's files.

So for 1957 we all did not just fall off the turnip truck.
However, it feels that way.  There are indeed lost or little known
material about the 1957 flap.  It is not well documented.  We
sent all our material to Loren Gross.  So far he has produced 10
booklets on 1957.  I have talked to Richard Hall about publishing
this series in a FUFOR report.  It looks promising.

Here is the summarized chronology of 2 Nov '57

Youngstown, Ohio, early morning, two waitresses see egg-shaped
object zipping along near cemetery.

Southern Dominican Republic, 1:00 am.  Strange bodies in "Y"

Brenham, TX, 5:50 pm Glowing Saucer

Near the North Carolina-Virginia State line 6:50 pm
An object hovered over a car while the driving down
the road for 10 minutes.

Logansport, LA, 7:00 pm, bright object hovered and disappeared
down below hill.

Shreveport, LA 7:00 pm  Landing of a glowing object.

Fort Worth, TX, abt 8:00 pm  boy sees an egg-shaped  going

Btn Seminole & Seagraves, TX, 8:30 pm.  Car Stalling as lights
rose up from road and sped away. (jc: engine stalling)

Levelland, TX 10:30 pm. Pedro Siado (or Saucedo) sighting/car
stalling/rush of wind/heat. (jc: engine stalling)

10:50  Siado (Saucedo) called dispatcher A. J. Fowler at police
HQ to report his sighting.

11:00 pm Fowler called Reese AFB who started to monitor police
radios for additional reports.

Near Littlefield,TX (30 miles North of Levelland) 1100 pm  couple
say fireball and small object sighting--moved west then south.

Amarillo, TX 11:20 pm   Two CAA tower operators saw blue colored
object (meteor?)

Near Amarillo, TX (late evening?)  A couple flagged down a police
officer and reported an incident similar to Siado's.

About midnight Fowler and another police officer brushed off
Siado's (Saucedo's) sighting.

After mid-night Jose Alvarez reported his vehicle stalled as
"The Thing" went by. (jc: engine stalling)

Fowler changes his mind and calls all mobile units about the UFO.

Joe Wheeler called  Fowler about another car stalling. (jc: engine stalling)

Fowler said he got about 15 calls about lights

9 miles from Leveland  night Marion Smith saw an object 600 feet
off the highway

3 Nov

13 miles E of Levelland, Texas Tech freshman has encounter/EM



Jan Aldrich
Project 1947

- - - - -
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 00:39:07 -0800
From: (Jan Aldrich)
Subject: Re: Permission to Use E-mails

Hi Jerry,

Sure, go ahead!

Well, you might want to correct the number of books
Loren wrote on 1957 to 10.

3 Nov, continued chronology

Fowler contacted Sheriff Weir Clem and the Texas Highway Patrol.

Fowler is answering the phone as fast as he can pick it up.

A sheriffs unit from Aton says "The Thing in the sky east of

Frank D. Williams of Kermit saw the it four miles north of
town.  He said that every time the things lights went off and
on, his car lights and motor would go off.  When it took off
it sounded like thunder. (jc: engine stalling)

At 12:45 am about 5 miles east of Levelland  Ronald Martin of
Levelland saw a ball of fire about a mile ahead of him.  It
was so bright it lit up his truck cab.  His engine quit and
the lights went out, but restarted itself when the object
left. (jc: engine stalling)

About 10 miles NE of Levelland, two grain combines stopped
as an object flew by.

At about 1:00 am, 2 miles NW of Levelland, Sheriff Clem
and Deputy McCullough when the pavement was lit up by a light
that disappear instantly.  The Sheriff did not talk about this
sighting until after his retirement in 1975.

In the same area two Highway Patrol men saw flashes come from
the same direction.

About 1:00 am, Fire Marshall Roy Jones was driving north
of Levelland, his car started to act up and his lights
dimmed.  He only observed a streak of light after the vehicle

About 1:15 am, 5 miles west of Levelland  James D. Long of
Waco saw "The Thing" with its lights on.  Then, the lights
went out.  As his truck approached the object its lights
came on and his engine quit and his lights went out.  It
took off with a roaring sound.  His vehicle restarted when the
UFO had gone. (jc: engine stalling)

2:00 am Plainview, Texas (about 50 miles south of Levelland)
a sound like the wind was heard and her bedroom was
flooded with a flash of light.

Levelland Sun-News report got on the road to look for the
thing.  He saw nothing but observed that the sky was clear
or near clear.

About am. White Sand Proving Grounds,  the White Sand
daily diary had the following entry:  "three military
police, in separate sightings, reported seeing a mysterious
object make a controlled landing and take off in an
isolated area uprange."

2:50 pm between Midway and Odessa, Texas an object
dropped out of the heavy overcast, and disappeared
in the fog.

Cincinnati, Ohio UFO spotted.

Scotia, Nebraska, about 6:00 pm a boy and his sister saw
a humming UFO come down close to them.  When the boy
started towards it, he was unable to move.

Demming, NM, 7:30 pm, UFO recorded on camera.

Late at night.  Near Roswell, NM.  While driving
home  two women notice a glow in the clouds.  Their
car lights went out.  When checked by a mechanic the
lights later worked perfectly.


Jan Aldrich
Project 1947

P. O. Box 391, Canterbury, CT 06331, USA
Telephone: (860) 546-9135

(4/30/2007 jc: Count through the above incidents in Jan's letters to me,
and note how many involved engine stalling. It wasn't just one or two.

Question 12/10/2008: Is it nuts to think a UFO could somehow have
enough power to stall out cars in November 1957?

Answer: Is it equally as nuts for people to witness a UFO able to evade
radar it is hovering immediately over, and
having enough power to
cut a clear-air hole
in clouds over a major airport in November 2006,
almost 50 years later?

After one reads the cases I've highlighted or URLed above, honest readers
should realize that explanations like earthlights/TST and helmet visions, mirages,
Venus simply don't cut the mustard here. Even though some would like to ignore
or reject the evidence you've read to this point, it should be obvious these people
can't have all been hallucinating, seeing stars, or misidentifying . . . and there
weren't many satellites up there back then either.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Further information regarding the Levelland cases
can be obtained from Project Blue Book files at:

NICAP Search Engine (insert word: levelland)

Blue Book Files at NICAP (Francis Ridge) (insert words: levelland blue book)

Francis Ridge

and more specifically at:

Radar cases category 9

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

3/28/2005: From an investigation concerning 1957-58 UFO cases in Brazil, performed by Olavo T. Fontes, M.D.

Report published in 1960.

. . . Sighting reports from Brazil, one month after Kirtland,
(December 1957 and January 1958 sightings)

Navy secret report to the Brazilian House of Representatives:

Some quotes from same . . .

"unidentified objects" shaped like a flying saucer, and tear-shaped devices. "One object," said the report, "when seen from below, showed a spherical outline and its color was
undefined for some, like stainless steel for others.
The size was not determined. All
the reports called attention to the high speed, controlled maneuvers, and extreme mobility of the objects spotted. Their movements were not continuous like those of an airplane—but abrupt and rapid, with sudden changes of course and speed, and right-angle turns."

"a distinct oval-shaped outline and was about three times as long as it was wide. It was
silvery-white in color and reflected sunlight with what looked like a metallic shine.

". . . cloudless sky and no haze. The object left no vapor trail or exhaust. No projections
were noted on the surface. It was not rotating, but the small change of shape at intervals
suggested an oscillatory motion of some sort."

- - - -

"Q. What was the color of the object? 
A. It showed a dark grey color, appearing to be surrounded—mostly in the area ahead
of it—by a kind of condensation of a greenish, phosphorescent vapor (or mist).

- (Editor's note: My sighting in 1967 involved a mist around the vehicle)

"Q. Did the object appear to be metallic? 
A. Yes. It was obviously a solid object.

"Q. How was it flying? Any special characteristic?
A. Yes. It showed an undulatory movement as it flew across the sky, like the
flight of a bat
. And when it came back, it changed speed abruptly, with no
transition, in a jump.
(N.B. The initial flight-path of the observed object appears somewhat similar to that described by astronomer Walter Webb when speaking of his own 1951 sighting. He told me it was the initial spur to his many years of interest and continued study of UFOs .)

- - - - -

December 5, 1957.

"silvery in color and round-shaped; its angular diameter was similar to that of the full moon’s."

- - - - -

"A silvery, circular object, with an apparent size compared with the full moon, crossed
the sky silently at about six thousand feet. This time it was watched by five workers, a
sailor, the island’s doctor, and a Navy officer—Lieutenant Inacio Carlos Moreira.

"The first view was that of a disk shining with a phosphorescent glow, which—even at
daylight—appeared to be brighter than the moon. The object was about the apparent
size (angular diameter) of the full moon. As it followed its path across the sky, changing to a tilted position, its real shape was clearly outlined against the sky: that of a flattened sphere encircled, at the equator, by a large ring or platform. Its speed was around 700 miles an hour at the moment it disappeared into the horizon.

- - - - -

(jc 11/22/2006): And if you still think it's all 100% totally impossible, click here (and then at the link that says "Brazilian Air Force") to see a posting concerning startling case information, gathered by the Brazilian Air Force and released to a Brazilian UFO group in 2005.


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