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Unofficial Link Page
Bruce Maccabee

Photo Analysis; Gulf Breeze Sightings

This is not an official home page of Bruce Maccabee, and their permission has not been sought. The links below are intended only as starting points for inquiry, and may lead to both complimentary and dissenting information about this individual, none of which has been verified by the webmaster.   More info

Bruce Maccabee Home Page

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Location: USA
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Affiliation: FUFOR, Ron Pandolfi·(/people/p/pandolfi?#1), SSE, Robert Bigelow·(1)
Investigated or Interviewed By: Jim Hickman·(Interviewed)
Supports: Ed Walters·($)
Criticized By: Barbara Becker·(BB·threatened·lawsuit)

Footnotes for Above: (1) BM has written papers for NIDS

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 Books from our Catalog Listed in Random Order 
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  • UFOs are Real: Here's the Proof by Ed Walters & Bruce Maccabee - $5.99
  • A History of the Gulf Breeze, Florida, Sightings by Bruce Maccabee - $25.00
  • The Scientific Investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects: An Analysis of Blue Book Report #14 by Bruce Maccabee - $12.00
  • Still in Default by Bruce Maccabee - $6.00
  • Senator Richard Russell: Flying Saucer Witness by Bruce Maccabee (editor) - $13.00 - Editor

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