From: A partial list of events since 1969 published by Bruce Maccabee in his paper
"Still in Default," Copyright 1986 by Bruce S. Maccabee Updated version copyright 1998 by Bruce S. Maccabee]

jc researcher 1/20/2011: Please note, I extracted this list of events from Dr. Maccabee's
paper as I discovered portions of it dovetailed in places with certain items on my own website.
I then provided links to those specific events which also appeared on CohenUFO.

N.B. Our sites and research are totally independent of one another. I did not use Dr. Maccabee's
items to develop my site, nor did he mine. Also note, the events I URLed happened to generally
coincide, and in some juxtaposed cases, are extremely close _date-wise_ as well. What follows is
a mixed-list. Therefore, the numbering you see on this page is not precisely Dr. Maccabee's, even
though the title
below is his. Again, the links are mine.

(References available from MUFON and other sources)

1) Delphos, Kansas, 1971 landing trace case

2) Fall 1973 sighting wave, including Hickson and Parker and the Coyne helicopter case.

3) October-November, 1975 Strategic Air Command (SAC base sightings)

4) Nov. 1975 Walton Abduction case (same time frame as SAC base sightings)

5) Similarities between: September 1976 Iranian jet case [American jets temporarily disabled] and the 1989-90 Belgium Air Force NATO sightings [55 minute chase with recorded gun camera film and support from police witnesses on the ground.]

6) Russian sightings 1989-90 which included a military sighting with a hundred witnesses two weeks before the Belgian jet case.

7) November, 1978 Kuwait oil field landing and "auto-stopping/stopping" of protected pumping equipment (reported by State Department)

8) August 1980 Cash-Lundrum injury case near Houston Texas.

9) USAF-RAF Rendlesham forest [Bentwaters] landing case in England [nearly coincident in time with the Cash-Lundrum case.]

10) August 1980 Kirtland AFB, New Mexico (jc: N.B. - and on CohenUFO, another previously triple-investigated Kirtland case 1969)

11) 1981 Trans En-Provence, France, investigated by GEPAN - the official French UFO investigation group- [which included unexplainable effects on plants.]

12) December 1986 Japan Air Lines (JAL 1628) pilot sighting over Alaska.

13) Cases found in the Project Blue Book case files released by the government. [Now analyzable by anyone willing to look at them.] Also see: New NICAP

14) jc 1/20/2011: This is specifically my entry - Other cases from web site contents.