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Re: Hynek 12/17/66 Sat. Eve. Post article - Pt. 1

From: Bruce Maccabee <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 23:30:08 -0500
Fwd Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 15:21:56 -0500
Subject: Re: Hynek 12/17/66 Sat. Eve. Post article - Pt. 1

>Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 22:06:42 -0400
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <>
>From: Jerry Cohen <>
>Subject: Hynek 12/17/66 Sat. Eve. Post article - Pt. 1

Thanks for reporting this long forgotten article.


>But I cannot explain them all. Of the 15,000 cases that have
>come to my attention, several hundred are puzzling, and some of
>the puzzling incidents, perhaps one in 25, are bewildering. I
>have wanted to learn much more about these cases than I have
>been able to get from either the reports or the witnesses.

Hynek refers to 1/25 or 4% as "bewildering." This was written in
1966. Now consider what Air Force Intelligence told the FBI in
1952. Note that General John Samford was the Director of Air
Force Intelligence at the time and that the below statement was
made on the SAME DAY that the he (and Roger Ramey!) held a press
conference to explain the mass of summer 1952 sightings,
including the Washington, DC sightings. Date: July 29, 1952

FROM: FBI "X file"
(Commander Boyd told the FBI agent that a third class of
sightings is) "those sightings which are reported by pilots and
for which there is additional corroboration, such as recorded by
radar or sighting from the ground. Commander Boyd advised that
this latter classification constitutes two to three percent of
the total number of sightings, but they were te most diffiult to

The bottom line is that they couldn't explain the 2-3% without
straining the physics beyond credibility....and Hynek knew it...
but he didn't admit it until 1966.

>Recently I had dinner with several members of the Condon
>committee. What a pleasure it was to sit down with men who were
>open-minded about UFO's, who did not look at me as though I were
>a Martian myself. For the first time other scientists, who
>apparently have been wondering all along, have openly talked
>about the reports. One leading scientist wrote me the other day:
>"For some time now I have been convinced of the reality of this
>phenomenon based on reports in the general news media. It has
>seemed to me that even with a heavy discount there is a core of
>reliable observations which we cannot shrug off. Twice in recent
>weeks I have stated my views on the subject in small
>conversational groups of respectable, scholarly friends, and
>found that they were amazed that I should take these matters
>seriously. So I know that it took some courage for you to speak


I thank Jerry Cohen for recalling these halcyon days of ufology
for those of us who lived through them....and for providing the
new comers with information they would not likely search out for
themselves. Yes, it was a "whole 'nother world" back then. Or
was it?


the information in this paper by Hynek wasalready ancient
history and long forgotten when I first communicated with him in
1973 or 4(?). By that time he had founded the Center for UFO
Studies and had given a lecture at my place of empoyment (former
Naval Ordnance Laboratory). I had not been able to attend his
lecture (out of town) so I wrote him a letter. In his response
he invited me t become a member of the Center for UFO Studies.
At that time I still viewed him wth some suspicion, thinking
that he probably knew a lot more than he was saying. When I last
saw him in 1985 I still believed he knew more than he was
saying. However, I never got the impression that he was part of
an orchestrated cover up. And, of course, he portrayed himself
as being on the outside if there was any orchestrated cover up.

Thanks to the FOIPA and the continuous efforts of many people
(Robert Todd being one pre-eminent in this) we now have
documentation that shows what the Air Force was '"thinking" 50
years ago. It is clear that Air Force Intelligence did NOT level
with the American people, irrespective of Roswell undercurrents.
Throw away Roswell. One is still left with sightings as
convincing as those cited by Hynek which occurred within th
first 5 year.... including photographic/movie proof of 30
objects capable of flight at 150,000ft. (See THE UFO/FBI
CONNECTION/ the REAL X-files; contact if

So perhaps Hynek was telling the truth after all. He really
didn't know much more than he was saying..... and he did argue

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