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The Rockefeller Report 2/2

From: Ian Read <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 10:32:37 GMT
Fwd Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 10:41:31 -0500
Subject: The Rockefeller Report 2/2

will some day be explained in terms of as-yet-unknown natural
phenomena, or secret highly advanced man-made aircraft and/or

Nevertheless, there are impressive reasons for speculating about the
extraterrestrial origin for some UFOs, namely their shapes and their

                         Shapes of UFOs

Most UFOs observed in daylight, when shapes and details can be seen,
have been described as having simple geometric shapes: discs, spheres,
cylinders and more recently, triangles.

Disc-shaped airplanes have been flown, but none is known to have
exceeded 150 mph, nor to have other capabilities displayed by UFOs.
Difficulties in stability and control have so far prevented any
disc-shaped aircraft from getting beyond the stage of low-performance

Spherical aircraft have so far been limited to gas-filled balloons,
whose performance is at the bottom of the speed and maneuverability
scales. Balloons can fly only as the wind blows and can be overtaken
quickly by airplanes.

Cylindrical aircraft are unknown, as the lack of wings poses huge
problems when it comes to such functions as taking off and flying
level. Rockets and missiles are cylindrical and certainly are able to
fly, but only as the result of great power in relation to their size.
They cn only fly upwards up at launch, and on a ballistic curve on
their way to a target.

Triangle is the shape of delta-winged airplanes, though the flight
characteristics of triangular UFOs removes them from this category.

It is entirely possible that some radical military aircraft having one
or more of these shapes are flying from super-secret test facilities.
But this would have to be a recent development unable to explain
sightings of such craft during most of the past 50 years.

                    Performance of UFOs

Even more striking than the shapes of UFOs is their performance:
speed, acceleration, maneuverability, silence.

Speed. UFOs have been tracked on military radar travelling silently
at several thousand miles per hour well within the Earth's
atmosphere. An airplane attempting this would create an inescapable
sonic boom before melting from friction with the air.

Extreme Acceleration. Airplanes do not visibly accelerate in the air,
though they show generally impressive acceleration during take-off.
Drag-racing cars and motorcycles accelerate in a manner obvious to
even the least experienced observer. In the case of

                               - 13 -

UFOs, airline and military pilots have reported that they fly at the
same speed as an airplane, and then display acceleration common only
to anti-missile missiles. Veteran pilots describe their observations
with words like "astounding" and "unbelievable."

Extreme Maneuverability. While airplanes can perform abrupt maneuvers,
these are generally seen only in air shows. Even then, such flying is
more often described by the outside observer as "graceful" rather than
"violent," though the pilot may use the latter term. Impossibilities
for airplanes (but not, apparently, for UFOs) include right-angle
turns at high speed, and zig-zag flight.

Silent Hovering. While helicopters and VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and
Landing) airplanes can hover, they produce noises whose quality and
volume positively identify them. UFOs, on the other hand, appear able
to hover with little or no motion for long periods without any sound.
This remains well beyond the state of known science, let alone


The U.S. Government, and many other governments, claim that although
not all UFO reports can be explained, there is no evidence that Earth
has been visited by aliens. Most scientists and leading journalists
agree with this position. However, these same scientists believe that
there must be many advanced civilizations on planets orbiting the
billions of stars they estimate to exist in the universe. The gap
between these two positions is generally explained by the assumed
inability of even the most advanced society to travel the enormous
distances separating the Earth from even the nearest stars.

Yet there are thousands of sightings of novel, high-performance craft
in our skies, reported by highly skilled and experienced observers.
There are also hundreds of other reports of craft seen on the ground,
and sometimes of humanoid beings in their vicinity.

The great conflict between official positions and trustworthy
observations constitutes the mystery of Unidentified Flying Objects.
A possible solution to this mystery is the suggestion that the
official position is based on an elaborate cover-up. If it is a
cover-up, what then is being protected, and by whom?

The answers to these questions generally focus on the issue of
national security as well as fear of the public reaction to an
official disclosure of UFO reality and its extraterrestrial origin.
The question of extraterrestrial intention and the frightening
aspects of the alleged abduction phenomena could be extremely
disturbing. However, many researchers believe that it is the science
and technology behind the national security veil which lies at the
heart of the secrecy, and that:

- fallen discs are being reverse engineered, repaired and/or
  copied, and being tested;

                               - 14 -

- the technology is so advanced that we can barely imagine the science
  behind it (which could be based on a fundamentally different
  understanding of gravity and electromagnetic fields);

- whichever nation masters this extraordinary technology will certainly
  be the most powerful nation on earth;

- in the opinion of those in control, the guarding of this technology
  for defense purposes, far outweighs its potential value for other
  purposes - i.e. a non-polluting, cost efficient solution to our
  present energy and environmental crisis.

                               - 15 -

                           THE UFO COVER-UP

There are two major elements to the UFO mystery: the UFOs themselves
and the intensive efforts by the governments of the world to withhold
information about them. Neither the nature nor the purpose of the
governments' actions are clearly understood. But this policy dates
back to the latter part of World War II when UFO-like "foo fighters"
were being reported by combat pilots.

A report about "foo-fighters" is said to have been prepared in 1945
by the United States Eighth Air Force, but no copy has been seen by
the public, despite the passing of a half century. A year later, when
"ghost rockets" were seen over Scandinavia, the Swedish Government
invoked secrecy and only began to release information 40 years later.
When "flying saucers" appeared over the USA in the summer of 1947,
only the most general information was made public, while reports and
analyses were kept under wraps, as was the fact that the government
was taking the saucers seriously. (13, 14)

The U.S. Air Force ongoing UFO investigation (Project Sign, Project
Grudge, and Project Blue Book), collected more than 12,000 reports,
most of which were "explained." It was official policy to refuse to
comment on "unexplained" cases. By keeping case details secret, the
public was kept from learning that many of the allegedly-explained
cases had not been analyzed by generally accepted scientific
standards. (15)

In 1976, with the amendment of the Freedom of Information and Privacy
Act by the U.S. Congress, a mechanism was created for unearthing
government UFO information whose very existence had long been denied.
Formal requests, followed by appeals and sometimes legal action,
produced thousands of pages of previously-classified documents from
the Air Force, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of
Investigation and other intelligence-oriented agencies.

It appears, however, that the released information was the least
sensitive material in the official files. Almost all the released
documents had been classified merely "Confidential" or "Secret,"
with just a few having been "Top Secret". Many pages of these
documents showed the black marks of censorship. In fact, many pages
of the voluminous case files of the official U.S. Air Force
investigation contained black marks hiding information. (16)

The rapid flow of UFO documents in the 1970s dropped to a slow
trickle in the 1980s, but will probably pick up again with the
Administration's recent declassification measures. However, since
every government agency has at its disposal a long list of reasons for

[Note: This file appears to be incomplete, but it should be available on the web somewhere.
If you find it on the web, please send the URL to this webmaster so we can add it to this file.]

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