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Brad's comment:

CAUS filed the suit on behalf of GSW which was the named plaintiff, but CAUS (Gersten) financed and managed the litigation.





Brad's comment:

GSW was basically a one-man operation promoting questionable UFO photoanalyses. Impossible and absurd claims were made that computer image processing could transform ordinary UFO photos into X-rays of the thickness of the UFO (in feet or inches), thus supposedly establishing whether the photos were genuine or frauds since it was assumed that frauds must be small in size (an incorrect assumption in any case).

But this was a completely mistaken and pseudoscientific notion. There are obviously no X-ray machines around to beam through a UFO when a witness takes a UFO photo with his/her camera.

[JC: For the record, the head of GSW was William Spaulding]





Brad's comment:

Your Newsday/WP Para 6:

a) The cases caused the NMCC (National Military Command Center) in the Pentagon to go on OPREP-3 PINNACLE or "Security Option III" alert status and various high military officials were briefed.

Without having seen the docs in many years I can't tell you the details but the docs can be looked up.

b) Some of them appear in the Fawcett-Greenwood book Clear Intent. [JC: Book was retitled, "The UFO Coverup"]

c) Your Para 7 mentions a directive from the Office of the SAF (Secretary of the AF) on 11Nov75 which amounted to a kind of national-level coordinated coverup instruction to not publicly connect the multiple UFO sightings across the northern borders of the US.









Brad's comment:

I was the one Gersten entrusted to be the first to receive and analyze them, in NYC where they were delivered first, around Dec 15, if I recall correctly. I took them back to Washington, DC, for study over the following weeks so I could interview CIA officials based on the new docs.






Brad's comment:

List of AF bases Brad could think of
that were involved in the 1975 UFO flap

a) I can think of Loring AFB, Maine, Wurtsmith AFB, Mich., Malmstrom AFB, Mont., Minot AFB, ND, fighters scrambled from Selfridge AFB, Mich., and there was a Canadian base involved but that doesn't count as a USAF base........

b) The fact that (Section III) SECURITY MEASURES were coordinated among 15 bases has NOTHING to do with whether UFO's were sighted at EACH base.
[JC: This was my misinterpretation, now corrected]

c) We have seemingly complete NORAD logs for that time period which just don't indicate UFO-type incidents at [JC _all_] 15 bases.






Brad's comment:

Your Para 8:

[Jerry,] Your own posting yesterday of NICAP's UFO Investigator for May 1970 indicates the AF has been misrepresenting the ending date of its BLUE BOOK UFO operation for decades as Dec 17, 1969, when in fact it was actually terminated on Jan 30, 1970.

a) I would like to see that fact more widely advertised.

b) The Oct 20, 1969 memo by B/Gen Charles H. Bolender, AF Deputy Chief of Staff for R&D, clearly states that UFO reports affecting the national security were "not part of the Blue Book system."

c) This continued to be the case after 1969 as well.








Brad's comments:

a) nor was the Iranian Jet Incident (if I recall correctly w/o having files or books I can check nearby).

b) Most were studied in Air Force Intelligence at the Pentagon or at DIA, CIA or NSA.

c) According to the Oct 20, 1969, memo of Brig Gen Charles H. Bolender, Deputy Chief of Staff for R&D, Cases involving national security did not always get sent to Blue Book. Some cases involving national security DID get sent to BB just not ALL of them, especially not the highly classified cases.









Brad's comment:

Your Para 10:

I do not think Iranian "ground radar" tracked the UFO's in the Iranian Jet Incident of 18/19 Sept 76.

a) The Shaharoki and Babolsar radars were too far away and the Mehrabad (Tehran) airport radar was not working that night.

b) The case revolved around the F-4 aircraft onboard radars' tracking and lockon of the UFO(s).









Brad's comment:

Your Paras 13 & 14:

The [main] AF and NORAD records of the 1975 & 1976 sightings were NOT turned over to GSW; as if GSW was the first to uncover them.

a) GSW should not get credit for what I and other researchers had uncovered YEARS EARLIER.

b) The incidents were first LEAKED (see your own Para 22) in classified copies in 1976 to NICAP president Jack Acuff by its ultrasecret "Deep Throat" source









Brad's comment:

Your Para 15:

I am aware of no FOIA request by the Washington Post to the CIA for UFO docs.

a) Maybe there was, but if so, it's completely irrelevant since it was merely riding the coattails of the cutting-edge researchers who were actually doing the in-depth investigations (mostly me, Bob Todd, Todd Zechel).

b) The CIA docs released in Dec 1978 included UFO docs going back to at least 1949 not the "1950s."











Brad's comment:

This is patently untrue. Cite the CIA historian Gerald Haines' article demonstrating decades of CIA "involvement with UFO's" long after 1953, right up into the 90's.










Brad's comment:

False. The CIA documents show active efforts by CIA to collect "S&T" (science & technology) information on UFO propulsion systems as recently as 1976.









Brad noted:

Zechel actually worked for the NSA military cryptologic subsidiary, the Army Security Agency (ASA) from 1963 to 1966, not directly for NSA.

[jc: Included here in case the reader has been skipping around and not read some of the preceding information.]



  Brad's comment:

21. Gersten 1981 article: The 1952 DRAFT memo was NEVER approved by
CIA Director Walter B. Smith and was REJECTED by him.

a) Therefore it is misleading to say this REJECTED DRAFT represented the QUOTE "Director's opinion" on anything.

b) And note the draft doesn't even have a DATE, it's undated,
never approved.

c) This document has been misused by numbers of UFOlogists to prove that the NSC was involved or had in turn approved the UFO directive, which was in fact NOT true.




  Brad's comment:

22. Gersten article: Typo: Ft. Ritchie (not "Richie").



  Brad's comment:

24. Gersten article Footnote 6: The name is "H. Marshall Chadwell" NOT "E."