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Re: 'Flying Saucerology' - Europe Vs. The USA

From: "Jerry Cohen" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 02:35:15 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 10:51:57 -0500
Subject: Re: 'Flying Saucerology' - Europe Vs. The USA

Some comments concerning,

>From: (Edward G. Stewart)
>Subject: (fwd) FLYING-SAUCEROLOGY :Europe vs the USA
>Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 14:33:16 -0800 (PST)
>From: (Mario Belmondo)
>Newsgroups: alt.alien.research,alt.ufo.reports,
>            alt.alien.research,alt.paranet.ufo
>Subject: FLYING-SAUCEROLOGY :Europe vs the USA
>Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 06:48:41 GMT
>Organization: Twics Co. Ltd., Japan
>--FLYING-SAUCEROLOGY IN EUROPE is different from Flying-Saucerology in
>the USA...

JC:   My personal response to this post is "?????"  The majority of it is a
bunch of *generalities.* "Generalities do not a scientific study make."
Present your research on a *specific* case or topic; tear it to shreds,
pull the guts out of it, dissect it, bisect it, trisect it but, for God's
sake, stop complaining and USA bashing. If you don't agree with U.S.
studies, so be it....ignore us. If you don't agree with the "abduction
cases website" located at ,
ignore them. If you don't agree with "implant analyses" located at  , ignore those. If you don't agree with 
"cattle mutilation theories," please stop reading Linda Moulton Howe's 
books. If you don't agree with Jack Kasher's analysis of NASA's ST 48, 
because you assume it to be impossible, be my guest. If you don't agree 
with the Pine Bush/Hudson Valley Website . Dr. Bruce Cornet , ignore that too. 
If you think there are only a few UFO sightings which have occurred this year, 
please don't look up the National UFO Reporting Center at: .  However, I am quite sure there will be others 
out there reading this that may take a look at some of these things for 
themselves and perhaps view them a bit more open-mindedly.

 Oh, I almost forgot: If someone says there is a strong possibility we may
have proof that life existed on Mars, ,
be sure to remain on earth, stay in your home, close your eyes and
absolutely do not read 'The McDaniel Report Newsletter' "MARS ANOMALY
RESEARCH ... Copyright 1966"  Website []
(no longer works) or (jc 6/1/2006: ) As a matter of fact, put your head back under the ground and pretend it none of it exists except that which you wish to focus upon. Obviously you and your group are right; IFOs and psychology solve everything and *everyone* in the USA is unscientific, paranoid and incapable of analyzing anything. It is unfortunate that when *some* of us do present solid research and evidence on topics such as..."How we got to where we are in Ufology today and the fact that UFO *craft* have been documented as existing, and that the Air Force probably knows a lot more about it than they have told us,"...*others* of us fail to read it, analyze it, and intelligently comment on same for whatever reasons of their own. One of those reasons, aptly demonstrated within the essay being commented upon herein, would seem to be because at least one of those *others* firmly believes; "It is perhaps in USsia(the USA)that you find the biggest concentration of psychiatric cases by square centimetres!!" and that in the USA they have; "Flyingsaucerologists crying for "government cover-up"; and all that SHIT!" Unfortunately, not only does your presentation of "low class language" leave a great deal to be desired but the crux of your sentiments totally ignore the solid data that has been presented, both via this mail list and in other forums as well. It is also apparent that same *other* feels that if we don't conform to the parameters which his group has unilaterally dictated, (i.e. sticking to IFOs & psychological explanations for sightings) *we* should therefore be belittled and called names. Again, this certainly is one's inalienable right. (No pun intended) However, in fair return, don't expect this researcher to respect you or your writing either. By the way, few people on this planet are identical therefore, why should they have to think identically? So, what is wrong with having two or a thousand distinct directions in which we go? We do not have to agree. Our ability to think in millions of different directions enables us to survive as a species. Some of us, by chance alone, have to be right and eventually find a solid, true path. To give one example of solid research presented but obviously ignored by your group: This researcher wrote a response to James Oberg, NASA in which Mr. Oberg used misinformation and innuendo in an attempt to diminish the impact and importance of astronaut Gordon Cooper's statements regarding UFOs, while generally slandering various other important UFO researchers and their lifelong research, including people such as J. Allen Hynek and James McDonald. The Oberg/Cooper series thoroughly detailed the reasons for that "government cover-up cry." (Located in O/C rebuttals 2-5) That same series began by explaining that a UFO symposium was petitioned and held at the United Nations because those sightings were and are "worldwide" in scope. The series more than adequately demonstrated they were not just a product of someone's imagination, balloons, etc. (O/C.1a,b & 2) It did this by detailing some highly important findings in the research of Drs. Hynek & McDonald. Incidentally, copies of the Oberg/Cooper series can, by anyone's request, either be mailed directly to your emailer or, reposted to this mail list if the requests become too numerous. :-) Since James Oberg's essays were posted worldwide, this researcher can only wonder why the author of "--FLYING-SAUCEROLOGY IN EUROPE ...." did not respond with his own *specifics* to Mr. Oberg's slanders or comment on my responses to same instead of wasting his time in generalized complaining and USA bashing? Instead, how about giving us one really good explanation concerning the unidentified object, detailed in Oberg/Cooper.2, that most of us can agree upon? If UFOs are merely IFOs and psychologically based, you should be able to do this with little effort. I, and others who read my previous post concerning "Skything 1960" await your response. (Other skeptics are welcome to give him some help!) Furthermore, if one has some solid research to contribute or wishes to help us analyze that which is being discussed on this list, by all means we welcome your participation. There are people here, diligently at work, attempting to analyze the pros & cons of some of the very things discussed in your essay. However, to put it bluntly, either respect us, or get off this list. This particular Internet list is one forum out of thousands in a worldwide network where hopefully, intelligent minds from around the world can meet together to discuss topics important to all, in this case, UFOs. This researcher presently respects the majority of the people contributing to this mail list. However, this researcher also finds it difficult to have any meaningful discourse with anyone who makes blanket statements of disrespect towards my country. Stick to the facts of specific cases and stop trying to muddy the waters with your unnecessary emotional baggage. (By the way, in net language, capitals, when used in places other than titles, etc. mean you are screaming. Most of the people on this list refrain from doing this as it gets in the way of intelligent discourse.) One example to which I am referring. You wrote: "And Europeans tend to think of USsians as GULLIBLE, NAIVE, SUPERFICIAL, HYSTERICAL, ARROGANT, PARANOID and fascist people, unable to see farther than the end of their nose and to detach themselves from the face value of things." JC: I know there are certainly Europeans out there who do not share these above sentiments. The intelligent ones, and there are many, will look at how we are each presenting ourselves, and decide for themselves. Respectfully, Jerry Cohen E-mail: P.S. I wish to thank Ed Stewart from the bottom of my heart for the gracious opportunity he afforded me to once again draw attention to material from the Oberg/Cooper series. I am hopeful that many of the negative views expressed therein are not his own, as his own research is usually posted in a much more dignified and intelligent setting than this, his most recent posting. P.P.S Ed, exactly why did you post this entire piece? P.P.P.S Happy holidays everyone! Page from the website of:
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