Minor Discrepancies Noted in Enquirer Article

Virtually all statements attributed to Hickson and Parker were accurate to what they said at some time during the police interrogation. A discrepancy noted was as follows: For the sake of summating them correctly in the space allotted for the article, the Blum authors took the liberty of combining several statements which had been made toward the end of the lengthy interview with some made at the beginning. The statements, however, were accurate to what was said and not merely taken out of context in order to change their meaning in any way.

On the CD Wendy Connors sent me, Charles Hickson was interviewed first and gave a detailed account of what occurred that night in October 1973. His interview appeared to be concluding when the police abruptly started all over again, taking various points he had told them and grilled him yet again, at times with two questions being asked almost simultaneously, probably to see if his facts would hold together in the process. All of them did and some minor additional information was added along the way.

There was an interview with Calvin Parker by himself and then the two of them were left alone in a room with a hidden tape recorder to see what they would say to each other at that point. A few additional facts surfaced and H/P's emotional level rose a great deal as they both seemed honestly perplexed by what had happened to them and fearful of same. Their talking was very agitated as various topics were discussed.

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