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Excerpts from: Incident at Exeter by John Fuller
(Sightings: Exeter, New Hampshire, USA 1965)


The following is a small sampling of additional testimony from the "Exeter" case. It is included herein so that other readers can see the true depth of this case. Other related testimonies will be presented later on as my analysis unfolds.

Page numbers refer to pages in the paperback version where original dialogue is located: Fuller, John G. . Incident at Exeter . Berkley Medallion Book . G.P. Putnam's Sons . Distributed by Berkley Publishing Corporation
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pp 86/87 Lora Davis:

"... When it moved, it moved quite fast. Not like a B-47, though we see them all the time."
"... this thing stopped right in midair."
"And then it seemed as though the red light (on the craft) was blinking on and off, It's kind of hard to describe."

jc: Was she trying to describe a "pulsing" as described by other witnesses in this mass sighting?
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p 79 Police Sgt. Joe Farnsworth at Hampton Beach

Early Sept. or late August, about 4am was cruising and came upon a car with two boys in it. (he guessed in their late teens)

"As soon as they saw me, they came running to the cruiser. And they were scared to death, I mean scared to death. Both of them. And this one boy said, "You're never going to believe what I am going to tell you!"

Right away, the way they were acting, I checked to make sure they were both sober. And they were. No liquor on the breath, nothing like that. They were just plain hysterical. So they told me they were going down the boulevard, and this thing came in from the ocean right over the top of their car, and it stayed still over the car. And they stopped short, they thought it was a plane trying to land, and they didn't want to get involved underneath it. Then this thing stopped too, whatever it was. Right in the air - and when they did this thing did, too. But when they went up the boulevard straight, this thing suddenly came right at them. That's when they pulled over, the thing shot off out of sight, and they were too hysterical to do anything until I pulled up."

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p 88 Mrs. Harlow Spinney 10am (daylight sighting Sept. 27, by her diary)

"When I first saw it, it was in the distance."
"I was, oh, maybe a mile from it."
"I thought that at first it might be a low flying plane ..."

"But, when I got within two or three hundred feet of it, darned if that thing didn't turn around and come back and I got a beautiful look at it. And then it went furiously off."

jc (researcher): Is the above described motion reversal
and departure typical of "fire balloon" movement?

Fuller: "She had seen it in broad daylight in a populated area."

Fuller: "You're sure ... that this craft moved contrary to most airplanes?" ...

Mrs. Spinney: "Believe me, it didn't look or act like anything I had ever seen.
Except, possibly, a helicopter. And a helicopter it definitely was not."

Fuller: "Do you have a rough idea of how high it was?"

Mrs. Spinney: "Well, I really can't tell you how high it was, but if you saw a plane that low, you'd be frightened. It probably wasn't more than a couple of hundred feet up...."

jc (researcher):
Although we were not given an exact altitude here, the
comparison to normal airplane height is most certainly informative.

Mrs. Spinney: "It went slowly when I first saw it." .... "Then I pulled up and stopped. I wanted to listen, you know, to see if I heard any noise or anything" ... "I didn't. It was silent."

jc 7/3/2012: So . . . does this sound like ball lightning?

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p 93 Mrs. Virginia Hale UPI stringer and reporter for the Haverhill, Massachusetts, Gazette - (lived in a generous ranch house on a trim residential street not far from the ocean.)

. . .

Fuller to readers: "Mrs. Hale was an experienced observer. She knew every conventional flight pattern of the nearby Portsmouth Air Base, as well as the commercial air lanes reserved from airliners on their way to Boston."

Fuller to readers: She took me immediately to her kitchen window, set above her spotless stainless-steel sink, and pointed out the portion of the sky in which she first saw the unknown craft. She had kept it in clear view over a five to ten minute period. She pointed to a soapish smear on a pane of her window.

Mrs. Hale: "I put my finger in the dishwater the minute I saw this thing in the sky," ... "because I wanted to clearly mark the position where it was when it first came into view. The only thing I had handy to do this was the soapy water, and you can still see it there - faintly of course. But it's there."

"I don't know the date I saw this," "I'd say two to three weeks ago. I was standing right here by the sink, about twenty-five after six in the evening. It was dusk, it wasn't quite dark, and there was still plenty of light. The reason it caught my eye was because it was bright and because it was going slow, very slow. So I automatically figured something is wrong. Then -- it stopped dead over that house --" (JC: Italics are mine)

Fuller: It was her neighbor's house.

Mrs. Hale: "It was about three times the height of that chimney,"
"and it hovered there. Now you know four minutes is a long time, and that's why I hesitate to say that. But I'm pretty sure it was that long. Then I marked the window with the smear from the dishwater, so I could remember where I lined up the spot."

jc: Timewise, she had a good look at it. If her estimate was wrong and the object was actually higher than she thought it was, then the object was actually bigger than she thought.

They moved outside as she continued:
"At the moment the object stopped I came out here on the terrace. Now, I would estimate that it was out beyond the Coast Guard station which is right on the shore, just over these houses here. After it started up again, it moved much faster. The B-47s go further east and further north before they cut back. And when this thing cut back toward the southwest, coming directly back and losing altitude fast, coming in really fast, and coming, almost, I swear I thought it was coming right at me." ... "And it cut over this house behind us here, and I knew I would lose sight of it. But also, it was going so fast I thought it was going to crash."

Fuller: "Could you get a good look at it this time?"

"Well, at this point I could see from underneath, too. It was domed-shaped, and underneath, it was flat. Its altitude was now about twice the height of that chimney. By the time it was over here, I could see the bottom and the front of it plainly. And here I got a full view of the bottom, and the back, and tail, if you want to call it that. It didn't really have a tail, maybe you'd call it a fin. Then I went into the house and looked out the front window."

Fuller: "You could definitely rule out a plane?"

Mrs. Hale: "Definitely," ... "If you're around here any time at all, you'll notice the B-47s come by here on their landing pattern, and they go just about directly over this house. Then they head out to sea, to the east, turn slightly west, and come in by Rye and North Hampton. So I am familiar with all that. And, oh, there was one thing I forgot to tell you. Right after I was seeing this, there was a commercial plane moving on a steady flight pattern and I used that to contrast it with this thing, and to check the altitude and erratic movement of the object. I also checked the time, and called this girl, another correspondent, in Seabrook. I though she might have seen what I didn't see. Now what exactly did it look like? I'd say maybe it looked like a golf ball, sliced off more than half, and with another slice taken off where this fin was. As close as I can describe, it was very bright, not like any kind of light I can think of.

Mrs. Hale: " one of these modern streetlights that glow so brightly. Except that it seemed more contained. It seemed to have more substance."

Fuller: "Could you tell if the surface was metallic or not?"

Mrs. Hale: "I could not say that it was,"

"Any portholes?"
Mrs. Hale: "No, nothing like that."

Fuller: "Jet trail?"
Mrs. Hale: "No."

Fuller: "Sound?"
Mrs. Hale: "Absolutely none. None at all."

Fuller: "When it stopped, you say it stopped still?"
Mrs. Hale: "Absolutely."

Fuller: "Did it wobble at all? Rock?" Mrs. Hale: "No."

Fuller: "Absolutely stationary?"
Mrs. Hale: "Yes. That's the thing that struck me. It hovered only in the sense that it remained suspended. I had heard of some of the other reports, and they had said that it rocked or wobbled."

Fuller: "Did it behave aerodynamically like a plane at all?"

Mrs. Hale: "Well, when it came back toward me, it was going too fast for anything that I know. That's for sure. And in the pattern that it was coming, none of the planes around here would use that pattern. Not even the local ones. When It was out in the east, I thought it might have been a reflection from the chute that the B-47s use just before they touch down on the runway."

Fuller: "About the shape again. Could you give me any more detail?"

Mrs. Hale:
"Well, if you turn a real deep, very deep saucer upside down, you do come close to it, if you break out a corner on it. If I could think of the right type of light I've seen and the right type of plastic to put it inside of, that's the impression I had."

Fuller: "A glow from within that left a halo effect?"
Mrs. Hale: "That's about it."

jc (researcher) 7/22/2012: Begin size estimate

Fuller: "And the size of it? Could you give any estimate of that?"
Mrs. Hale: "It was big."

Fuller: "If you saw a B-47, which you know so well, going over in a landing pattern, how would it compare?"

Mrs. Hale:
"If it were strictly on its landing pattern, I would say that a B-47 would be half as big."

"What about your own personal reaction? Were you scared at all?"

Mrs. Hale: "No, I was strictly too much of a reporter. But I did have the feeling, oh goodness, don't tell me that thing knows I'm here. That's really how I felt."

jc 7/3/2012: How about this . . . does this really sound like ball lightning?

jc 7/18/2012: Note Mrs Hale's personal reaction immediately above. Also, size estimate vs. B-47 above
and comments regarding movement, several statements above that.

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Fuller's interview with Gene Bertrand and his wife:
(Main officer who sighted UFO firsthand with Norman Muscarello.)

"Can you recall anything more? ...... Anything you haven't told me already?"

"I'm trying to describe the lighting on the thing, because that was what made it so eerie. Like a neon sign, maybe, but a neon sign won't light up everything around it the way this did. A headlight will give off light, like a beam. But this is not the way it was. This was a glow, a brilliant glow. The trees turned red, the field turned red, everything turned red.

Lt. Cottrell: "What strikes me funny in talking to Gene and Dave is the maneuverability of the thing. It defies all the aerodynamic laws. It floats, soars, goes off in any direction, turns at right angles."

jc 7/3/2012: Or this . . . ball lightning?

Have skeptics who have proposed this actually read these testimonies? Could it be they are falling into the trap I mention here? (Please return here after you've read the 7 items.)

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Other "testimonies from Exeter" appear in John Fuller's book below. Some will be presented as we return to the rebuttal:

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BIBLIOGRAPHY for additional testimonies:
Fuller, John G. . Incident at Exeter . Berkley Medallion Book . G.P. Putnam's Sons .
Distributed by Berkley Publishing Corporation . 1966

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