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Excerpts from: Incident at Exeter by John Fuller
(Sightings: Exeter, New Hampshire, USA 1965)

* * * Fuller's meeting at Mrs. Pearce's house * * *

Includes: Mrs. Lillian Pearce, a group of 1/2 dozen or so neighbors and several teenagers, mostly of high school age.

P.99 The Sighting occurred 10pm the night before the meeting:


Mrs. Pearce: We encountered a low-level UFO the previous night as I was driving my children and those of a neighbor home from a dance. Everyone agreed.

Mrs. Pearce: "This was a real odd craft last night ...,"

Fuller: "It definitely was not a plane?"

Mrs. Pearce: "Definitely. It was treetop level and had an enormous span."

JC: I've included the following remark by Fuller because it is
germane to the analysis.

Fuller to readers:
"If there is any proclivity that can be said to be certain, it is that of teen-agers to debate or neutralize any parent who tries to exaggerate in front of them. I was watching carefully for this reaction." They all saw the UFO and none disagreed.

Mrs. Pearce: "It was real wide" .... "It went right over our car." Another woman who was with her agreed.

Fuller: "How can you be sure it wasn't a plane?"

Mrs. Pearce: "Do planes make no noise?"

Fuller: "This was silent?"

Mrs. Pearce: "This was absolutely silent. This was not a plane....." ...

Mrs. Deyo spoke: "It looked like it had a lot of little, I call them portholes, except they were square. The light coming through them was solid white."

Mrs. Pearce: "There were other lights on it, but they were dim.
"Several colors, red, green, orange. All over. And the surface seemed to be metal.

Mrs. Deyo: "This thing just dropped down toward the car," ... "It dropped down, and it seemed to take on red lights, and it followed us. My son was in another car near us, and he saw it over our car."

Fuller: "How close over the car?"

Mrs. Pearce: I mean close," ... "Not more than eight to ten feet above it. The lights seemed to circulate, rotate around it. ..."

Mrs. Pearce: ".....I hung out the window trying to get a picture of it....." "I would say it was as big around as a jet. The front was rounded. And it had sort of fins in the back, flat out, not upright. There was a dome shape to the top and it looked sort of like hammered metal. It had smaller lights all over it, both sides, the bottom and the top. It had larger red lights surrounding the edge of it. They were of different colors on the other parts. As I mentioned, I say it can change shape, not the metal, but the light patterns. The lights go on and off all over it. And it can glow all over. And the underneath part, like the old dirigibles, there was what I call little square windows across, square compartments on the bottom of this thing."

Mrs. Pearce: "The thing was ahead of me. It would play tag with me, whatever you want to call it. It went ahead of me, with red, orange and white lights on at that moment. All right, the thing turned and I stopped my car right there, I had the motor running and the lights on dim, but I had stopped. Doris Deyo was on the road, I was hanging out this side of the car, out the window with a camera. That thing turned around and came directly, like this, right over the top of my car. Now there was no noise, no rush of air. I know that sounds foolish but there wasn't. The first thing I saw then was like floodlights hitting the street right into the middle of the street. But I felt no heat."

JC (researcher): Does this sound like a "fire balloon" to anyone besides Robinson?

Mrs. Pearce: "The real close ones I've seen have been four or five feet above the ground, if not on the ground. They hover right in the fields."

Mrs. Pearce: "On the 17th of September--I made a note of it, because I've now begun to keep track of these things -- we were going up to Exeter. This thing with red, green and white lights on it stopped over a house. We watched it for two or three minutes, and then a jet plane came on again. The plane came back, and the lights went out. Then the object went off, and the plane remained there circling and recircling the spot."

Mrs. Pearce's 14 year old daughter Sharon:

Fuller asked her what it looked like to her.

"We went over to Mrs. Shaw's house, and we were coming home about eleven-thirty. And we saw these bright lights in the field. And my mother thought it was a wreck, so she started down the side of the road. We didn't know what it was, and as we got close to it, we stopped and we were sitting there for a couple of minutes. And we heard no sound at all. We just didn't know what it was. It was sitting just above the road, and it was hovering."

Fuller: "How high from the road was it hovering?"

Sharon: "It wasn't over the trees."

Fuller: "And about how big did it appear?"

Sharon: "About as big around as a car, maybe bigger."

Fuller to reader: "I was watching Sharon closely during the interview. There was no question at all that she was telling the truth as she saw it."

jc 7/3/2012: Now be honest . . . does this sound like ball lightning?

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