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Excerpts from: Incident at Exeter by John Fuller
(Sightings: Exeter, New Hampshire, USA 1965)

"Spun, then went zoom. And it was gone within a second."

Some Size Estimates


p 185 Fuller interview with Mrs. Parker Blodgett (Sept. 21, after midnight) -
prominent citizen, President of New Hampshire P.T.A.

Blodgett: "....Bright, blinding ball of light up over the trees, about one hundred yards away. It was a deep red, almost, on the top, in sort of a semi-circle. At the bottom was an extremely bright glowing light. It was just sort of hovering there over the trees."

Size: "It covered an area from the chimney of that house there, to the tree here in the yard."

Fuller to readers: "This I noticed would make it enormous. The area spanned almost a hundred feet, as far as I could estimate."

Blodgett: "Then - it started to spin real fast, and went zoom. And it was out of sight." "It spun, just a circular motion then it went zoom. And it was gone within a second."

JC (researcher):
Sounds like a decent, fair size estimate to me. Please also note, above example also delineates the unusual darting motion previously discussed.

jc 7/3/2012: 100' wide ball lightning?

and a reminder that Muscarello did say:


p 60 Bertrand to Fowler (during their reconstruction at the site)

"He (Muscarello) told me that he was walking right by the pole here, when the thing came at him from his right ... It hovered over the roof of the Russell house there, he said, and was about twice as big as the house."

JC (researcher):
Another reasonable size estimate. If the object _looked_ as though it were "twice as big as the house" but was actually further away, the object in actuality would have been _larger_ than Muscarello thought. If it were closer, in all probability, he should have been able to see it as such. The angle of sight to the object would have been more elevated.

jc 7/3/2011: Did any of the people proposing ball-lightning read any of these testimonies? . . . . and that proposal is considered science by some?

and reconfirmed by them both:

p 11 Narrative

"It was about 100 feet above them, about a football field's distance away."

jc 7/17/2012: N.B. Again, if they misjudged it and it was further away
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it was even bigger than they thought.

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