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There is no doubt this case occurred:

(November 4, 1957)

The following case appeared in the Air Force's Project Blue Book.
It was further analyzed by the Condon Study,
and reexamined by Dr. James McDonald, who located CAA tower witnesses,
and vehemently disagreed with the Condon Analysis.

Analysis by Dr. James McDonald

Information regarding McDonald

To: Kirtland, page 2














Discussion of the 1957 Kirtland case by J. Allen Hynek


Editor's Note

"After reading McDonald's and Hynek's analyses,
my attention focused on
three cases."

"I had inadvertently discovered the
timing between the Kirtland, Stokes & Sebago cases
was actually _closer_ than I originally thought."

Jerry Cohen

Jan Aldrich (Proj. 1947) informed me these cases
occurred 2-4 hrs apart on the same day


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(May 5, 1965)

(Obviously _not_ a Regulus test.)

(This occurred 4 months before the Exeter, NH sightings.)

Case included by Dr. J. Allen Hynek in his letter to Col. Sleeper;
an extremely negative critique of Project Blue Book



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The previous Hynek May 5, 1965 Blue Book case is extremely similar
to the following coast guard case which occurred eight years prior
on 11/5/57, the same year as Gordon Cooper's Edwards AFB claim.
and interestingly, within hours of the Kirtland AFB incident.

The Sebago
(Nov. 5, 1957)

Please click title above for case

And Click below for my response to one of the crewman
who wrote NICAP in 2003.

Coast Guard Cutter Sebago
internet photo of Sebago in 1969

I was amazed to find that my neighbor
was dating
one of the crewmen when this sighting occurred.
(Thus, my own verification for this sighting)

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The following is something I am now fairly positive
was related to a craft with rotating lights
I personally saw near my home in 1967

Exeter, New Hampshire

Incident at Exeter (1/2)
Incident at Exeter (2/2)

Letter to me from Jerome Clark (CUFOS Editor)

Description of what I saw back in 1967
(and my reason for creating this web site)

Was it ball lightning, as proposed by Philip Klass?

To: Incident at Exeter, page 2
















Author Larry Robinson claims he has solved Exeter
Site moved here

My analysis says his "Fire Balloon" explanation
is "full of hot air"

My rebuttal to author Martin Kottmeyer
regarding his explanation for the Exeter sightings

New A critique of a thesis by James Mcgaha and Joe Nickell
who claimed they had solved the Exeter case


Note from an In-law
(From a 1997 post I made to UFO UpDates)

Mark Cashman Comments Regarding Exeter

"Loftus Study" and applications to Exeter


Agreement by one skeptic that Exeter still "needs work."


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Portage County, Ravenna Ohio

Atmospheric Physicist Dr. James McDonald (University of Arizona) takes a summer off
to prove to himself that there is nothing to the UFO cases that he's read in the newspapers.

What he discovers when he looks at the files at
NICAP, then visits and interviews witnesses carefully examining the
Air Force explanations, is that many of the explanations do not fit the situations.
The cases are still unexplained and the witnesses in many cases are totally believable.

It is now almost 40 years since the following events recounted in a speech
given by Dr. McDonald at Kent University, Ohio
in 1968. (see next pg.)


To: Portage, page 2















McDonald's 1968 Speech at Kent University, Ohio


So, what reason would the police officers
have for lying in the above case? Are their identification skills
really as poor as the "final?" explanations tried to make them out to be?
In some instances, there were numerous witnesses that confirmed exactly what the officers reported.
The technology reported back then still has not been displayed in any military arena by
any government we know, and the Air Force explanations for some of
the better sightings left much to be desired.

For the record we note the National Enquirer didn't begin offering its
"Million Dollar Reward to anyone that could prove UFOs came from outer space"
until almost ten years later.

BTW: The sighting mentioned in McDonald's speech occurred
nine days
prior to one reported by
Florida Governor Haydon Burns
and his entourage, during his re-election campaign.



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(February 4, 1968)

This case investigated by four (4 ) Investigators
from the University of Redlands

It was also cited by Dr. Hynek in his letter to Col. Sleeper
to further illustrate the "Lack of Rigor" in the
Scientific Methodology of Blue Book

"Incident at Redlands, California, USA


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Malmstrom Air Force Base
(1967 & 1975)

What makes the 1967 case interesting to me
is that it occurred the same year as my own sighting.
I found the Malmstrom sightings on the NICAP and CUFON web sites.

Malmstrom (March 16, 1967)

This 1975 case _below_ was verified via a CAUS lawsuit
and revealed in the second group (1978-81) of FOIA releases.
It occurred two days after the Travis Walton Case

Malmstrom (Nov. 7, 1975)

To: Malmstrom, page 2 - "The Disclosure Project"


















Perhaps of even greater interest regarding both these cases
is an effort led by Steven Greer called "The Disclosure Project" which
claims to have witnesses who have come forward to verify these sightings.
He claims to have their testimonies recorded on video tape.

Peter Gersten , the CAUS lawyer who originally sued the government and won the
1978/81 FOIA releases of UFO information,
has teamed up with him.



Note (2005 ): Personal discovery by Ex-Canadian Defense Minister



Please see: Other SAC cases which occurred around the same time



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I CAME UPON THIS CASE (Occurred: 9/76)

Iran F-4 Incident
(Jet Chases UFO)

November 1976 Issue

Impossible you say?

This Iranian case apparently confirmed
in the following
"Freedom of Information (FOIA) RELEASES"

First Major FOIA Government releases in 1978

To: Iran F4, page 2
















Then, there were more releases:

FOIA Government releases in 1981


and..... for a moment, I thought we really had it.

Claimed "Defense Support Platform" (DSP) Confirmation
(Letter to UFO UpDates)


Unfortunately, DSP Confirmation was Not Supported by Other Researchers
(Letters from Brad Sparks & Jan Aldrich)

Bruce Maccabee's Workup on the Case

Bob Pratt's Workup on the Case


. . but then, we find the pilot's amazing testimony given at the Washington Press Club
(2007) located HERE

So, how can we not ask, "Wow! Are these testimonies the smoking gun?"
This is definitely world-wide.

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Part of the NATO Chain

Does it make sense that the Belgium Air Force
would misidentify an aircraft,
triangulated between four separate, prior-checked ground radars


1) chase it for 75 minutes without catching it?
2) have Belgian police affirm highly unusual technological oddities?
3) talk about it openly on television because it was apparently
well past the curve of normalcy?

Belgium Case as Presented on Unsolved Mysteries

A Summary of UFO Updates Discussions
Concerning the Belgium (Triangle) Sightings

Researcher Serge Salvaille says
I only took one case out 632 Reports

Some Interesting Coincidences with
"The Iranian F-4 Incident"

To: Belgium, page 2 (Deltoid Sightings)


















I selected the Belgium military case because of its
available gun-camera data, and the puzzlement of the NATO
section of the Belgium Air Force.

However, Serge is quite correct, this covers only 1/632 of all the reports . . .
a sobering thought. I apologize to Serge and the people of Belgium and hope this correction
will give readers a more accurate feeling for what actually occurred there.

Belgians, I am sure, now understand how the residents of Exeter,
New Hampshire USA
, must have felt when the rest of the world viewed
their reports back in 1965.

However, as compelling as the Exeter reports were, the number of
reports from Exeter (approx. 60) pales in comparison to the 632 from Belgium.


Click here for NIDS Full Analysis of 3 Independent Data Bases
Concerning Triangular/Deltoid UFO Sightings since 1990

(Released August 2004)

A Critique of Marc Hallet's
"The So-Called Belgian UFO Wave"

(by Jerry Cohen)

Click here for yet another similar triangular aircraft sighting in Illinois, USA
(January 2000)

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Illinois, USA Police See
Triangular-Shaped Craft
(Illinois Flying Triangle)
(January 5, 2000)


Abstract at Previous NIDS Web Site on Wayback Machine

NIDS Rebuttal to Philip Klass "Explanation"

Personnel at NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science)

Darryl Barker Investigation into the Illinois case

Click Here for any Illinois updates in index


But, in order not to be considered mentally defective,
maybe these witnesses should have hired
Johnny Cochran and his team.


To: Illinois 2000, page 2











If it wasn't Venus . . was it, a hoax?
A super-secret project of the military?
Perhaps an earthlight squeezed itself into the
shape of a 200-600' linear, 40-60' thick "arrowhead"
with white headlights in the corners and a red light in the middle?
Maybe they were motorcycle police and a group of Laurentian EMF advocates
snuck up on them and wired their helmets to their cycle engines.

Anyone out there with a legitimate solution?



NIDS Reassessment of Triangular/Deltoid UFO Cases
August 2004)





To: About NIDS


(NIDS is no longer visibly active as an organization, but
the research they performed was legitimate. A number of the links
provided below, from the Wayback Machine, are reconstructed
- The Wayback machine records people's websites for posterity -

Comparison of Unidentified Triangular or Deltoid Aircraft Location Patterns
in Three Independent UFO Databases - NIDS, MUFON and Larry Hatch (638k)
(June 18, 2001 - scroll pg and click)
pdf file

Need Acrobat Reader Installed - set browser security medium for PDF Files

Hypothesis - The Illinois Flying Triangle is a Department of Defense,
not an ET Craft (NIDS, July 23, 2002 - scroll pg and click)

- also: click
HERE for full case reconstruction (Illinois 1/5/2000) at Darryl Barker website -

NIDS 2004 Reassessment of Triangular or Deltoid UFO Sightings
(Leaning Away from Department of Defense Creation)

Above link is ACTIVE & Functioning

Although many sightings are around Air Force Bases,
the blatancy of the craft reports do not seem
to fit the deployment of the F-117 and B-2

"The sightings are open, even brazen."

What was NIDS pdf file
(Wayback Machine - June 2001)

NIDS Website
(Wayback Machine 2007)

Click here for MSNBC article concerning NIDS Full Assessment
(Above three links are ACTIVE & functioning)



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NIDS Full Assessment Concerning
Triangular or Deltoid UFO Sighting Patterns

(August 2004)

(Assessment is legitimate although NIDS no longer visibly active on the internet)







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Brazilian Air Force
Releases Classified Data

(May, 2005)


Newspaper article published at
stating that the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has been tracking
UFO cases since 1954 and that, after detailed investigations,
they have discovered that UFOs are definitely real.

FAB has released their UFO files from 1954, 1977 and 1986.
To this researcher, it is totally stunning; stunning because
these are some of the most bizarre cases in my files
and purposely not discussed by me before
this admisson by the FAB.




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Laurance Rockefeller

From what I can make of what I've assembled, Laurance S. Rockefeller commissioned a report to fully examine the claims of UFO researchers that it may be possible we are already being visited, perhaps studied, by someone of a higher technology, not of this present earth. The three major UFO groups, CUFOS, FUFOR and MUFON, assembled what they felt were some of the best cases and evidence to prove their hypothesis.

(J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, Fund for UFO Research & Mutual UFO Network)
Document date: September 15, 1995

"To whom it may concern: We believe that this Briefing Document on Unidentified Flying Objects presents the best available evidence for the existence of UFOs. Although just a brief sample of the scientific and military evidence available worldwide is given, it represents some of the most _carefully _documented incidents."

Reduced Version

The Rockefeller Report (1/2)
The Rockefeller Report (2/2)

Most Complete Version Now Online
(Thanks to Don Berliner)

To: Rockefeller, p2 (Stanford Study)



















That material, which included testimonies and technical evidence of varied kinds, was then presented to the Stanford study panel (led by Peter S. Sturrock)

From Sturrock's book, "The UFO Enigma," the following liner notes.

The first major scientific inquiry since the Condon Report. One of the major mysteries of our time, it continues to evoke intense public interest but has received scant scientific scrutiny—until now... The UFO Enigma

Now, in a major report commissioned by Laurance S. Rockefeller, world-renowned scientists debate the physical evidence in puzzling cases presented by UFO investigators. The UFO Enigma overrides the Condon Report and concludes that there is much we could learn from further study of the phenomenon-if the evidence is carefully collected and scientifically analyzed. An international panel of scientists grilled UFO researchers and examined dozens of cases

Commissioned by Laurance S. Rockefeller and implemented by the Society for Scientific Exploration. With a Foreword by Laurance S. Rockefeller

Click here for several articles which give us further insight regarding Rockefeller's interest in financing "The Best Available Evidence." Included are a (7/11/2004) Washington Post article written at the time of his death, a second (5/30/96) article by Michael Lindemann which gives us more information regarding the "Best Available Evidence" itself, and a third (April 8, 1996) New York Observer article which mentions why Marie Galbraith became involved.


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