(This is probably outdated but may give you a clue.)

This website was originally constructed with both laptops and PCs in mind. I am adjusting these instructions to take Microsoft Explorer browser 7 and Macintosh Safari into account. Taking a moment to understand and implement this, just once, will hopefully permit anyone to view and navigate this site as originally intended.

The best view of this web-site has to do both with the resolution of your monitor, and which browser you are using.

Explorer browser 6:

For PCs (not laptops): When adjusted properly, the viewing window is purposely small so that it will show up correctly on most laptops. However, people with larger monitors may desire a larger viewing window. Just increase the font size. Expand your browser window to compensate.

If medium doesn't look the best, try selecting "Larger" from "View / Text size. When the CohenUFO opening page comes up, clicking on the logo "" will scroll it out of sight and pop "UFO" to the top of the page.

Note: At this point, Text at the bottom should spread out smoothly and evenly into . . . a UFO. Adjust browser window width. (only if necessary) Site Index - Mission Statement and Close should be at the very bottom of the screen. Adjust your viewing window height. (only if necessary)

Clicking on "UFO" should bring that text ufo to the top.

Note: Clicking on any title will usually pop that title to the top of the page.

For Laptops: Medium font is probably best. On some laptops, even the smallest text size will not give the view I have mentioned above. CohenUFO can still be easily read and negotiated.

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Explorer browser 7: (Settings)

Best view: Keep the "zoom" control (lower right corner of viewing window) - set at 100%.
(Higher "zoom" will push things that are supposed to be _in_ the viewing window, outside the window. It will also create anomolies with graphics inserted within the text. Higher zooming will affect other websites similarly. Dont blame me, it's a new Microsoft browser function.)

For PCs (not laptops):

If you want to increase the size of the text and viewing window: Go to View, below the arrows on the left side of the browser (or to the word Page on the right side). Click on View or Page . Find "Text Size " within there, and set it to Larger. Increasing size in this manner will permit proper, automatic formatting of my pages within your browser window. Follow directions as per all red text above.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Macintosh Safari Users: Just use "Command +" to make the text larger. Increase window size if necessary.

Now begin clicking and learning something about UFOs.

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