The following document is a reproduction of one originally posted at: (No longer on-line) The reproduction was done so I could add some links.

Since the website this came from was extremely hyped, it had to be viewed with great care by this researcher (and anyone else), I _was_ interested in the content of the document and was seeking to confirm or deny it. The date on it was 24 October 2009.

On the surface it seems legit, as the files were in existence where the document had said. It is also on line here and update posted here. IF it is actually what it is said to be, it would be an important followup to the first release of Brazilian military information I previously posted.

One can note that details from it also tend to parallel portions of the 1990 NATO sighting in Belgium. Clicking on the links in #2 below will display same for readers. Links are for comparison only. It doesn't prove anything . . . I am simply noting those similarities.

I will adjust this page if I am able to gather more information.

Jerry Cohen


24 October 2009

Brazil military leaks amazing UFO event

By A.J Gevaerd

The Brazilian Government declassified a few weeks ago a new set of previously secret UFO documents, covering the 80s. I also informed you that we already had disclosures covering the 50s, 60s and 70s. They have been doing the releases by decade. So far over 4,000 pages and 300 photos have been disclosed. This time declassification, the 80s, is composed of some 800 pages and is very powerful.

Among the documents released are the reports of UFOs on May 19, 1986, considered the 'Official UFO Night in Brazil', when 21 spherical objects, estimated 100 meters in diameter - according to military sources - literally jammed air traffic over the major Braziian Airports, when several Mirage and F5 jets were scrambled to pursue them for (h)ours. (jc 1/12/2010: my added "h" not in original)

As most of you already know, at that time the Air Force minister Octavio Moreira Lima went public on national TV networks about it the other morning. The pilots and their commanders also spoke freely about the pursuits, which occurred over several hours. This was a major thing in Brazil.

Now, when on TV to the whole Nation, the Moreira Lima promised that a full report would be issued about the events, considering the air-air and air-land radar detections and the pilot pursuing, and it would be available in 30 days. And as most of the things that happen in my country, when governmental promises are involved, this so expected document was never known.

Now we know why!

Among the important files just released in the 80s package, there it is a certain ‘Occurrence Report’, dated June 02, 1986, just a few days after the ‘invasion’ by 21 UFOs of the most developed areas in the country. It has 8 pages and is signed by Air Brigadier Jose Pessoa Cavalcanti de Albuquerque, acting commander of the Brazilian Air Command of Air Defense (COMDA). Now, what this report contains is very interesting, and I quote its Final Considerations part:

1. Based on the analysis of above-reported events, it is this Command’s opinion that, according to the information from the controllers, pilots and previously elaborated reports from I Cindacta (Air Traffic Control and Aerial Defense Center), that there are some points of coincidence regarding radar echoes, accelerations, illumination, velocities and behavior, either by technical detection or by visual contact.

2. Some of those coinciding points that we can name are those phenomena which exhibited certain constant characteristics, as follows: (jc 1/12/2010: N.B. Links are mine and added to point to similarities within the March 1990 Belgium NATO case.)

a. Produced radar echoes, not only on the Air Defense System, but also on the intercepting airplanes simultaneously, with visual comparisons by the pilots. (jc 1/12/2010: 1. In the Belgium NATO sighting, some echoes showed up simultaneously, both on the Air Defense System and planes radar 2. One difference: Pilots in the Belgium NATO sighting could not see the craft being chased)

b. Change in velocity, from subsonic to supersonic, besides hovering capability. (jc 1/12/2010: This link points to Flight Similarities stated here which are also noted in the Belgium NATO Case.) Could it have been some version of the Stealth in Belgium?

c. Varied altitude, from below FL-050 to altitudes above FL-400.

d. Occasionally seen as white, green and yellow lights, and sometimes no luminous indication. (jc 1/12/2010: A similarity regarding two of these colors is also noted in the Belgium NATO case.)

e. Sudden acceleration and deceleration (jc 1/12/2010: As above: Similarities in acceleration and deceleration are also noted in the Belgium NATO Case.)

And there is more. In the Item 3 of the Final Considerations part, the Occurrence Report says clearly that ‘the phenomenon (UFOs) is solid and reflects intelligence’. See it in full:

( jc 1/12/2010: Again, the paragraph immediately above is from Gevaerd's Brazilian post. The two links there take you to similarities in the Belgium case,)

Original Gevaerd Article continued (without any links from me) :

3. As a conclusion of the observed constant facts in almost all presentations, it is the opinion of this Command that the phenomenon is solid and reflects intelligence by its capacity to follow and sustain distance from the observers, as well as to fly in formation, and are not necessarily manned craft. ( jc 1/12/2010: bolding added my me.)

I have asked our volunteers Edison Hashida, Simon Levy and Marcos Malvezzi to translate the material and I have it for you for download. You can have both the full original document, in Portuguese, as well as the English version, both in PDF format at:

Occurrence Report - Original.pdf
Occurrence Report - Translated.pdf

I believe that this is one of the most powerful existing
documents revealing the reality of the UFO phenomena, now
fully admitted by our military authorities. We are now working
to have more than 600 pages translated, and next Sunday I
will interview the former Air Force minister Socrates Monteiro,
another authority and officer in Brazil that decided to come
public about what he knows and accept to receive me. He was
the commander of the Air Traffic Control and Aerial Defense
Center (Cindacta).

This is all a direct result of the campaign UFOs: Freedom Of
Information Now, promoted since 2004 by the Brazilian
Committee of UFO Researchers. All thousands of pages and
hundreds of photos since the 50s given to the Committee are
available for download in the Brazilian UFO Magazine website
as well as physically at the National Archives, in Brasilia.

In late July, hundreds of papers from the Brazilian Air Force's
official System for the Investigation of Unidentified Aerial
Phenomenon (SIOANI) have demonstrated how the nation's
military authorities dealt with the UFO Phenomena in the 60s
and 70s.

The Brazilian UFO Magazine website - - has
over 1,600 pages of documents, 200 photos for download of
SIOANI's activities and Operation Saucer, carried out in the
Amazonian region in 1977. Along with documents received by
the Committee from other military sources.

Included in the recently revealed documents are the detailed
research proceedings carried out in dozens of UFO-related
incidents which had not been made public previously. Some of
the colored sketches of UFO incidents investigated by SIOANI
are here: (jc 4/20/2103: They were located here. Don't know
if they are still there.)

- - -


Update from A.J. Gevaerd