ffAn Apology

To every major researcher, UFO group (especially MUFON, probably the largest UFO group in existence today), etc. who hasn't been mentioned in-depth on my web site, my sincere and utmost apology. It is not like you, your work or your cases aren't extremely important or that I don't know you exist. (and Stanton, and David J. especially you.)

I really believe it is possible that many of you have hit the nail upon the head. However, this web-site was not meant to be a complete history of the topic. In writing this from my small place in the world, I made my very best attempt to pick cases, for the most part, which I thought might be the _least_ controversial; cases that have been previously reported (many of them thoroughly examined). These are cases that seem to incontrovertibly demonstrate we have intelligently-guided, high-technological "somethings" flying around out there; and no one really seems to know what they are or who is flying them.

This is extremely important because the majority of people haven't spent their entire lives studying this like you and still haven't gotten past this first, considerable hurdle yet.

Of course, the people "in the know" might say I didn't pick the "best" cases (in their view). What is important though is that I'm not politically connected with any of the various groups or studies out there, that the history I have provided is totally accurate to the best of my ability, and that I've made my own basically knowledgeable study and statement _in support_ of what other serious professional researchers have already done and are doing today.

I pray if only one thing is achieved by this effort, getting readers to ask themselves "What the hell are those things?", then just perhaps every other serious researcher's backbreaking and sometimes thankless work (including those in the future after we're all gone) might possibly be viewed with a little more respect. I do think we're finally seeing more scientists becoming involved and even some improved documentaries. More than that I can't ask.

Jerry Cohen

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