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Alphabetical Order:

Alfred Lehmberg - Personal web site (writer and humanist)
Bob Pratt - Personal web site (Journalist-researcher) - now located at MUFON
Bud Hopkins - Passed away . . Intruder's Foundation (IF) (Abductions)
Bruce Maccabee - Personal web site (Important researcher with science specialties)
CFI - Coalition for Freedom of Information (added 11/20/2009)

CSETI - Center for the Study of Exterrestrial Intelligence
CSI - Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (aka - CSICOP - Committee for Scientific Investigation for Claims of the Paranormal)
- Center for Physical Trace Research
(Ted Phillips)
CUFON - The Computer UFO Network
CUFOS - J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies
DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency
Dimitris Hatzopoulos - Best UFO Info and Research Resources
Disclosure Project - Steven Greer
FUFOR - Fund for UFO Research
Glenn Campbell - Las Vegas, Nevada (Area 51)
Grant Cameron - Presidential UFO Web Site

Greg Sandow - Personal web site
Hessdalen, Norway UFO Project - Study of ongoing lights in valley
James Oberg - Web Site
John Mack - Psychologist who worked with various people claiming abductions
John Velez - Abduction Information Center (AIC)
Kal Korff - (now on FaceBook)
Larry Hatch - Sighting Maps, UFO Database, etc.+ GIGAUFO Search Engine
(Larry's website is down at the moment as he had a serious health issue and is recovering.)
Lo the Seektress - True Magazine Report on UFOs (11/20/2009 repaired link)
Magonia Blog- Skeptical Newsletter (John Rimmer)
Mark Cashman - MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)
Michael Persinger (Laurentian University) (11/20/2009 repaired link)
MUFON - Mutual UFO Network - Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Reports (Dr. Richard Haines)
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NICAP - important UFO data repository site (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenonomena)
NIDS - National Institute for Discovery Science (many PhD's & Edgar Mitchell - Wayback Machine slow some days)
(NIDS is no longer active on the net. Link provided is to NIDS as it appears on the wayback machine, which archives websites from all over the world)
NUFORC - Collection Center for Raw UFO Reports (Peter Davenport)
Orbwatch - Jennifer Jarvis
Paul Devereux - Earthlights (personal web site of the scientist)
POLICE - (Australian website established for sightings by policemen)
Project 1947 - Jan Aldrich (data collection on cases 1947-65)
Richard Hall UFO Page - UFO Page at his Personal Web Site (Now located at since his passing.)
SETI Institute - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (radio-telescopic, etc.)
SETI HOME - computers tied together around the world
SIGN Historical Group, The - UFO materials (preservation, production & dissemination)
SOBEPS - Belgian Society for Space Phenomenon Study

Strange Days Indeed (radio show) - Errol B. Knapp (Virtually Strange. net: Fee for joining - see UFO UpDates)
SSE - Society for Scientific Exploration
(800 members, Peter Sturrock founding President)
Ted Phillips (Center for Physical Trace Research)
Trace Cases -
(Please see: Ted Phillips)
Temporal Doorway
- UFO Related Links (Mark Cashman)
Triangle Project, Norway - Hessdalen
UFO Sightings and Nuclear Sites - Larry Hatch (Worldwide Maps and Statistics re: sightings locations)
UFO Folklore - Dan Gomperz (interested in topic)
UFO Skeptic Organization - Bernard Haisch
UFO UpDates (Virtually Strange Network) - Errol Bruce Knapp
WATERUFO.NET - Data (UFOs seen interacting with bodies of water)

Entire List - Jerome Clark (CUFOS)
Entire List - Richard Hall
(Now located at since his passing.)
The UFO Enigma - Peter Sturrock (Sturrock Panel & Rockefeller Report)

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