These Definitely Need
a Magician to Solve Them

- This can't be real, right? So, what's the trick? -

This is udderly unacceptable


    • Who would pick on a rancher, mutilating 26 of his cows in a 17 year period, driving that person to want to leave the ranching business?

    • How do they do it without ever getting caught or leaving any tell-tale marks of any kind at the scene of the crime?

    • How does another rancher's 1200 lb cow, mutilated in the same manner:

      • a) Jump over a corral fence without leaving any marks inside or outside the corral

      • b) Wind up in six feet of snow, also with absolutely no tracks around her?


We'll take solutions from anywhere in the world
to help solve this phenomenon.

Your solution must deal with the facts, and take into account
investigations and interviews already performed.

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