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Problem between AJ Gevaerd and Linda Moulton Howe
Concerning the Reality of Cattle Mutilations
UFO Hunter's Presentation on Cattle Mutilation
Ex-Sheriff Lou Girodo's Personal UFO Experience
Interview with District Court Judge John M. Paternoster
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Hold onto your hats for this one, folks. This is a long, but hopefully worthwhile read. I'm going into an area I swore I wasn't going to touch with a fifty-foot pole on this web-site, but there is a piece of me telling me it could be extremely important. I've gained a few pounds over here from all the food I've eaten while writing this, and there's no question it is definitely stress-related. I'm praying someone's got a legitimate solution.

Jerry Cohen
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Cattle mutilation, linked to UFOs, is actually scarier than human abduction (if it is possible to be scarier than that), but I recently decided I had to include it on my web-site for a number of reasons. At first I said to myself, "Cohen, this does not belong here. This web site is about high-tech craft that are proven flying in our airspace . . . and this mutilation thing is way off-target." Then, about a week ago, I realized something that changed my mind.

When the Sturrock Committee concluded that the Condon assessment of UFOs needed a slight adjustment, it said, " would be valuable to carefully evaluate UFO reports since, whenever there are unexplained observations, there is the possibility that scientists will learn something new by studying these observations." . . . it also added . . . "The best prospect for achieving a meaningful evaluation of relevant hypotheses is likely to come from the examination of physical evidence."

Pondering that last item, it hit me . . . "Hey, Cohen . . . cattle mutilations are physical-evidence. Don't you realize the dead cow laying there is that evidence? This is exactly the type of thing the Sturrock Committee said might be valuable. But, we need to answer a couple of questions . . . 1) Are there any actual unexplainable cow mutilations out there and 2) is there anything within that specific cow mutilation evidence that might possibly connect at least some of them with UFOs? " Those were the initial thoughts which raised my curiosity enough to get me to take a closer look.

During my examination, several things I wasn't expecting became apparent:

1) the testimony in the few cases I examined appears to be factual,

2) the people reporting these things are composed of both ranchers and law enforcement personnel and they appear to have no reason to make up what they are reporting,

3) the investigators of this phenomena haven't been able to find an answer to it.

. . . and I noticed something else:

An ex-Sheriff, Lou Girodo, one of the investigators testifying on the recent History Channel UFO Hunters presentation concerning cattle mutilations, claimed to have personally seen both silent helicopters and associated highly-unusual lights (N.B. 30 some-odd years ago . . i.e. in the mid-1970's). After seeing his testimony and being impressed with his sincerity, I remembered having seen something similar in several places within the material I used on my web site.

As I examined my cases, I discovered that the lights Girodo had described had a distinct similarity to balls of light reported in a number of them; a detached object from a craft which circled a super-sonic jet in flight, as noted in an 1976 Iranian FOIA case, another one noticed in Rendlesham forest by military personnel at Bentwaters in 1980, a reddish/orange ball of light, seen by police detaching from and flying around some of the triangular craft seen in the 1990 Belgium sightings and, as I hadn't previously realized, this same or similar feature was also present in several others, as well. (Interesting to me because object descriptions honestly were not my criteria for case selection. I was simply trying to pick multi-researched, non-controversial, apparently solid events for which the proposed explanations still seemed less-than plausible to me . . but perhaps my choice was subconscious and I just didn't realize it. Even if it was subconscious, simple "balls of light" were definitely at the bottom of my pecking order. - N.B. Links to some of these cases will appear later on, below in Lou Girodo's testimony. I'd like people to read a little more first and not get lost in those.)

Then, I found one more thing which seemed to further strengthen the reality of Girodo's testimony. A group of upper-level personnel from the very cases I mentioned above; people from different countries who, with their testimony November 2007, at the Washington D.C. press club, put themselves on record as definitely having the above sightings, and by so doing removed those sightings from the realm of simple hearsay or released documents. In other words, Girodo isn't the only solid, professional person who has seen these "highly unusual" lights. I thought to myself, "Wow, if what these people have said isn't real, we must have a bunch of liars, misidentifiers and/or hallucinators on our hands. But, if this is real . . . holy smokes! . . . and somehow, it just doesn't seem logical to me that all these policemen, an ex-sheriff, military people, an ex-governor, etc. are lying or misidentifying what they have reported as having seen or personally interacted with in some way. Some of their sightings are even instrumentally and/or control-tower confirmed . . . and what they are reporting doesn't sound like ball-lightning or earth lights. I read their accounts carefully and they are totally amazing, and apparently, substantiated. Hmmn . . a lot of people . . . and not your average ones . . . we're talking Generals, Governor, etc. How do you like that? Just maybe, Cohen isn't totally bonkers after all . . . it appears I've got some really good company."


(Which has to affect the rest of the UFO community, whether we realize it or not.)

Well, just about the same time I discovered Girodo's testimony had this commonality with the cases above, my attention also got drawn to Linda Moulton Howe. As most people probably already know, you can't think about cattle mutilations without thinking about her. She did quite a bit of research, wrote a couple of books, and was into this topic for a long time. I noticed she was having some kind of problem with the Brazilian ufologists, so I decided to take a closer look. After reading what A.J. Gevaerd wrote, I thought it was going to be a no-brainer . . . but I was wrong.

The Problem

In an open letter, Brazilian researcher, A.J. Gevaerd, notified us that Linda has published information on her site containing distorted or incorrect facts from a known UFO hoaxer and additionally, never even mentioned the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers who worked extremely hard for almost a year and a half and finally got the Brazilian military to reveal what they know about UFOs. The hoaxer was trying to claim all the credit for this, however, documentation concerning that Brazilian Committee's efforts has been on the Web for quite some time now, and also appears on my site.

So, becoming aware of this, I asked myself "If she actually did this, does that mean the rest of her research is completely bogus as well? We'd all be fools not to ask ourselves, "Are any of her books on this topic legit?"

But readers, hold on for one moment. Don't simply think from that last question, "Aha, this cattle mutilation stuff must be just a bunch of malarkey" and then quit reading this. If you do, you will have missed something rather important. You see, the cattle mutilations this essay is about have nothing to do with personal interactions between researchers. If one looks directly at the actual phenomenon itself over a period of time, (and you can), you will discover at least some of it is legitimate and apparently working totally independently of anything researchers do or don't do. The proof is in the dead cows, the manner and circumstances in which they have been killed (not the hoaxes), and what the various investigators have had to say about all it. If someone was fudging this whole thing, those investigators should have, by this time, picked it up and put it to sleep. (a good thing for us all.) The fact they have been unable to do so . . . is quite interesting, and even disturbing. They have worked seriously trying to solve a serial crime for almost forty years and yet, they've still been dramatically unsuccessful. This is no ordinary crime.

That being said, back to Linda. If Linda has done what A.J. said, whether intentionally or not, she has made one doozy of a mistake, and certainly owes us all an explanation; but also be well-aware both Linda's reputation/career, and the Brazilian UFO group's pain/aggravation suffered because of what she has or hasn't done, are far from the most important things at stake here. It's not impossible the quest for personal fame and glory, making a living, possibly just being self-absorbed may have caused her problem with Gevaerd, who knows? . . . but those personal things, whatever they are and however they resolve, only muddy the water. The bottom line is that when they are all finished fighting and you pick one over the other, however long that takes, I can practically guarantee you'll be back here reading this.

What we really should be doing through all this is trying to keep our eyes steadily focused on the actual documented UFO occurrences themselves . . . the bouncing balls, as it were. (i.e. in this case, those totally out of the ordinary ball of light cases (not earthlights or hoaxes) which continue to be reported by solid, technically trained professionals from around the world. As I mentioned before, keep reading, you'll arrive at URLs for some of these below.)

The Big Reason I Had To Look At Linda's Research, Once I Became Aware Of Her Problem With Gevaerd

When I first read Mr. Gevaerd's note concerning Linda, I respected what he said, and I unconsciously allowed myself to mentally downplay all of her previous work, actually a gross error on my part. (I am sure others may have done so, as well.) But in all fairness, I should have, at the minimum, reviewed her career thoroughly to find out if this was a one shot deal or if it was ongoing throughout her research. She has been known as a respected writer in other areas.

Although there may or may not be an excuse for her actions, by mentally downplaying her previous work without that review, I inadvertently ignored one of my own golden rules . . . "If a person makes a mistake in the course of his/her research, no matter how grievous, we should not immediately invalidate the rest of that person's work because of that one incident. There still may have been at least some legitimate research performed . . . and the mutilation topic certainly needs all the factual data it can get."

So I felt it was probably important that we carefully examine the rest of Linda's efforts regarding whatever truths, if any, may lay hidden within regarding cattle mutilations. (and from the little I've examined, I believe there definitely are some.) Ms. Howe, or more importantly, any honest truths she may have actually discovered along the way, is owed that much, and should not simply be discarded in such a mindless, haphazard manner. For this reason, I found myself compelled to focus on what she has written concerning cattle mutilations, in order to either verify or discount it . . . and oh, what a nail-biting examination it has been folks. Here's some of what I've learned, as crazy as I know it's going to sound.



As far as whether the cattle mutilation phenomenon actually exists, I believe I can categorically state it is something real which has been ongoing for approximately forty years. Evidently, Howe has been correct about this; ranchers are still reporting cows being killed under totally mysterious circumstances, with wounds inflicted with virtually surgical precision, and with pretty much the same basic body parts being taken in each incident. This is not because UFO Hunters or Linda has said so, but because law enforcement officials who have investigated these cases have said them loudly and clearly. I am sure there have probably been some hoaxes, but the majority of cases appear to be legitimate. It has been pointed out, the only thing that has changed at this point in time is that ranchers are no longer turning in the reports when they occur because, to them . . it is a waste of time, as no one has been able to satisfactorily solve it for them all these years. (This statement both from the ranchers themselves and law-enforcement officials. - see cases & interviews below, and the two links at the end of this essay.)

Additionally, from some upper-level law enforcement testimony documented in a History channel's UFO Hunters presentation below, we discover that the really top-level officials are reluctant to get involved with something as mysteriously unsolvable as this . . . but who can blame them? What politician would want to deal with this? (The words "History channel's" are bolded up above because there is another UFO Hunters show on another channel, which has nothing to do with the presentation I am talking about.)

I do have to say, this history channel's presentation may have really hit the nail on the head when they showed a clip of Lou Girodo, a former sheriff who investigated these cattle mutilation cases 30-40 years ago, saying the following:

"If we see something we don't understand or we fear, we put it on the back burner . . . we don't want to deal with it . . . . . . . . but this is something we're going to have to deal with."

I hope he is wrong and I am wrong, but you be the judge.

Wed 4/29/2009 . . . . 10pm. . . . . 1hr . . . . (case #91207) ALIEN HARVEST

Please note: The following gets rather graphic in places. I apologize . . . it's unavoidable. So help me, I'm not writing this to be dramatic. It's the nature of the subject matter and no one can avoid it. UFO Hunters has done all the work here. I'm only trying to stimulate awareness of this legitimate phenomenon and, by cross-referencing various cases, etc. on my web-site, perhaps illustrate why there may be a UFO connection within. I've kept grisly graphics to a bare minimum, because this stuff is gory enough without it.

Also please realize: NOTHING I can relate here can fully transmit the impact of what these people have said. One must see the actual presentation and watch the expressions on some of the witnesses faces as they describe their particular sighting event; especially sheriff Lou Girodo. The emotion literally poured off him. Even though it is many years after the fact, it is obvious he's never forgotten it.



. . . .Bill Birnes . . . .. . . . . ..Pat Uskert . . . . . . . . . .Kevin Cook


Two law-enforcement officials are brought to a ranch in Missouri to investigate a 2008 cow mutilation case at the ranch of Galen Jones, whose ranch has been hit 26 times since 1991; almost 17 years without anyone being caught. ( jc: This is true of the general phenomenon for an even longer period of time.)

When the investigators arrive, they are confronted with a dead cow and one really frustrated rancher. They discover the cow has been killed only hours before, so they are now able to perform an investigation on a fresh kill.


Crime scene at Galen Jones ranch, Missouri:

  1. Cow on side
  2. Cow dead approximately 4-6 hours.
  3. Eye missing
  4. Mouth clenched shut. When pried open, tongue was completely missing.
  5. Precision wounds and characteristics as previously described
  6. No footprints or tracks around carcass.

Approximation from Internet

Galen: "The law . . . nobody . . . can find out what's going on." They can't solve it. It's like the x-files.

Question to Galen: "Have you ever seen an eye torn out by predators?."
Galen: "Yes"

Question: "Does it look anything like this?"
Galen: "No." The eye has been taken out, probably not by birds because, when birds attack an eyeball, tissue is strung out. The body is too clean. This is not the work of birds.

Galen: "Tuesday morning, when the investigators came out there, two sets of teats had been removed from the udders. Someone came back two more times to get what they didn't get the first time."

Question: "Who would come back a second time?
Ken and Bob: "Whatever they are after on this animal, the reward is worth the risk.

Monday: Tongue and eye gone
Tuesday: Teats gone
Wednesday: More teats gone

i.e. Three nights, and three different mutilations on the same cow.

Pat: "Is this the gradual work of predators?"
Ken: "When a coyote goes into a rectum, it takes the entrails out, and you see where their nails (go in) to get further into the carcass. There will (normally) be footprints in the mud, mucous, and blood."

"If a veterinarian is going to tell me that a coyote or predator did that, that membrane is going to be ripped or shredded, and they're (the predators) gonna take it. Tissue . . that's what they are interested in, from a scavenger's point of view, and . . . THEY DIDN'T TAKE IT.

Pat: "I don't see any evidence of people . . . no footprints, tracks, etc."
Bob: "You don't see any evidence of people doing this . . . and I don't see any evidence of predators doing this . . . So, where does that leave us? Who did this?

Bill: "Has anyone seen any lights when these mutilations have occurred?
Galen: "My son, Dan, has seen lights from his ranch (approximately 2 miles away.) - silent helicopters, and lights." (jc: N.B. When Dan is interviewed, he has seen both silent helicopters and detached lights in the general direction of his Dad's farm.)



Ken Storch: "We ran into a piece of technology I can't fully explain . . . " a piece of metal seemed to be moving around in the cow, seemingly reacting to the metal detector and trying to avoid it.

"When I scanned over the cow's head, in particular around the ear, I got a 'beep'. I backed away . . . reprogrammed and re-calibrated it for precious metals. (It's more sensitive for precious metals.)

"I come back . . . scanned over the ear again - nothing . . . . over the head - nothing . . . But, when I moved over the jaw line, 'beep', I got a hit.

"By this time, I'm shook up." This had never happened before. I mean internally, my mind was racing. I move the metal detector over the jaw-line again - nothing (That's odd) Then I moved it over the neck, this area here, 'beep', I got a hit.

I almost can't believe what I am hearing. how could a piece of metal be moving around in the skull of a cow? Maybe this thing is emitting some electromagnetic frequency at certain times, and other times not. I don't know, but this is really unexplainable."

Pat: "Are you describing some kind of detection-evading implant?"
Ken: "I think that's exactly what we were dealing with. We think that the frequency (output) of the metal detector triggered a defensive action . . . It (the object) was trying to hide . . . it was running from my signal."

At this point, UFO Hunters presented two documented cases of human implants: In one, an object was filmed physically moving away from the person trying to grab it and, in the second . . . another suspected implant was emitting a strong EMF frequency which could be picked up by an EMF meter. i.e. this was abnormal.

Back to Ken Storch:

Ken Storch: "We came back out on Tuesday, scanned the cow, and never got a hit on anything. It was gone."

Pat: "There was no indication on the ground of tracks or landing marks?"
Ken: "Absolutely not."

Neither of the two investigators had ever encountered anything like this before.

Segue to interview of Buddy Dalbert at his ranch in Colorado.



"When I first walked up to that cow, she was layin' on her left side . . . no blood, no tracks . . . . The hair on the back of your head kind of wants to stand up. It's an erie feeling to walk up on something like this."

Bill: Buddy Dalbert has found mutilated cows on his ranch in Colorado, less than 100 miles away from where Tim Edwards shot his video of a UFO.

"We're trying to find any similarities between what is happening in the San Louis Valley and what is taking place back in Missouri on Galen's (Jones) ranch.

Pat: Buddy has been ranching for seventy-seven years.

Question: "Buddy, how unusual are cow mutilations in this area?"
Buddy: It's very unusual. It's pretty scary.

Kevin: How many have you witnessed yourself?
Buddy: Oh, probably five or six.

Bill: Any differences in the M.O.'s?
Buddy: All just about the same thing.

They look like a cut on a human that's started to heal. They're smooth, just real precision, round . . . (jc: It was that way at Galen Jones ranch, and the cow was dead only a few hours.)

When they take out their tongues, their eyeballs . . . the cuts are not knife cuts. (jc: O.K., so maybe specialized lasers, or something to do with that moving metallic thing in Galen's cow?)

Pat: This matches Galen's experience and hundreds of other mutilations as well.
Buddy: My neighbor had a cow in his corral. He gets up next morning and the cow is missing. He found it down at the swamp . . . this much snow (6"), and no tracks.

Pat: Was the cow mutilated?

Buddy: Yeah.

Bill: So, somehow it got over a fence and wound up in a field . . . no tracks around it.
Buddy: Six inches of snow.

Pat: Do you have any idea how you would lift a cow out of a corral?
Buddy: I have no idea. I know these cows weigh 1,200 - 1,400 lbs. Whatever you'd use would have to be pretty strong.

Then they consult a specialist on cult rituals.



Then, they brought in an expert on occult sacrifices. (to see if this fit the M.O. of Satanic Worshipers, etc. that the specialist was familiar with.) His name was Tony Kale. He is a former sheriff's deputy who advises police departments worldwide on cults and extreme religious behavior.

Tony: There are some specific wounds to this body that do not match up with any traditional animal sacrifice I have ever seen.

removal of the eye
taking of the tongue
Wounds to the back of the cow. (i.e. anus coring)

Typically, when we find incidents involving animal cruelty, and people affiliating themselves with an occult belief system, there has at least been somewhat of a theater of symbols, of graffiti, or paraphernalia . . . . there's none of that (here). The fact that this was taken from someone (i.e. the rancher), is not a true sacrifice. This is essentially stealing a sacrifice. . . . so a god or spirit, in most traditional religious cultures, would be offended.

Kevin: This is not a sacrifice to any kind of god.

Bill: Whoever was responsible for this did it over (a period of) three successive nights. Does that fit any profile you know of?

Tony: Most traditional animal sacrifices would be done at one time. Past that is nothing but cruelty. This is . . . . . . . . . I'm not sure _what_ this is.

Pat: If we've established that it's not predators, and it's not cults . . . . what else are we left with?

Segue - - - > Tim Edwards UFO video taken in Salida, Colorado ten years ago. (Edwards is since deceased.)



Brandi Edwards (Daughter of Tim Edwards - a person who filmed a UFO in San Louis valley): It was sighted by hundreds of people. As a kid, I noticed a cigar-shaped object hovering around in the sky. Dad got the video camera and filmed it for an hour.

The video was analyzed by technicians who were unable to match it to any conventional aircraft.

Brandi: The UFO had no sound, hovered for an hour, then the object shot across the entire sky instantaneously. It probably moved a hundred miles in a matter of seconds.

Pat to Brandi's sister: What did you think you were looking at.
Brandi's Sister: It was nothing we had ever seen before. It was like this metallic object up in the sky . . . . and it was blue, like a bluish and white color. It actually looked like it was growing. It was going out, then back in.

Pat: You think that this was a real craft?
Brandi's Sister: Yes.

Pat: Were there any cattle mutilations in the area _after_ you saw the object?
Brandi's Sister: Yes, there were a lot.

Based on Brandi's eye-line, and hundreds of other eyewitnesses, this object was traveling S.E., through the heart of San Louis Valley, where multiple cattle mutilations cases have been reported.

Segue to interview with Lou Girodo.


INTERVIEW WITH LOU GIRODO - former sheriff who investigated cattle mutilation cases 30-40 years ago. (Whose quote I used earlier.)

Lou: "Mutilations are comprised of three crimes: a) criminal trespass b) cruelty to animals, and c) depriving the rancher of his rightful ownership of that animal.

"Ranchers are not reporting these cases like they used to because they told me "You can't do a damn thing about it . . . . nobody can. . . . So, they're not reporting it . . . but, they are still going on."

Bill: So Lou, what do you think might be the cause of this phenomenon? Who do you attribute this mutilation phenomenon to?"

jc: At this point, Lou says basically the same thing as the ranchers.

Lou: I'll tell you the same thing I told investigators thirty five years ago . . . I can tell you what it isn't . . . but, I can't tell you what it is.

Bill: It's not the occult?
Lou: No.

Bill: It's not predators?
Lou: No. It's not the government, too.

Bill: Why not?
Lou: The government has thousands of acres of land. A lot of it they lease to the cattlemen. Why would they pick on a small rancher to take his cattle? They could mutilate their own cows and keep it under wraps. Why should they advertise what they're doing?

Bill: It's not the government, it's not predators, it's not cults . . . What are we left with?

Kevin: Have you ever seen anything yourselves that could possibly be a UFO?
Lou: Yes, I have

Lou Girodo's Personal UFO Experience:

At the same time we were investigating mutilations, we were also investigating drug smuggling . . . from the air. So, one evening, I got a call. It was the D.A.'s office. There were five helicopters on (Route) 60. (jc: thought to be drug smugglers)

So I picked up a deputy. We went out there and sat there for awhile. They finally said, one is headed towards you. They said "Do you have contact with it yet?" I said, "No, I can't see it . . . Can you hear it? No, I can't hear it. Finally, it went over and starlight let me see the form of a chopper going north.

Then, all of a sudden, in the pasture, a bright orange light came up from the ground. It went up above the horizon and, all of a sudden, it split in half. One went north . . pfst . . just like that. The other one went and dropped back to the ground. . . . . . . I looked at the deputy . . . he looked at me . . . and I says . . . . My God, they're finally here.

jc: As I mentioned earlier, this is not the first time we have had someone say they saw a ball of light involved with these UFO sightings. Please note, I am certainly not one to focus on amorphous lights regarding UFOs and I am certainly _not_ saying _all_ ball of light cases are UFOs. I have purposely been very careful not to have someone misinterpret me on this. That's why I've done my best to focus on solid, structured objects, for the most part, throughout my site. However, here are a few examples of some of the aforementioned which appear less than ordinary: a ball of light shot at a plane from another UFO in the Iranian case (pilot, now General, says it circled his plane while he was moving at super-sonic speed. Eventually, another ball of light shot down to the ground from another structured object and was never found. Girodo also said he witnessed a ball of light coming up out of the ground almost simultaneously with encountering silent helicopters . If it's military, what's with the ball of light? Do we have this in our technology?) A ball of orange light was also seen in Belgium along with a structured craft ( here ) and a red pulsating light in another Belgium case ( here ); and yet another floating light seen in the Rendlesham-Bentwaters case during one of those sightings.

Going back to my early cases: red object in SKY THING; light that approached plane, emitting radar signals in RB-47; Sebago Coast Guard Cutter (Just curious . . . how long does a launched rocket(s?) normally take to fly down range? If it was tracked by radar intermittantly over a 27 minute period as the newspapers reported, this would seem to be a long time.); Stokes case.

Now ask yourself, "Why would Girodo lie about seeing those balls of light behaving in the manner he testified to, coincidently seen with silent helicopters? Earthlights? From his description, it doesn't sound like it. (Do earthlights split apart and shoot away as he described?) The obvious emotion that was evident as he talked about it seemed to indicate he was being straight forward. " Why do we see similar lights, apparently somehow related to structured craft, reported in other police and military cases? . . . and why have a good number of people from these cases (and different countries) permitted themselves to testify at that November 2007 press conference, at the Washington Press Club, Washington D.C., USA mentioned earlier? Are they all in cahoots with an American military operation to make people think they are seeing UFOs? I could be wrong, but it sure doesn't sound like it to me. One has to admit, this is rather interesting, to say the least.

Back to Lou Girodo's conversation with the presentation hosts:

Pat: This is incredible. What do you think you saw?
Lou: I saw something I was never familiar with before . . . . . and I don't think it came from human hands.

Pat: This sheriff is telling us virtually the same thing as Dan Jones. (Gaylen's son)
Lou: I feel there is a connection between the lights and the mutilations.

Segue to interview with a district court judge.


(District court judge, and former D.A. of Taos County, New Mexico)

Raton, New Mexico

John: "One of the common complaints that we had heard from ranchers was that official government agencies weren't paying them any attention."

Bill: John M. Paternoster is the former D.A. of Taos County. Now, he's a district judge, but he is still involved in trying to find out who is behind these unexplained animal deaths.

John: They wanted some official resource to treat their problem seriously."

Bill: Did you ever try to ask for help, in pursuing this investigation . . . from the State agencies like the governor's office, like the State Attorney General's office?

John: Government agencies, generally, were less-than-willing to step up to the plate and get involved in x-files kinds of things.

Pat: How strong is the evidence that cattle mutilations are a real phenomena?

John: Well, it's real. Animals are dying, and animals are getting mutilated. It's what's causing it that is open to debate and investigation.

Pat: For someone with his background and his credentials to say this, after all the research that he's done, tells me that we're on the right path, and that we're getting closer to some kind of truth here.

John: Because we brought a more purely forensic approach to the investigation, we were able to ignore a lot of the popular culture theories, because there was no evidence to support them.

Bill: What forensic evidence were you able to establish at these scenes?

John: In one of the gross analyses of the scene, we did see some unusual geometric impressions in mud near the animal.

jc 12/6/2009 - Notice, he didn't say in most of the cases.

Kevin: What were so unusual about these impressions?

John: They just seemed anomalous . . . . out of place.

They were rectangular and fairly deep, almost as if someone had put a tri-pod into the mud . . . because they were pressed down a couple of inches.

Kevin: There were three of these impressions?

John: We saw three at one scene, not directly over the animal . . . but, in their own context.

Bill: . . . . and there were no footprints leading from the impressions to the animal?

John: Correct.

Bill: Now, we've heard this in other places, right here in New Mexico.

UFO Hunters then presents snippets from the Lonnie Zamora and Rendlesham cases (Nick Pope).

jc 12/6/2009: Question - If there were marks on these cows that would make us think that the military was responsible for most of these cases, wouldn't Paternoster have said so or at least suggested that as a possible answer? Do we think that our investigators at this level are really that incompetent?



Bill: Where are we after all this?

Kevin: Whoever is doing this is using some high-tech equipment.

Pat: I don't think it's humans. We need to explore the E.T. connection.

They all went back to Missouri to Galen's ranch to set up a stake-out. First, Bill has a conversation with Galen, by the bones of some mutilated animals.


SECOND DISCUSSION WITH Galen Jones (back in Missouri)

Bill: When these thing kept on repeating, year after year, what were you thinking? Were you thinking that somebody was after you, because they were taking the cattle?

Galen: First, I began to think it was some people who had targeted me . . . but, I have no idea now. I am totally at a loss for what's goin' on, and why they're doin' it to the animals.

Bill: Your farm has been hit twenty-six times, which is incredible . . . . . . Twenty-six times . . . . this must have devastated you. This level of depredation.

Galen: Yes, it devastated me enough that I'm gonna get out of the business.

Bill: This is actually driving you out of the business?

Galen: Yes, sir.


Pat: Who could do this without leaving a trace?

Ken: A very sophisticated operation. Who or whatever is responsible for this . . . it's a serial killer . . . . that's what it is.

Bob: This is serious. The Feds need to investigate this. . . . . and nobody's investigating it.


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It's not a Hoax, not the Ranchers, not Predators, not Cults

After having absorbed everything UFO Hunters presented, I do not see any obvious indication of a hoax. Why would, and especially how could ranchers do this? Why does a retired sheriff and additionally, a judge who could easily have his reputation smeared and perhaps his career negatively affected by this, fully support what these ranchers are saying? Why do the other links to news articles at the end of this essay support this as well? It would seem that these incidents have definitely occurred, that the ranchers are not lying or hoaxing, and that no one has been able to solve these cases. (N.B. For those people looking for an easy way out, please be aware, simple character assassination is not going to make the evidence disappear. We still have to explain how this whole thing is being accomplished to begin with. Remember, we have physical evidence, and a good deal of investigation, and testimony from a number of cases. Yes, there have most likely been hoaxes, but those are not the cases we are talking about here. Those are the _easy_ ones.)

What Have We Learned Concerning
Those Legitimate (non-hoaxed or contrived) Cattle Mutilations?

The M.O. appears to be _very_ high tech.

1) Dead, mutilated cows have been accumulating. This has been going on for about 40 years or so without anyone being caught.

2) The mutilations are of an extremely unusual nature.

3) There is a surgical precision about them. The cuts are smooth; not ripped or torn . . . and not cut by a knife. Cuts are made by some other method; they are too perfect and already starting to heal shortly after the event.

4) Virtually the same body parts are being taken each time as per previous description.

5) Contrary to what one veterinarian has said, the legitimate cases are un-predator like. (i.e. abnormal to predators)

6) jc 8/1/2010: Technological abnormality specific to the Galen Jones case portrayed on UFO Hunters: A piece of metal located inside the cow appeared to move in an evasive manner when the team examined the cow. Was this legit?

6) The area around the carcass, when initially found, does not seem to show any sign of a human presence which would normally be required to accomplish the task of mutilating the animal. (i.e. no tracks or marks around or near the carcass, . In some cases, animals have been somehow physically moved to another location, and no one hears any of this being done.)

Reiteration of information from the URL immediately above

Buddy Dalbert mentioned his neighbor, who had a cow somehow lifted over a fence and mutilated (with the same body parts missing as most of the others), then, somehow deposited in a field covered in six inches of snow; yet no tracks or marks were found anywhere in the vicinity of the body . . . and furthermore, no unusual tracks or marks were found in the area from which the cow was removed. Sounds like a made-for-TV movie, but it's not. These cows are extremely heavy (1,200 - 1,400 lbs), and moving them with a helicopter and harness would leave marks on the ground, etc.. Additionally, no one heard anything. It just doesn't make sense. So, how did whoever-it-was get the cow out of the corral? No one, sheriffs, investigators, or ranchers has any idea how it was done. Magician James Randi (or any other magician out there), this is your territory. _Exactly_ how is this done, and without anyone hearing it, and avoiding capture and detection as it is being perpetrated _all these years_? Please demonstrate your solution for specific events. This needs a case by case approach. It would at least eliminate some of the weirdness. Ten thousand generalized words concerning "tricksters" will _not_ solve the problem.

If you solve the hard ones, great . . . we're all relieved . . . but if you can't, you should be able to see the seriousness of it. It would mean that whoever is doing this is a better magician than all of you put together. Please don't hide from it by pretending it doesn't exist.

Is it the government?

From what investigators have said, indications are at the moment, that it does not seem to be our government doing this. It is stated along the way that, if the government wanted to mutilate cows for any reason, they could do it on their own land, with their own animals, and keep it totally hidden. They don't have to openly single out a particular rancher for repeated activity like this. It doesn't really make a lot of sense.

If it were somehow possible the government was responsible, perhaps because they want us to believe in UFOs, how could they repeatedly accomplish this with no one hearing them or catching them over this long period of time? This is a true mystery, and a scary one at that.

Any Other Indications It May Not Be Our Government?

Lights exhibiting highly-abnormal characteristics and performing what appear to be intelligently-controlled movements, have been seen and reported (as we said earlier) by a pilot in Iran, a base commander in England (listen to their individual testimonies if you haven't already), police in Belgium, a sheriff in the United States, as well as many other UFO cases of proven occurrence not enumerated here. The activity of the lights described seems to extend past that which the majority of us would concede to be normal, every-day technology. Skeptics not cognizant of these events, or who simply ignore them, are not absorbing and/or acknowledging the totality of the picture. Since the case sources are totally credible, intelligent explanations for same fail, and there appears to be a generalized commonality in a number of the solid reports, it would be foolish for us to exclude the possibility the cattle mutilation phenomenon may be being performed by an outside source.

Some Previously Published Information
Regarding Cattle Mutilations

Fyffe, Alabama Press Conference 7 April 1993
(Courtesy of:

Mutilations, What We Don't Know 12 June 2003

Information in this post is factual and certainly a rational beginning in determining who is responsible for these mutilations and how they are being accomplished.

Anyone having the answer to all of it, we'd like to hear from you. It's a mystery and a corker at that, and generalized statements are not going to solve it. If you do solve this whole thing and it turns out not to be what a number of us are thinking, I know the people who have investigated these cases, and those of us cognizant of their efforts will definitely be _extremely_ thankful.


Jerry Cohen

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