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Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)
Formation & Early Goals

[Oct. 1973 - ]

J. Allen Hynek

The Center for UFO Studies was formed in 1973 by Sherman J. Larsen and J. Allen Hynek. 1 Reaction to the Condon Report and the UFO wave of 1973 were stimulants to its formation. However, in actuality, this action was one Dr. Hynek was probably destined to take since 1953 when the government, with assistance from the Robertson Panel, rejected serious consideration of the UFO phenomenon. 2 Hynek also wanted to further the study of the UFO subject in hopes of attaining a greater degree of interest from the majority of the Scientific community. "It was the first such organization of its kind to be founded by a Scientist & dedicated to research & analysis *... " 3

* Also see following footnote for a 1975 interview with Hynek which details the original concept of CUFOS. 4

The Center "quickly became a dominant force in UFO research, drawing upon the investigative capabilities of the other UFO organizations. With the editorial direction of Mimi Hynek, CUFOS published monographs & research materials that could not be published elsewhere because commercial and academic presses were fearful that the subject would not sell or was too 'fringy'." 5 In 1980, when NICAP closed its doors, CUFOS thereby officially became the major dominant, most well-known _scientific_ UFO organization on the East Coast and perhaps in the country. 6

"Within a few years, CUFOS was publishing important UFO materials and was providing an avenue for scholars on the subject. CUFOS and Mimi Hynek began the Journal of UFO Research to provide a scholarly outlet for articles as well. This journal remains the best attempt at this endeavor to date. CUFOS also established itself as a repository of information about UFOs, disseminating this information through the International UFO Reporter and the Associate Newsletter. The IUR has emerged as one of the leading UFO periodicals in the world." 7

In 1986, upon his death, the board of CUFOS voted to rename the organization the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies. His wife Mimi agreed to rejoin the CUFOS board. Mimi has since passed away as well.

Although the organization of CUFOS has no doubt undergone changes since this was written, hopefully this brief synopsis will give the reader a basic "feel" for the reason for its existence.

IUR Staff (since 1986)

Editor - Jerome Clark
Associate Editor - Nancy (Conrad) Clark
Consulting Editor - Richard Hall (Hall was editor of NICAP's The UFO Evidence,
held office of assistant director of NICAP, also;
Editor of MUFON Journal and Frontiers of Science Advisor)

Contributing Editors

Bill Chalker
George M. Eberhart
Richard F. Haines
Jenny Randles
Mark Rodeghier
Chris Rutkowski
Jennie Zeidman

(at various times)

Simone Mendez
Ron Miller
Don Schmitt (longevity)
Greg Volpert



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