Comp. No. 01058


Comp. Name: Bob Wagner
Address: Dexter Body Shop, Dexter Mich.
Phone No.: Res. - Bus. -

Nature of Comp. UFO
Location: Between McGinnis Rd. & N. Terr.
Date Received: 3-20-66 Time: 8:30 Pm
Date Occurred: 3-20-66 Time: 8:30 Pm

Telephone XXXXX Radio _____ Letter _____ In Per _____ Received by: Dep. Kelly

Officers Assigned: Dep. McFadden & Fitzpatrick and Car #34
Time Assigned: 8:35 Pm

Details of Comp. Comp. called and stated that there was a strange object in the swamp at the end of McGinnis Rd. It was on the ground, went up in air about 599' and came down making a lot of noise.

INVESTIGATION: Dispatched to the above location, and made contact with the complainant at 10600 McGinnis Rd. Complainant advised that an un-identified object was presently located in the swamp, to the rear of afore mentioned location, and had been so located for approximently (1/2) one-half hour. Complainant further related that the object had been observed to rise to an altitude of approximently 500 Feet, and then to return to the ground. Subject stated that lights were observed upon the object, and that the lighting turned from a blue-green to a brilliant red to a yellow in coloring. Object had appeared to be having difficulty in getting off of the ground.

FRANK MANNER, of 10600 McGinnis Road, and his son, RONALD, had watched the object for some time, and then proceeded into the woods and swamps, in an attempt to locate the object, and to see what it was. Both MANNERS were within the swamp at the time of arrival of the undersigned officers.

ACTION TAKEN: The undersigned officer, in company with the complainant, proceeded along Dexter-Pinckney Road to Territorial Road, and then turned onto Quigley Road, where a vantage point was obtained, being in direct line with the house, and the area of the objects observation. At this point, the patrol vehicle was secured, and the afore mentioned proceeded into the woods, in attempt to locate the swamp edge, and the object.

While in the woods area, a brilliant light was observed from the far edge of the woods, and upon approaching, the light dimmed in brilliance. As the afore mentioned approached the upper ridge, and edge of the woods, the Brilliant light again appeared, and then disappeared. A continued search of the area was conducted, through swamp, and high grass, with negative results.

Upon returning to the patrol vehicle, the undersigned officers were met by others who had gathered to observed, and the undersigned officer were informed that one of the objects had been hovering directly over the area where our flashlight beams had been seen, and had then departed in a West Direction of flight, at high rate of speed.



upon returning to the patrol vehicle, the undersigned officers returned to the McGinnis Road address, where the MANNERS were talked to.

TALK WITH FRANK MANNER: FRANK MANNER stated that he had observed the lights coming from the swamp, and had awakened his son, RONALD. BOTH MANNERS then proceeded into the swamps in an attempt to find out the object which was producing the light. Upon entering the lower edge of the swamp, RONALD stated "what is that thing", and as FRANK MANNER Looked in the direction indicated, the object was observed. At the instant of observation, the small lights went out, and in just an instant, re-appeared across the swamp, a distance of about 500 Yards. At this time, the object became illuminated from a brilliant source of light, which flowed horizontal between the two (2) small lights. After watching the object for a couple of minutes, the rays of light from two flashlights were observed from the ridge above the object. The light from the object intensified, then went out, and a whistle simular to the sound of a Rifle bullet Richochet was heard, and the object passed directly over the MANNERS in just an instant.

DESCRIPTION OF OBJECT: Object was observed to be of a brown coloring, appearing to be Quilted type outside surface. Object appeared to be flat upon the bottom, and cone shaped toward the top, however, being low in height. Two small lights appeared to be at the outer edges of the object, glowing in a bluish-green light, and intensifing to a brilliant red in color. When the vehicle or object illuminated, the lighting was a yellow-white in color, and ran horizontal between the two outer lights, allowing some of the object to be viewed. Outer body appeared to be rough in texture.


FRANK MANNER, OF 10600 McGinnis Road, Dexter, DOB: Jan 5, 1919
RONALD MANNER, of 10600 McGinnis Road, Dexter, Dob: Jan 28, 1947
Several others, names unknown.

FURTHER UFO SIGHTED: Shortly after the UFO was departed from the scene, CHELSEA POLICE DEPARTMENT reported sighting a simular object over the Village of Chelsea, Hovering, and then departing at high rate of speed in a Westerly Direction.

A further sighting of Simular Bluish-green lights was reported near the woods and swamp, North Side of N. Territorial Road, between Scully Rd., and Webster-Church Road, in Webwster Twp, County of Washtenaw, by Wastenaw County Sheriff Patrol #19, however, when attempt was made to get closer, lights disappeared and were not observed again. Further Search of the area was made with negative results.



Respectfully Submitted,

Dep. Fitzpatrick/McFadden



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