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Re: Exeter NH's 'UFO Kid' Dead At 55 - Cohen
From: Jerry Cohen
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003
09:42:34 -0500

>From: Bruce Maccabee
>Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 20:20:04 -0500
>Subject: Re: Exeter NH's 'UFO Kid' Dead At 55

Exeter UFO kid dead at 55
Source: The Portsmouth Herald, New Hampshire

By Colleen Lent

The death of longtime Seacoast resident Norman Muscarello, 55, this past week undoubtedly rekindled discussions of his UFO sighting on Sept. 3, 1965, which made national headlines.

One can almost hear excerpts of conversations around the dinner table or coffee shop counter.

"Isn't he the kid who was chased by the space ship down by Dining's Farm?" or "There was a book about him by some reporter" or "Muscarello is the `Close Encounters' guy."

The account of Norman's teen-age real-life experience was akin to a scene from a Steven Spielberg or George Lucas film. It soon became fodder for several articles by John G. Fuller, appearing in Reader's Digest, Look and True, before it was developed into the book "Incident at Exeter" by the same author.

>Interesting that the newspaper story is labelled "UFO Kid...."
>and places the sighting in the context of his whole life but
>does not address the key UFO question: did he see a real
>UFO, have a delusion or make it all up? Reference to two
>policemen who also saw it is made, but not discussed. If I
>recall correctly, this is the case that really got Klass started.
>When Klass found out that there was a power line in the
>vicinity he began to wonder about the possibility of large
>plasmas being created by the corona from a power line.

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Hello Bruce and gentlefolk,

Bruce, I am so sorry I missed this when you first posted it. Probably missed an opportunity to be timely with this but, with everything going on with the world situation the way it is, I've been writing different kinds of posts to other groups. Since I'm only ten days off, I'll answer this anyway.

This was a doozie of a case. The object Muscarello and the two policemen claim to have seen in 1965 was very similar to the object I reported in my own 1967 sighting. My sighting became a stimulus for some research I performed re: Exeter.

You can find . . . .

Dr. Hynek's analysis of Exeter as published in the Hynek UFO Report at:

My thorough rebuttal of Larry Robinson's Fire-Balloon theory, with many excerpts from the original John Fuller book which details the myriad flaws in both Robinson's analysis and investigative techniques at:

_ _ _

Robinson's proposed solution for it originally at:

(but now re-written and found at)

_ _ _

You can also find the results of Loy Lawhon's investigation and comments regarding the proposed ball lightning or corona discharge explanation, and my updates to that article at:


When I submitted this case to Paul Devereux asking him to explain how his "earth lights" theory or Persinger's "helmet induced hallucinations via electromagnetic stimulation to the brain" could solve Exeter, he refused to look at the case saying he wasn't paid to read it.

For those not familiar with who they are, click below.

A number of exchanges Paul and I had can be found on that page
including the first one where I brought up Exeter:

His refusal to read it can be found in his PS at the end of his March 19, 1997 letter:

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Oh, I almost forgot. Here are two mails from February 1997 from a lady who saw my previous posts re Exeter back then and took the time to write me. This is the first time I have ever posted them:

E-Mail #1: "I was really surprised to see your E-mail posting on Francisco Lopez's UFO list about this incident. David Hunt, one of the police officers you quoted, is my sister's father in law now. I recently spent some time with the Hunt family in New Hampshire and read the book and talked to Janice, David's wife. They were married at the time of the incident. "David doesn't talk about it, but Janice maintains his belief in what he saw. I just thought you might be interested to know that 30 years later he is still convinced of the truth of his statements."

JC: I asked the lady some questions and was hoping to be able to talk to David Hunt personally. However,

E-Mail #2: "Jerry, I actually was trying to say Janice and David were *currently* married at the time of the incident. So what she says, having been married to him at the time is very relevant. :) I'd show David your letter, but like I said, he doesn't talk about it. Because of the book various graduate students and ufologists contact him every now and then. He also made it into the time life book, which you have probably seen. But he won't talk about it. Janice sends copies of news clippings to the students, but David won't grant interviews. He's led a normal life, he remained in the police force for years and has retired. I think he had to move on with his life, since he could never prove anything. I'll see what I can find out about the other police officer."

JC: She didn't answer anything I wrote past that point so I continued with my posts and worked at building my web site, which I hoped might eventually one day might become a valuable resource to people researching some of this old material.


Respectfully, Jerry Cohen

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