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Barry Greenwood's CAUS Resignation Statement

Barry Greenwood
Barry Greenwood

From: Jan Aldrich <jan@CYBERZONE.NET>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 21:41:48 -0800
[Original Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 16:23:19 -0800]



Address: Box 176
Stoneham, MA 02180

Editor: Barry Greenwood


January 25, 1998

      This will be my last statement for CAUS, Citizens Against UFO
Secrecy.  Effective January 18, 1998, I have resigned as editor of its
newsletter Just Cause.

       In 1984, after CAUS was essentially a defunct organization, Larry
Fawcett and I thought it would be a good idea to have a vehicle to
publish updates following the publication of "Clear Intent," now called
"The UFO Cover Up."  We asked Peter Gersten, who had previously taken
out papers incorporating an earlier version of CAUS with himself as
director, if it was all right to revive CAUS and its newsletter, Just
Cause, since no one was doing anything with the organization.  CAUS had
become a recognizable name after several national news stories a few
years before, and Fawcett and I were working on the kind of research
that CAUS had represented.

      Gersten gave permission and we began a new version of Just Cause
in September 1984, with Fawcett as publisher and Greenwood as editor.
On occasion we would publish along with Just Cause a CAUS Washington
Report by Larry Bryant, giving his views on government UFO matters.  It
was essentially an independent publication by a previous editor of Just
Cause.  There was no editor crossover influence between the two
publications.  CWR stopped around 1992 after about a dozen issues.

      From 1984 to date, a period of more than 13 years, all CAUS policy
decisions and opinions were basically my constructions since Director
Gersten had left the organization to do other things.  Several years ago
Larry Fawcett retired to Florida, leaving me with the entire operation,
i.e., the newsletter and a group of supporters/subscribers/members
around the world.

     In early January 1998, I was informed by Project 1947 head, Jan
Aldrich, that a site on the Internet contained a rambling open letter on
UFOs for a group called CSETI, run by Steven Greer.  The statement
concluded with a list of contact organizations for the letter, CAUS was
one of the listed with *my* address but with a phone number I did not
recognize.  I never saw this letter, did not endorse its contents or
CSETI, and did not authorize any use of the CAUS name and address.  The
phone number, I discovered later, belonged to Robert Bletchman of
Connecticut, public relations head of the Mutual UFO Network.  That a
MUFON official is listing himself as a CAUS contact is beyond me since
he was neither a CAUS representative or on my mailing list.  Why is
MUFON interfering in my business anyway?

       I asked Aldrich to act as intermediary on the net for me as I am
not on-line.  I insisted that the operator of the web site with the
CSETI letter, Steven Bassett of Washington, D.C., remove CAUS from the
list of contacts for the letter immediately.

      On January 18th, I was advised by Aldrich of an E-mail message
from Peter Gersten to him announcing that Gersten was reasserting his
control of CAUS *retroactive* to January 1 to "make CAUS an effective
and viable activist organization dedicated to ending all secrecy about
extraterrestrial contact..."  He added that, "I hope to pick up where
Barry left off," and that he (Gersten) be consulted prior to making any
statements on behalf of CAUS.

     I was thunderstruck that after 13 years of setting policy for CAUS
to protect its reputation as a careful, credible outlet for research on
the federal government's interest in aerial phenomena (apparently
something few of its other "officials" cared about as they never showed
up!), my position was being summarily usurped in the flash of a
keystroke.  I had left off *nothing,* and suddenly any CAUS statements
had to be cleared through Gersten, someone who hadn't overseen the
operation or issued any policy directives for over a decade!

     After having asked Steven Bassett, through Aldrich, to remove the
CAUS info from the CSETI letter, I discovered that the new director
Gersten had consulted with Bassett and had accepted him as a CAUS
consultant, again without my knowledge, thoroughly undermining my
position through a blind sided strike.

      It became quickly clear that staying with CAUS was
untenable,...unacceptable.  The "new" CAUS officials, who were popping
up like prairie dog heads in the desert, were beginning to forge
unpleasant connections, CSETI/Greer for one.  On Gersten's on-line chat
room, one of his recent workshops is titled, "Healing Your Inner
Alien."  This is precisely the kind of thing that I had spent much of my
publishing time against: the dumbing-down of UFO research, getting off
onto silly tangents.  Pardon me for offending any personal beliefs but
this is not science, it is not even common sense, not even close.

     With the advent of a collection of new CAUS loose cannons, I asked
Jan Aldrich to E-mail my immediate resignation to Gersten.  For me the
rapid escalation of double-dealing and duplicity was over.  Upon
acknowledging my resignation, Gersten immediately announced the debut of
Just Cause as his own on-line publication, wasting no time completing
the assault.

     One point needs to be made clear.  Peter Gersten was director of
CAUS when we took over the newsletter in 1984.  He did not resign the
position, he abandoned it, though, legally he still held the title.  In
essence, Fawcett and I were forced to be the de facto directors in that
no one else was issuing reports or statements in that capacity.  I was
in no position to change Gersten's status without tearing down the
organization and titles and renaming everything.  At the time there was
no need.  He has the right to take that title again.  I don't have to
accept the "coup d'etat" method in which it was done, or the new
alliances which I feel will ultimately destroy CAUS' credibility.

     Since this is my last CAUS publication, from here on anything
attributed to CAUS is not my responsibility.  I have no connection to

    I will replace Just Cause with a new publication called "UFO
Historical Review."  If any of my existing subscribers want to continue
with CAUS, I will refund their remaining issues and they can find CAUS
on-line somewhere.  If any want to stay, do nothing.  The next mailing
will contain UHR, which will be similar in format to Just Cause.
Available from Box 176, Stoneham, MA 02180.  Quarterly at $15 per years,
and $20 foreign.  Payable on renewal to me, not UHR, for the present.  I
want to thank Larry Fawcett and Robert Todd for their contributions
during the CAUS era, and more recently Jan Aldrich and Edward Stewart of
Project 1947 for alerting me to the back room maneuvers.

Barry Greenwood

jc	4\24\2002: So, what was Gersten's motive? 

     12/2\2009:  Did it lead to or inspire this?

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