Someone Impersonating Ownership of This Website
(for whatever reason)

They claim I am from Pennsylvania, USA and am a business concern.
At the moment their page is appearing on a business, search engine website.
I will not draw a direct reference to them as it will only make the problem worse.
Since my website is not a business website and they have me listed as a business,
it should be obvious the person listed there is not me. The main thrust at CohenUFO is simply my research,
the lack of it in others, and comments regarding same.


Not accurate at their site:

My actual name, where I live, extra letters after what is supposed to be my name,
and probably most anything else they print about me or CohenUFO.


Accurate at their site:

Some links to my website.


To protect anyone from anything this genius or geniuses might do:

Please do not be fooled by anything that is written there regarding me.
If it's not just a search engine malfunction, and someone is actually spending money on it,
I'll let you guess who might be orchestrating it. (Who else would care?)

Penalties for Identity Theft on the Internet (click below)