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The Iranian AF Jet Encounter (1976)

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This case is no longer simply hearsay or just a released document.

Pilot, Lt. Parviz Jafari (now General), testified last year to the reality of this
with people from around the world
at Washington Press Club, USA in November 2007.
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The following article is from the "NICAP UFO Investigator", a newsletter whose purpose was to store officially catalogued UFO reports and by which they could be communicated to NICAP's members and the general public.

It concerns an in-depth report of the September 19, 1976 UFO encounter with an F-4 air force jet from Shahrokhi Air Force Base in Iran (North of Tehran), verified by the G.S.W. Freedom of Information lawsuit previously discussed. It's authenticity is indisputable. What's difficult to believe is that it really happened.

I had the NICAP article in my possession since November 1976, but a small piece of me still wasn't ready to believe it. However, the publishing of the previous 1979 Newsday/Washington Post article and the 1981 Peter Gersten article brought this Iranian case into the "something to really think about" category.

Another article from the "National Enquirer," on the two pages following the NICAP article, gives a little more detail. Remember the information I gave regarding the Enquirer's "Blue Ribbon Panel" (NICAP, APRO & The National Enquirer) mentioned earlier. The details are accurate.

Please note that eyewitnesses said that one of the UFOs observed was "like a fan with blades." Also remember that something very similar was verified as having been seen the previous year at a string of our nation's supersensitive nuclear missile launch sites. (bases visited in October, November, December 1975)  

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From: NICAP UFO INVESTIGATOR (November 1976)
Sighting: Sept. 19, 1976


Attempt To Fire On UFO Fails

Shortly after midnight on September 19, 1976, the Iranian Air Force command post in Tehran, Iran started receiving calls from local citizens reporting a strange object in the sky. The object was variously described as, "Bird-like," "A bright light," and "A helicopter with a shining light." The command post duty officer, knowing there were no helicopters in the area, called B.G. Yousefit, Assistant Deputy Commander of Operations for instructions. Yousefi told the citizens that they were observing a star. However, after talking with control tower personnel, he decided that possibly something unusual was being observed and that he should see for himself.

The object he saw was like a star but much bigger and brighter. So much so that he made the decision to scramble a F-4 jet from Shahrokhi Air force Base to investigate.

F-4 Interception With UFO

At 1:30 AM the F-4 sped down the Shahrokhi runway for a take off to intercept the UFO. The crew headed north of Tehran toward the brilliant light 70 miles ahead of them. The flight proceeded uneventfully for about 40 miles, but as the F-4 continued its intercept path all communications and instrumentation (Intercommunication and UHF) were suddenly lost. The pilot immediately changed course, breaking off the intercept and headed back for Shahrokhi. After the F-4 turned away from the UFO the jet regained all communications and instrumentation. Was the F-4 no longer a threat?

Second Interception Attempt Made

A second F-4 took off at 1:40 AM in an attempt to accomplish what the first jet had failed to do . . . identify the UFO. As this F-4 neared the UFO, radar contact was made by the crew. The size of the radar return was about the same as a return from a 707 jet aircraft. The size of the UFO was difficult to determine visually because of its brilliance. The relative speeds of the F-4 and the UFO were such that the jet was drawing closer at a rate of 150 nautical MPH.

As the F-4, flying at a speed greater than Mach 1, reached the same distance from the UFO that the prior communication loss occurred, the UFO increased its speed. This acceleration of the UFO was confirmed visually and by the aircraft's instrument board radar. The pilot (Lt. Jafari) was unable to close the distance and paced the UFO through Iran's clear night sky. The crew followed the intensely brilliant UFO and noted its light was like flashing strobe lights arranged in a rectangular pattern. The lights were alternating blue, green, red and orange in color. The flashing of the lights was so rapid that all colors could be seen at the same time.

The UFO and the pursuing F-4 were on a course taking them south of Tehran when suddenly another smaller brilliant object came out of the UFO.

F-4 Missile Fails To Fire

This second object came directly toward the pursuing F-4 traveling at a very high rate of speed. The pilot started to fire an AIM-9 missile at the rapidly approaching object, but at the moment his weapons control panel went off and simultaneously he lost all communications.

With no other defense left, the pilot turned sharply and put the F-4 into a dive in an attempt to evade the projectile from the UFO. The maneuver was not successful since as the F-4 continued its diving turn, the object changed course and trailed the jet briefly at a distance estimated to be 3 to 4 miles. It then increased its speed, went to the inside of the jet's turn, and climbed back to rejoin the "Mother ship."

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Part Of UFO Appears To Crash

After the projectile returned to the "Mother ship," the crew of the F-4 terminated the evasive maneuvers and again followed the object. The weapon control panel and communications aboard the F-4 were again operative.

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As the crew watched and chased the rapidly moving UFO, another object appeared to emerge from its side and dive at a great speed toward the earth far below. The men directed their attention toward this diving object in anticipation of a large explosion upon impact. However, instead of exploding, the object appeared to come to rest gently in the hills below. The "Mother ship" sped away at a rate estimated to be many times the speed of sound. (Please see ex-sheriff Girodo's testimony concerning another case where silent helicopters are seen and associated ball of light comes out of, and goes into, ground.)

The resting object was casting a very bright light over an area estimated to be 2-3 kilometers in diameter. The pilot brought his F-4 down through the upper atmosphere and circled at a safe altitude above the UFO until the light went out. While circling, the crew carefully noted the position of the object on the ground.

The F-4 headed back to its base guided by a crew that was having difficulty in regaining their night vision after viewing the brilliant UFO. During their return they noted a great deal of UHF radio interference, and they completely lost all communications each time they passed through a certain magnetic bearing. A civil airliner that was approaching the area during this same time also experienced communication problems when on the same magnetic bearing. The crew of this aircraft did not see the UFO.

The F-4 crew still had not regained their night vision upon their arrival at the base. After circling the field a few times, they decided to go out for a long, gradual straight in landing. While on thei long approach, the crew noticed a cylinder shaped object about the size of a jet fighter coming toward them at a higher altitude. The object had bright lights on each end and a flashing light in the center. In response to a radio inquiry control tower personnel stated that no other air traffic was known to be in the area. This object passed above the F-4 while tower personnel attempted to make visual contact. The sighting was confirmed when the pilot directed the ground watchers attention to the proper portion of the night sky.

Daylight Inspection of the Landing Site

Shortly after dawn on September 19, the F-4 crew boarded a helicopter to return to the site of the UFO landing. No trace of the landing was found at the site (a dry lakebed), but the area is being checked for possible changes in radiation levels. The helicopter left the area and circled off to the west. As they were leaving the site, the helicopter radio started picking up a very noticeable beeper signal. Near the point where the signal was being received most clearly, the crew noticed an isolated farm house. They landed and asked the resident if he had noticed anything unusual the night before. The farmer replied that he had noticed a loud sound and a very bright light in the area of the landing site.

Editorial Comment

Every important policy making and investigative branch of the United States Government is aware of this excellent report, but no public announcements have been made. A great deal of political rhetoric covers the public's right to know, but when it comes to UFO activity, the public is only informed by private organizations.

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If you missed it or want to see it again, please CLICK HERE for Jafari video-taped testimony. (for as long as it remains up on youtube.)

Please note, the preceding 1976 Iranian case has certain similarities to another
well-documented case that happened in
Belgium 1989\90

or . . . if you really want to keep things in order and really see similarities, check out the CohenUFO critique of Ian Ridpath's workup on the 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident which occured 4 years after Jafari's case. It is a long read, but those possessing the patience to read it might be surprised at what I found there as well.
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Bob Pratt's Investigations Into The Jafari Tehran Iran Case

....Bob Pratt

I have not confirmed the accuracy of this next part, but I believe, if nothing else, it should be included here and would be more than worth someone's investigative time to confirm that accuracy. Bob Pratt, who used to work for the Enquirer, has set up his own web site. (If you take a look at Bob's site, don't forget to come back and read the rest of mine . . there's lot's more here.) The Tehran Iran case was one of many posted there. He has performed his own thoroughly detailed (23 pages) workup on same. It seems to me this case might lend itself to further investigation. Anyone with the resources to look into it would definitely be providing a service to UFO researchers worldwide by confirming or denying the various details included therein. Click here for Bob's own investigations into the 1976 Iranian case. (jc 12/11/2005: Please note: Bob Pratt has recently passed on. His website is now located at MUFON. I have redirected my link to that site accordingly as of 3/1/2005.)

If anyone is wondering why I would possibly include a case from someone who once worked for the National Enquirer, please note the proof of accuracy I happened to discover regarding another case that appeared therein. Although the other case may not have been specifically Bob's, it is that proof which, I now believe, makes *some* of the other Enquirer cases published years ago worth investigating today. Note: I am choosing *specific* cases I felt might possibly contain accurate information for various other reasons mentioned. I am not haphazardly choosing cases for further investigation. Also see: Dr. Hynek and the National Enquirer.

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