(of CohenUFO)

_To permit this researcher to understand how it was possible I could see the particular craft I witnessed over the close vicinity of my home in 1967;

_To have sufficient knowledge and courage to be able to discuss that sighting and the topic of UFOs with anyone.

_To have a serious, commercial-free place on the internet where people could come to discover an abridged overview of UFO history, comprised of a number of important moments and containing reputable, solid, accurate, verified, peer supported, authentic information, thoroughly researched and contributed by scientists, PHDs, pilots, astronauts, upper level military personnel, etc.;

_To give people throughout the world a place to view this information and hopefully, compare and analyze it against other data on the subject;

_To allow scientists a place to be able to discover this for themselves, free from ridicule, in the safety of their homes, so they can see how it fits in with what they have already learned in their specific areas of interest;

_To display same in a linked-format superior to a normal published book, with a table of contents and index which would allow any reader to access its information as quickly and efficiently as possible, to whatever depth they choose;

_To highlight a few solid results from certain studies which have already been accomplished;

_To see if there are any important things in those studies which may have been overlooked or ignored;

_To display some of the main skeptical explanations for what this researcher believes are some "core" cases in Ufology, and reasonably highlight how and why certain solutions proposed for each are inadequate

_To demonstrate without the least bit of doubt, it has already been unequivocally proven there are varied types of still-unexplained, and what appear to be, super-advanced high-tech craft, apparently possessing totally out-of-norm technology, having been witnessed historically,* in the United States and many other countries (* NB: ongoing to the present day)

_To prove that the accumulated history of sightings of same, and lack of solid, reasonable explanations, give us solid reason to postulate they do not appear to be created by known facilities here on earth;

_To allow people to see that all this data, even the small amount presented herein, demonstrates there is actually a good possibility we are being studied by someone or something;

_To thoroughly demonstrate the very real probability that what SETI is searching for "out there" may already be "here" and simply overlooked . . this perhaps, even orchestrated purposely via outside design;

_To give some support to those honest scientists and researchers who, having spent years gathering data, have been ignored or shown little respect for their efforts to study this phenomena;

_To hopefully help any serious reader realize that what those people are doing is important, and that legitimate research into UFOs, UAOs (and perhaps, USOs not illustrated herein) should, somehow, be supported by mainstream science;

_To allow anyone to see it is not just "kooks" who see these things;

_To help us realign our focus away from the small, petty, stuff (fighting amongst ourselves, etc.) and perhaps to help put it more directly on the phenomenon itself;

_To give peace of mind to myself, allowing me to know in my heart and soul that I did not simply remain silent, ignoring what I saw back in 1967;

_To let intelligent people out there who have had a similar experience know they are not alone and, to give those people what I lacked for years; someone they could talk to about it who would both listen and really understand where they were coming from, and

_To help all readers realize this may be one of the most important major awakenings in the entire history of humankind . . . IF and when we become ready to calmly accept the fact it is occurring.


It is my sincere hope someone besides me will realize the importance of, and preserve this site for others to be able to view when I can no longer contribute to it. It was a lifetime, careful and honest study freely given, and is respected by other important researchers. This is why it deserves attention.


Jerry Cohen