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Belgium Sightings
Earthlights (TST) and E.M. Stimulation of the Brain
Military Fabrications?

Dr. Hynek and the Enquirer
Accuracy of UFO Articles in the Enquirer

Was Hynek a Mole for the CIA?

What was NICAP?
NICAP/APRO & the Enquirer

What's with these ABDUCTION people?
What Does CohenUFO Know About Cattle Mutilations?
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Earthlights (TST) and EMF
Paul Devereux and Michael Persinger

(revised 5/22/2008)

Can the Tectonic Strain Theory (TST), Earth Lights (ELs) and electromagnetic waves explain ALL UFO sightings? This author had some discussions with one of the progenitors of these theories. The answer is a definite NO!

..Michael Persinger.......Paul Devereux

The reason we gave Paul a hard time was due to a television program that had been telecast previously, in which Paul and Michael claimed to be able to solve "all" unexplained UFO sightings with a combination of their two theories. Paul believes that since electromagnetics are involved when plates of the earth press against one another, that electromagnetic plasmas of some sort are ejected into the air and can be can be used as a predictor of earthquakes. This is known as the Tectonic Strain Theory (TST). He also believes this same phenomenon is very likely mistaken for UFOs.

A section of a letter I wrote him, including important additional investigation and analysis by researcher Brad Sparks, explains why their theories fall short.

To: Page 2 Earthlights/TST - Devereux and Persinger






Persinger, on the other hand, has demonstrated in a laboratory that hallucinations can be induced in humans via electromagnetic stimulation to portions of their brains. Helmets have been placed on people's heads who were then subjected to various electromagnetic fields and who then hallucinated. Additionally, since UFOs have been seen near power lines, Persinger believes the electromagnetic waves emanating from the power lines must be a large cause of UFO sightings and abduction "fantasies."
Devereux is in the process of documenting "earthlights" in earthquake zones and places where lights of this type have been seen. Therefore, Michael and Paul are saying that the majority, if not _all_, UFO sightings that have not been explained by natural phenomenon, etc. can be explained as either earthlights or electromagnetic stimulated hallucinations.

To those of us not standing under power lines/grid, living in a low tectonic strain area and who have reported seeing a UFO at fairly close range, having a person coming up with just one more way to say "you were hallucinating" is downright infuriating to say the least; thus, one reason for the "cool" reception Paul received from some of our list members. But in giving it some thought, Paul's and Michael's goals are noble and the questions I posed to him and cases I wished to bring to his attention were valid and deserve consideration in his studies of same. So I am including my conversations here for others to read.



To: Letter exchange between Devereux and Cohen





Questions to Paul Devereux re TST and Exeter
Cohen: "Solving some cases" is different than "solving all cases."
Believes he and Persinger can solve "all" cases

Devereux statements without concrete proof (& ignorance of Exeter)
(3/19 Letter)
He wouldn't look at specific cases to see if his theory applied to them.

Note Mr. Devereux's "PS" at the bottom of the above letter.
Cohen's thought: "This is Science?"

Challenging points from his 3/19 Letter
I tried to prod him to read the links I gave him.

Challenging some of Mr. Devereux's explanations
(my post full of "attitude")
Cohen: Looking for Devereux's proof and answering USA bashing

Devereux admits lack of proof in certain areas
He chided me for my post "full of attitude."

I Submitted Hynek's reevaluation of Blue Book cases
(The last 10-15% didn't resolve out for Condon either
-> Please click here)
That left-over percentage must have been composed of people wearing
electromagnetic helmets, who were standing under high tension lines.
Paul's reworking the 85-90% area

and, although my "attitude" slipped (sorry), my questions were still valid
My further comments refuting Devereux statements
from 3/19 & 3/23 letters above.

I challenged his proof
and gave him other links to other research
Again: He "doesn't get paid to read," so he won't.

Bill Hamilton: ELs don't explain all UFO reports

Paul Devereux's Web Site


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Several skeptics have claimed that the Military, in order to take people's minds off military goofs, crashes, or to cover up new technology by diverting attention from same, etc. has purposely fostered or orchestrated peoples' belief in UFOs. What do you think about this?


jc: Although this is certainly not impossible and has probably occurred at times, it does not explain ALL UFO sightings. After all "reasonable" hypotheses have been proposed, there is still a definite core of sightings that defy serious open-minded researchers' best attempts to explain them to this day. Some of these cases include: Exeter NH 1965 , The Iranian AF Encounter 1976 , The Belgium NATO Sightings 1989/90 , Illinois 2000 , O'Hare International Airport 2006 , as well as various cases investigated by Hynek & McDonald, including; Kirtland AFB 1957 , Ravenna, Ohio 1966 (Spaur - Neff) , and Incident at Redlands California 1968. These are merely a select few of a much larger grouping.

Oh yes . . . and I almost forgot to include this.

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The National Enquirer was printing all those crazy UFO stories years ago. Why did someone as prestigious as Dr. Hynek become involved with "that" sleazy paper?

Dr. Hynek & the National Enquirer



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Well . . . not exactly. Here is proof regarding the Hickson and Parker case, that at least one National Enquirer article "was accurate back to its original source" and that there may be others as well. Also likewise confirmed in this regard, the Ralph and Judy Blum book "Beyond Earth: Man's Contact with UFOs."


Proof from Wendy Connors
and Project 1947's Sign Historical Group



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At one point in time, NICAP and APRO were involved with the National Enquirer as well. What was their role in regards to some of those Enquirer UFO articles?


NICAP, APRO & the National Enquirer




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I've heard of NICAP. It was supposed to be a fairly respectable organization.
Can you tell me anything about it? (i.e. who ran it; etc.?)

NICAP (1956-1980)




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What do you think about these people who claim that they have been abducted? Are they all nuts?

jc: There is obviously great controversy concerning this area. It is easy to "pooh-pooh" the whole thing and ignore it. However, if one comes to the conclusion that the information found within this web-site including that confirmed by a combination of observations and studies by certain scientists, information acquired from FOIA (freedom of information act) lawsuits, Belgium 1989\90 NATO sightings, 1/5/2000 police sightings in Illinois USA, O'Hare Airport (Chicago, Illinois - Nov. 7, 2006), other military sightings, testimonies to same, etc., is accurate as stated, then those delineated extraordinary high-tech. vehicles which do not appear to belong to the United States or any country that we know, should suggest to us that, at the very least, we should give serious consideration to the hypothesis that this could be occurring. This author observes that some facets of it have been too scary for the majority of us, including myself, to fully contemplate.

The following are two front-runners in this area:

To: Abductions, p. 2




oooBudd Hopkinsooo

Bud Hopkins, a New York artist, has had an intense interest in the abduction question for many years. He has collected evidence that he feels links many of these cases together. Click this next link to read his recent response to the (Feb. 2005) Peter Jennings' special "UFOs, Seeing is Believing." From his cogent comments one can see how difficult it is for people to deal with this highly controversial subject material, and the startling fact the suggested solution offered by the program for a number of his cases wasn't necessarily the "correct" solution.

John Velez, whose work history includes ten years of experience as a crisis intervention counselor, (Senior addiction specialist, [Formerly] ASA -Addiction Services Agency, City of New York 1972), currently earns his living as a freelance computer graphic artist, and runs his own web-site called "The Abduction Information Center".


To: Abductions, p. 3




Exploring a little further, we find a number of psychologists and psychiatrists who, having examined various claimants, have come to the conclusion that they are not all "wackos." These psychologists have found their examinations reveal to them what appear to be otherwise ordinary people who have related some extraordinary accounts. I leave it to the reader to ponder the significance of these for yourself, but only after you've absorbed the rest of this web-site. It took me about 35 years to be able to consider it possible. (and I had my own sighting) If you haven't accomplished that, I don't expect you to be able to contemplate this or relate to it in any way, but I certainly can't omit it either.

John Mack, psychologist and respected author from Harvard University, has passed away since I composed this. He had become very interested in this field. He was interviewed on a NOVA special program. Click here for that interview. (Try here if that link doesn't work.) The organization he founded is continuing in his courageous footsteps.

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