Refuting Menzel's Mirage Theory
(of temperature inversion)

....snip.... Here is a  quote from J. Allen Hynek, from his book "The UFO Experience:"  10  

" ... Harvard astronomy professor Dr. Menzel, who took a seemingly  compulsive interest in the flying saucer question, even though  this subject was far removed from his scientific field.  He loudly  proclaimed UFOs were nonsense and particularly championed the  "mirage theory" of flying saucers. He ascribed properties to  mirages, and mirage properties to UFOs, which have since been  shown to be completely untenable, even by the air force itself." 11


10       Hynek, J. Allen "The UFO Experience" Henry Regnery  Company 1972 . Chapt. 11 "The Air Force  and the UFO - Pages from  Blue Book" . paragraph 18

11      Menkello, F. G. "Quantitative Aspects of Mirages,"  Report  No. 6112, Menkello is a first lieutenant, USAF, Environmental  Technical Applications Center.  "It is easy to show that the 'air  lenses' and 'strong inversions' postulated by Gordon and Menzel,  among others, would need temperatures of several thousand degrees  Kelvin in order to cause the mirages attributed to them."


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