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Something derived from Mcgaha and Nickell's
relatively recent failure to solve Exeter (1980)

While researching M & N's effort regarding Exeter, I found myself re-reading the old Exeter witness testimonies. While doing so, I happened to come across one which I noticed to be dramatically similar to one of two cases researcher Ian Ridpath happened to point out to us during his analysis of Rendlesham (1980); it concerned a low flying "UFO in Spain."

Ian's solution for that Spain case:

"Very bright objects cause glare in the eye which gives the impression of spurious shapes and extensions. A famous example was the ‘flying cross’ reported by two police officers in Devon in 1967. In another case I looked into, a UFO in Spain reportedly descended to a height of 7 to 8 metres above a car and lowered landing gear. In both cases the object was Venus. Although Sirius is not as bright as Venus it can still exhibit similar effects."


So, Ian resolves the above incidents by explaining that people can easily imagine things when observing stars or planets. He believes, or wants us to believe, the people in the 'Spain case' actually saw the planet Venus, not a large UFO right over their car.

Discovering a testimonial similarity between Exeter and the Spain case:

Thinking about this, I just happened to notice the 'flying cross' case Ian quoted had occurred just two years after Exeter (1965); N.B. same year as my own sighting. That was interesting, but a second, more-fascinating detail caught my eye; the Spain case was strikingly similar to one of the Exeter events I had just re-read and used to answer M & N's analysis of Exeter. The exact Exeter testimony to which I am referring is located at this next URL. (previously displayed) It was related by a Mrs. Pearce and supported by everyone present at a meeting John Fuller had with those individuals, including Mrs. Pearce's fourteen year old daughter.


Multiple instances of that same-type within the Exeter case:

What's even more interesting, that one automobile event in the Exeter sightings wasn't the only one of its type. Please note the following three:

1) Police Sgt. Joe Farnsworth at Hampton Beach


2) Ron Smith and family


3) Woman from the town of Epping


Noticing some further ramifications of
M & N's failure to solve the Exeter case:

My earlier analysis of M and N's hypothesis regarding Exeter had conclusively proved those two gentlemen totally failed to solve the case. Initial significance of that: That multi-investigated 47 year-old case has just resisted yet one more attempt to solve it. (Thank you, M & N.)

This itself is certainly highly interesting. However, the above fact combined with my familiarity with Ian's comment concerning the Spain case also prompted me to look a little closer at that similarity of testimonies previously mentioned. Another highly interesting fact emerged. Because of Exeter (1965's) ability to totally resist solution all these years, the Spain example Ian gave with the intent to diminish the reality of UFOs, now appears to do exactly the opposite; it actually tends to lend support to the Spain incident. (Thank you, Ian)

Think about this . . after reading the Exeter testimony at that above URL (from that seemingly solid, well-researched, and to this date, apparently unsolvable case), are we really so positive Ian's suggested solution for the Spain case is as definitive as he would have us believe? I'll leave that one for thoughtful readers to ponder, or perhaps investigate if it's even still possible.


Jerry Cohen


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