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Re: Belgium Sightings: Discussion Summaries &

From: Andy Denne - A.U.R.A. <>
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 1997 19:24:49 +0200
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Subject: Re: Belgium Sightings: Discussion Summaries &

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> From: Serge Salvaille <>
> Subject: Re: Belgium Sightings: Discussion Summaries & Comments
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> >>>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Triangular UFOs over Belgium
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> Of course none of the 632 reports is worth looking into. The
> magic of numbers has had the debunkers ojsimpsonize the F-16
> case and thus contaminate the other 631 cases.

> That's how you go from flap to flop.

> This is science.

> Please add this to any future synopsis you make on the Belgium
> UFO flap.

> Serge Salvaille


I'm glad someone brought this up. To be honest it's quite
amusing to hear all the American specialists on the Belgian
flap. See, I used to live in the most southern part of Holland
VERY close to Belgium at the time of the flap,and me and my
family had several sightings ourselves. Now I know that no one's
going to say: "Oh well, if you say so and saw it..." right now

But I strongly doubt these things were made by one of our own. I
suspect this for following reasons: First of all the absence of
any sound. Then there is the capabilty of these objects to stand
still in mid air, rotate around its own axis and accelerate to
enormous speed at once, from a stationary position.

One of the eye-witnesses there with us, is the Head of the
Eurocontrol Educational Centre, the european Air Traffic
Control. We were (and still _are_) absolutely certain that
whatever those things were, there weren't ours. But there's
another thing that bothers me in the Secret Aircraft Hypothesis:

These objects were seen over Belgium and a few over the south of
Holland. If those things were secret aircraft then why would
they test-fly 'em over one of the most crowded places in Europe?
We also must assume they were from the Belgian Air Force, and
that also strikes me as somewhat ridiculous, with what budget
would they do that? If these things were from NATO or even the
USAF why in the world would Belgium spend hundred of thousands of
dollars to try and intercept these things with F-16s? Or does
anyone honestly think they wouldn't be briefed by NATO or the

I'm not saying that _all_ triangle sightings are therefore
'unknowns'. But the idea that _all_ FTs are man-made doesn't
really hold up neither. Remember, there are triangle-sightings
(and photos) from as far back as 1966. And these FTs were
spotted above the USSR? Also Stealth-technology? That doesn't go
for me, sorry people!

Andy Denne

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