Coast Guard Cutter "Sebago" RV Case

November 5th, 1957 - Gulf of Mexico
(beginning approximately 5:10 A.M.)

Additional information and comments by researcher Jerry Cohen:
(8/11/2008: See important new information recently added below.)

In April 2004 and May 2007, letters were written to Francis Ridge (NICAP) by Thomas Kirk, who was radarman on the Sebago at the original time of the Sebago sighting. The letters concerned updated information from Tom regarding that case. In response to those exchanges, NICAP has adjusted its file concerning the Sebago. In his Tuesday 8 May, 2007 letter, Tom Kirk states he no longer believes that what he saw was a UFO, as he has discovered information which leads him to believe what he saw was very probably a Regulus nuclear missile being tested from a submarine and that the military probably wanted people to believe it was a UFO.

In reviewing what he wrote, I too believe it is possible that a test could have been conducted at that particular time. (This should be confirmed if possible.) However, I have some additional things to add to this, of which Tom may not be aware, and which I hope someone will forward to him as items of possible interest. (Best accessed right here.) There is information on the CohenUFO website which informs us of numerous other non-military UFO events, which were reported in the days just prior to and leading up to the Sebago event, a number of which were very detailed. (Click HERE for a summation of letter exchanges between myself and Jan Aldrich of Project 1947 in which some of those events were enumerated.)

Another important military case mixed in with those detailed reports was discovered to have occurred only hours from the previously mentioned Sebago sighting; specifically, a UFO sighting at Kirtland Air Force Base (November 4, 1957, 10:25 MST) triple investigated by Project Blue Book, the Condon Committee, and finally Dr. James McDonald, well-respected Atmospheric Physicist from the University of Arizona. Taking the details of all these into account, it is possible for one to draw a final conclusion different from Tom's concerning the Sebago event.

Considering 1) McDonald's comments regarding the poor investigation of Kirtland by the Condon Committee, 2) McDonald personally found ("#3 Search for the Principal Witnesses" at this link) the two original control tower operators from that case, not contacted by the Condon Committee, who not only fully described what they saw, but who also testified as to the details of how the craft they witnessed was totally *out of norm.* 3) the Kirtland case occurred only hours from the Sebago event, 4) as previously mentioned in the letters from Jan Aldrich, the Kirtland and Sebago cases were preceded, within two days, by numerous, non-military UFO cases, some of which observed with possible electromagnetic effects on vehicles, etc. 4) certain other certified nuclear facility and missile-related military cases* on record throughout the years, along with testimonies from certain personnel who claim to have been present at same (unless the majority can be shown to be completely misidentifying or lying outright), and finally, 5) a NIDS re-assessment concerning triangular craft observed around military bases and population centers (In the 1990's: data concerning same compiled from three major UFO data-bases), one could also very justifiably conclude an ongoing observation of our military by UFOs has been demonstrated therein, and that it is certainly easy for one to make a reasonable case that at least one UFO may have been present during Tom Kirk's suggested Regulus missile test.

And, Tom if you get to read this, make absolutely sure you read this next link. It's about a press conference that occurred at the Washington Press Club in November 2007. A number of high-ranking people from the Belgium, Iran and several other cases have now come forward to testify concerning _their_ specific events and have brought evidence with them proving that these occurrences are legit as well. I believe this is the smoking gun researchers have been waiting for. When Major-Generals, Generals and a governor are testifying . . . what's left before we all believe it?



* Some of those cases are: Malmstrom AFB, USA 1967 (missle-related incident listed above, same year as this researcher's own personal sighting), Malmstrom AFB, USA 1975 (One of a group of U.S.A. SAC bases that had UFO visits within a relatively short space of time), support for some of the aforementioned testimonies from researcher Robert L. Hastings. Robert's father was stationed at Malmstrom AFB during 1967, Rendlesham England 1980 (NATO recorded: Ex-Deputy Base Commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Halt, retired, noted as testifying to the total reality of the incident on television, and that he is still mystified by it years after its occurrence.)

Have there been any prior documented incidents of UFO surveillance of our military? Here's one example from 1950. (jc 4/2/2013: Repaired link)

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