Do UFO Films Stimulate
UFO Flaps?

"War of the Worlds"


Over the years, in my quest to gather information regarding the topic, I had always wondered whether or not UFO films might possibly have something to do with the creation of UFO flaps; i.e. were UFO movies connected in some way with UFO flaps. I was considering doing a study myself. Well, I just recently discovered that someone has already performed a study on this, and it was none other than UFO skeptic Martin S. Kottmeyer.

An article by Martin, in which he stated he had performed a study regarding this very question, was published in Magonia Supplement, Number 57, 5 July 2007. One must realize that since a UFO skeptic performed this study, if it were possible to draw a relationship between films and flaps, the hard-core skeptics would have jumped all over it and it definitely would have been printed in numerous places in glowing letters. However, to my own great surprise, and to both Martin's and Magonia's great credit in printing it, this turned out not to be the case.

Although some skeptics incorrectly assumed that UFO films must be the source for UFO flaps, the bottom line of Martin's study states that " the hypothesis that flaps are created by film media is unconvincing. Any effect does not involve major flaps. Any effect, it has been proven, does not appear consistently enough to base predictions on. "

I have taken the liberty of taking a copy of that study and highlighted in bold, some of its salient points. It is simply the original article with some added bolding of certain key sections. My bolded version of Martin's article begins HERE.

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So . . . no folks, UFO movies are not responsible for UFO flaps. Reading Martin's study, one can see this question has been totally resolved, removing yet one more possibility of mental escape for any of us in desperate need of same. (and just remember, it is not _me_ saying this.)

With that question now having been answered, I believe it would also be highly interesting to get an answer to another question which popped into my mind. Just out of curiosity, what would happen if we turned the question around . . "has any prior flap (or flaps) occurred, which may have stimulated the production of any of the UFO movies mentioned in Martin's study?" Anyone with a study on that? (Martin, having the in-depth knowledge from the study you've already done, I would suspect you might probably be able to see this more quickly than most of us, if you haven't already.)


Jerry Cohen


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